Chicken Soup for the Hutchinson Soul

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Title: Chicken Soup for the Hutchinson Soul
Editor(s): KimberlyFDR, Moondroplette, Piecontinental
Date(s): 2006
Medium: print
Size: digest-sized
Fandom: Starsky and Hutch
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close-up of cover by Enednoviel

Chicken Soup for the Hutchinson Soul is a cookbook of Starsky and Hutch inspired recipes. It is 338 pages long and digest-sized. Cover and interior art by Enednoviel.

From the editor: "... the first scene of Starsky and Hutch I ever saw was the one of them in the diner. I sat there watching Hutch reach over and take a bite of food off of his partner's plate while Starsky wasn't the least bit fazed. That level of intimacy, the level of interconnection just took me aback. I knew nothing about the show or fandom or slash, but I knew that these two partners had something that went beyond simple friendship. This was love. So, you could say food and SH have been intertwined in my mind ever since. That simple act sums up a lot of who these two men are. They have no boundaries, no separation, and that's what makes them special to me."


  • Chicken Soup for the Hutchinson Soul, fiction by Lyrical Soul (1)
  • Beverages (19)
  • Breakfast (55)
  • Lunch (81)
  • Dinner (131)
  • Desserts (185)
  • Index (227)