Professional Adventures

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Title: Professional Adventures
Publisher: Requiem Publications
Date(s): 2009
Medium: print
Fandom: Professionals
Language: English
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cover by Enednoviel

Professional Adventures is a slash 302-page anthology with two stories. Cover art by Enednoviel, interior colour illos by Sekhmet.

Summaries from a distributor, Agent With Style:

"The Letter Box" by LilyK -- In a reworking of the movie "The Lake House," time means nothing when two people are destined to be together. Bodie and Doyle start to fall in love through the letters they're exchanging when they discover that they're really living in two different years. How could this happen and how could fate be so cruel as to allow them to find each other, yet keep them apart by this weird twist of time?

"The Hive" by Ankaree -- Part-time cryptologist Ray Doyle refuses to have blood on his hands. When the military asks for his help to decrypt a code that would locate misplaced nuclear weapons, Doyle refuses. His life abruptly takes a drastic change for the worse when members of The Hive, a terrorist faction, break into his home and threaten his life. Suddenly it's all too clear that any blood spilled may be his own. When a military-clad man unexpectedly appears to safeguard him, Doyle has no choice but to trust the stranger. A stranger who is everything that Doyle is against... and everything he desires.