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Name: Enednoviel
Alias(es): Ambersky, Amber Skye
Type: Fan Artist, vidder
Fandoms: Lewis, Merlin, Starsky and Hutch, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars: TPM, The Professionals, Harry Potter, Robin of Sherwood, Hercules, Highlander, and more
Other: a Richard Sharpe-focused site
URL: Enedoviel on AO3
http://enednoviel.fandomish.net (Enednoviel's Fan Art Page)
http://www.fandomworld.net/ (an earlier version, Wayback link)
Still Life Archive
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Enednoviel is a fanartist and vidder. She has created drawings in many fandoms, most notably Starsky and Hutch, and she has done several illustrations for fanzines. In 2006, 2007 and 2008 she won the Torino Award for 'Best Gen Artist'. In 2008 and 2009, she won the FanQ award for 'Best Starsky & Hutch Artist - Slash". She lists both Suzan Lovett and Lorraine Brevig as her fannish art influences. For example, Suzan's artwork for "Timeless" was one of the inspirations that led her to create her Starsky & Hutch Roman AU drawing The General and the Slave (see gallery below).[1]

Her old Robin of Sherwood fansite (German) is still online as well.

She has also vidded in both Starsky & Hutch and Professionals fandoms. All vids were taken offline in 2010.



Artwork is presented with artist's permission; please contact her for explicit images.


Starsky & Hutch

  • Against All Odds (2008)
  • Better Man (2006)
  • Bohemian Like You (2006)
  • Dante’s Prayer (2007)
  • Downfall (2009)
  • Full of Grace (2006)
  • Get the Party Started (2007)
  • Grim Grinning Ghosts (2007)
  • I want Your Sex (2008)
  • Lucky (2006)
  • Männer (2009)
  • My Immortal (2005)
  • Par Avion (2007)
  • Superman (2007)
  • Young at Heart (2006)

The Professionals - some of these vids are archived at The Professionals Circuit Archive, Archived version


  1. ^ Email from the artist dated May 29, 2012 when granting permission to upload a larger version of her artwork.