Boys in Blue

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Title: Boys in Blue
Publisher: a Sierra Ten Press Production
Editor(s): Enednoviel
Date(s): August 2008
Medium: print zine
Genre: gen and slash
Fandom: Starsky and Hutch
Language: English
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cover by Enednoviel. The cover consists of two parts, a clear plastic overlay with the zine title, and the heavy stock paper with the actual illo
plastic overlay
cover art

Boys in Blue is a gen and slash (primarily slash) 310-page Starsky and Hutch anthology.

The front cover artist is Enednoviel. She also did the interior art.

The zine required an age statement to purchase.

From the Editor

The idea for this zine started with a drawing. Inspired hy TV shows and movies that Paul and David had done before Starsky and Hutch, I wondered how the guys might have looked like in uniform. So I drew a picture of their "Younger Days", as I titled the first pieceI did of them in uniform (see plate 1). This time in their lives held a special fascination for me.

We learn in the series that Starsky and Hutch went to the Academy together, but we don't know how they met in the first place. I was interested in stories about the time before Starsky and Hutch became plainclothes detectives. How did they meet? Was the (in)famous "chemistry" there from the very start? Did they hate each other's guts? Questions that aren't answered hy canon and give writers a wonderful occasion to let their fantasies fill in the gaps.

The idea progressed from there and with a little nudging and encouragement from friends, I decided to take the plunge and publish my first zine. During the process, the theme evolved, and the authors submitted all kinds of wonderful ideas - not necessarily tales about the boys' first adventures in uniform, but how our beloved team came into being.

You wouldn't he holding this zine in your hands without the help of many other people and friends. Flamingo convinced me to jump in with both feet, and she was always there for me with help and suggestions. My dear friend Laura, who helped with edits, wrote a beautiful story and held my hand during the whole process. She was truly my "partner" in every sense. CC, Dawn, Keri, Kimherly and Rae, who also helped with editing, beta-reads and suggestions. And, of course, Lorraine Brevig, who never ceases to amaze me with her generosity and her talent.

But the people who really deserve the laurels are the authors. Folks, it was an absolute pleasure to work with each and every one of you. I thank you for trusting me, a total newbie when it comes to publishing zines. You sent me all those amazing stories and were willing to endure our nitpicking. Your creativity and vision keeps this fandom vibrant and alive. I tip my hat to all of you.

I'm no fan of labels, ratings and warnings of any kind. Therefore, I will just give you a general warning: This is a zine for adults. Most of the stories are slash, some are gen, some are ambiguous. So if hot sex scenes, blood and violence bother you, this is probably the wrong zine for you. Consider yourself warned. ;)

Last but not least: If you like a story, please take the time to send the author feedback. In the era of the internet, it only takes a few minutes to type a short Letter of Comment and send it via e-mail. We would appreciate your thoughts and feedback very much. Thank you.

And now, without further ado: Time to "meet" David Starsky and Ken Hutchinson!


  • Introduction (i)
  • Table of Contents (ii)
  • Boys in Blue by Morgan Logan. The boys graduate from the Academy, and Starsky has a plan to celebrate. A PWP in uniform. (Previously published in Venice Place Chronicles V - with a brand new illustration by Lorraine Brevig) (1)
  • A Good Deal by Karen B. Shove one curly haired New Yorker and one blond Minnesota farm boy into a shoebox sized Academy dorm room for several hours of confinement and what do you get? Humorous banter, competitiveness, comfort, blossoming friendship, and heart. Even in these early stages of their relationship we can see straight away the gift that is --Starsky and Hutch. (9)
  • Long Walk Down a Short Paved Road by Flamingo. After one of the worst fights of his turbulent marriage, Ken Hutchinson wanders for hours, to eventually find himself in a strange neighborhood far from his apartment. Entering a local bar, he meets an assortment of odd characters, including a lanky street-wise bartender and a stranger who will challenge him to the most significant pool games of his life. (23)
  • Origins by Sue Beck. Hutch is trapped in a deadly situation while Starsky can only stand by and watch as he has his own dangers to confront. Luckily, standing by and watching isn't in either man's vocabulary. (53)
  • I Saw You, poem by Barrie (MASHFanficChick. Getting to know you, getting to know all about you.... (91)
  • Ages of a Day by Laura McEwan. Young teens David Starsky and Kenny Hutchinson meet at summer camp, and begin the establishment of their famous bond that will carry them through growing up, defining love, and making life-changing decisions. (91)
  • Surviving the Titanic by Dawnwind. It's Christmas, 1970. Hutch's marriage is on the rocks and Starsky may be the only person who can throw him a rope. (164)
  • Easy Riding by Silver Chipmunk. When Hutch hits a rough patch in the road of life, Starsky is always there to smooth things out and take him for a ride. (176)
  • Degrees of Separation by Pepper Ckua. Five weeks out of the academy, Starsky and Hutchinson are paired up with two experienced cops, Officer Blaine and Officer Huntley. As their paths cross, the two rookies discover some things about their mentors, as well as themselves. (193)
  • A Tip of the Hat by Sue Beck. The boys 'run into' one another during a typical day on patrol. (242)
  • Summer of ‘71 by KimberlyFDR Hutch goes searching for something he thinks he wants, but discovers that the answer is actually much closer to home. (Johnny/Hutch) Magnum Force crossover. (Previously published in Timeless II) (251)
  • Jasmine by Mary Louise Fisher. New partners Starsky and Hutch deal with their emotional reactions to a case involving the death of a child. While this story is not in the Golden Boy Universe, this serious subject is cushioned with banter, togetherness, and a getting to know you feel. (256)
  • Flying Lessons by Susan. Even if they've never exchanged more than a few words, Hutch knows Starsky is famous for two things in the department –– a curveball worthy of the majors and the four leaf clover in his back pocket. When Starsky wants to celebrate his new promotion, he takes Hutch along for the ride of his life. (276)
  • Partners and Wives by Sparkle731. Starsky and Hutch meet at the academy and an unlikely friendship develops. Meanwhile, Hutch deals with the problems in his marriage as he makes some major changes in his life. (282)
  • Why I Became a Detective...or What I Did For My Summer Vacation When I Left the Academy by Hutchlover. Starsky & Hutch reminisce about their early days on the force. (301)
  • Game of Chess by jat sapphire. Hutch's marriage is troubled and his friendship with Starsky just beginning. (306)

Sample Gallery of Art

Art included with artist permission.

Reactions and Reviews

[Long Walk Down a Short Paved Road]: Hi, I've been lurking around this site for a while - the first slash story I ever read was Total Eclipse of the Heart and I fell in love there and then! This is a wonderful story and your ability to make them sound real is amazing, thank you so much for posting this! [1]
[Long Walk Down a Short Paved Road]: Your storytelling gets better with every story you write, MamaBird. I love this. I love everything about it. A story like this could be steeped in cliches. Instead, it's fresh, new, hot and wondrous. It has a sparkle of innocence and a hint of darkness, exactly like the show itself. Both characters are written as equals and equally well written, in character, which, of course, is the mark of a master writer of fanfiction. The way the story is written and the story it tells is the mark of a master writer period. Though I believe in no god, I pray that you never stop writing. It's glorious. [2]
[Long Walk Down a Short Paved Road]: OMG, you'll need a cigarette when you finish this one (yes, even if you don't smoke!), just like with most of Flamingo's fics, because it is burning hot, baby! This is a pre-canon AU first encounter story that simply vibrates with sexual chemistry. And it's a good read, too--you can imagine things happening just this way. You have to read it! [3]


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