That Best Portion

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Title: That Best Portion
Publisher: Ancient's Gate
Date(s): 2009
Medium: print
Fandom: multimedia
Language: English
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That Best Portion is a two-volume gen and slash anthology charity zine. Its subtitle is, "A Multi-Fandom Zine for Grant."

Issue 1

That Best Portion 1 was published in 2009 and contains 220 pages.

  • Walking on Winter's Edge by rosewarren (Dr Who)
  • After by Yum@ (Torchwood)
  • John Barrowman sketch by Enednoviel
  • Betrayal by Sparkle731 (Starsky & Hutch)
  • The Letter by Amberfly (SG1)
  • Tumbling Down by Eilidh17 (SG1)
  • A Day at a Gallery by Lunar (SG1)
  • Garishly Green Tea by Wildwinterwitch (Dr Who)
  • Ten Years after Journey's End by Sensiblecat (Dr Who)
  • Mister Beans by Amberfly (Bonanza)
  • Pain That I'm Used To by Roo (SG1)s.
  • The Pride of the 4077th by Jess Single (MASH/Pride and Prejudice)
  • Drabbles of Dr Who by Kevin Litten (Dr Who)
  • Strawberry Rain by wishiknewwho (Dr Who)
  • War by wishiknewwho (Dr Who)
  • The Last Daughter by By Jess Single (DC-verse)
  • A Chance Meeting by ltcoljsheppard (SG1/SGA)
  • A Friendship Shared by Lunar (SG1)
  • An Open Journal by Eilidh17 (SG1)
  • Technical Difficulty By Lady D (SG1)
  • SG1 Art by Eilidh17
  • Bonds of Friendship By Eilidh17 (SG1)
  • Letters From the Past by Eilidh17 (SG1)
  • Dark and Light By Amberfly (SG1)
  • My Rock and My Comfort by Lunar (SG1)
  • Avoiding Paperwork 101, by Jack O'Neill by Letitia Richards (SG1)
  • Late Night Inspiration By Carlyn (SG1)
  • The Simple Things in Life By Mickey (SG1)
  • I'll Be There by AnnO (poem)
  • A Fishy Tale By Amberfly (SG1)
  • Carpe Diem by Suzanne Finn (ST: Voyager)
  • A Few Days in the Life by unfolded73 (Dr Who)
  • Snow Day by Otterlady (Starsky and Hutch)
  • Come Back Home By Lady D (SG1)
  • Semantics by Green Eyed Monster (GEM)
  • The Distant Rose (Dr Who art) by Aislynn

Issue 2

That Best Portion 2 was published in 2009 and contains 204 pages. Cover art and additional art by Emily Hanson, additional art by Eilidh17, LadyD, Deoneta, TexasAries, SGBetty, Carlyn, and JayEm.

  • Hero of the Day by Kevin Litten (Dr Who 5)
  • The White Knight of Darkness By Matt Reinert (poem)
  • Reminiscence of the Fallen By Matt Reinert (poem)
  • Refuge in the Ocean By Matt Reinert (poem)
  • Memories of the Rain By Lunar (SG1)
  • Getting Home By Eilidh17 (SG1)
  • Catastrophe By Lady D (SG1)
  • What Were You Thinking by Denny J (SG1)
  • Pirates! Art by Romanse
  • The Stars Are Bright On Abydos by sg_betty (SG1)
  • Home is an Old Brown Coat by Sensiblecat (Dr Who)
  • For the Youngling by Green Eyed Monster (GEM) (Star Wars)
  • True Measure by Denny J and Eilidh17 (SG1)
  • Spice it Up by OzLovi (SG1)
  • Untitled by Shyla (SG1 AU/original characters)
  • Memory Lapse by Calapine (Dr Who)
  • The Master and The Doctor art by Enednoviel