Timeline (Harry and Johnny zine)

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Title: Timeline
Editor(s): Ruth Kurz
Date(s): 1984 or later
Series?: yes, all of H/J zines are
Medium: print fanzine
Fandom: Harry and Johnny
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Timeline is a slash 155-page Harry and Johnny anthology. All original artwork is by Ruth Kurz. This zine includes many, many black and white photos of David Soul and Clint Eastwood as well as a variety of other popular actors of the time.

The editor says it is "an overview of the H/J relationship in stories, vignettes, and poetry."

Like most of the Harry and Johnny fanzines it was published without the required pre-1989 copyright notices and may be in the public domain.


  • First Morning by Jean Chabot (June 1973) (2)
  • Promises to Keep by Jean Chabot (June 1973) (3)
  • Belonging by Lynn Morris (June 1973) (5)
  • Alexander by Jean Chabot (October 1973) (14)
  • Spring Fever by Ruth Kurz (April 1974) (16)
  • Playing for Keeps by Jean Chabot (September 1974) (26)
  • Harry by the Sea by Jean Chabot (July 1975) (28)
  • Cowboys and Other Dreamers by Rosemary C. (Summer 1976) (31)
  • Meet Horace by Ruth Kurz (Fall 1976) (70)
  • Georgia Jeopardy by Lucy Cribb (early Spring 1980) (73)
  • Shall We Dance? by Ruth Kurz (Spring 1980) (epilog to Georgia Jeopardy) (98)
  • Female of the Species by Roberta Rogow (Spring 1982) (This story includes, among other things, an appearance by Cagney and Lacey as well as the OFC from Rogow's previous Harry and Johnny story, Face in the Crowd -- "Reva Walsh had lost thirty or so pounds and dyed her hair, but she still looked slightly untidy around the edges. She might be wearing a mink coat instead of the loden cape she had affected in San Francisco, but she was still the same "yenta" who had made their lives miserable with her operatic trills seven years before. Her voice was, if anything, even more penetrating.") (101)
  • Phil by Ruth Kurz (Spring 1983) (127)
  • Dirty Harry by Ruth Kurz (early 1984) (131)
  • Fan Mail by Ruth Kurz (1984)
  • Through Rose-Colored Glasses by Caroline Edwards (1995)
  • Timeline by Roberta Rogow (154)