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Name: Virginia Sky
Type: fan writer, fan artist, vidder
Fandoms: Star Trek: TOS, Brokeback Mountain, The Sentinel, Man from UNCLE
URL: More of her artwork can be found here, and here, and her fan fiction can be found here
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Virginia Sky is a fan fiction writer and a fanartist who began illustrating Star Trek: TOS, The Sentinel and Brokeback Mountain fanzines in the 2000s. She also participated in the Star Trek Legacy fanzine project. In 2000 she won two Philon Awards for Best Art and Best Poetry. She also runs the Moonridge Online Auction together with Alyjude.


In 2001, she gave an interview in the Sentinel fandom. See Sentinel Slash Virtual Season Interview with Virginia Sky.

In 2007, she was interviewed for the article Scribbling Women: Artists Talk Back.

Her Words

What inspired you to draw K/S?: One of the magics of TV or movies is the ability to create characters that the watching audience feels that they know intimately, that they have feelings for. Nothing like imaginary sex between imaginary people to have fun and not get you into too much trouble. Talk about safe sex. The editors I sent my artwork out to seemed safe also. I seldom (almost never) met them face to face. The fact that Star Trek created a cult following proves that I wasn’t the only one who felt Kirk and Spock were real people in my emotional life that I loved. Being a girl, I don’t want just sex—I want love. I thought I saw enough love between Kirk and Spock that sex could flow there too... Thus my involvement in K/S. I enjoyed the challenge of trying to make pictures that could flow and add to the story. Editors became pen pals I never met. [1]
Had you seen other K/S art when you drew your first K/S picture?: …. other K/S art definitely inspired me, especially Gayle F. In fact, in a somewhat embarrassing incident—my first effort at doing K/S artwork—I was accused of plagiarism because I did my best to copy her style. Of course, as I got more comfortable with doing such (perverted?) sexual artwork, my own style established itself!” [2]
Do you draw from your mind’s eye or do you use some kind of source material?: I started picking up magazines that had male-male pictures in order to help me make my artwork. I might have drawn a couple of pictures for myself, but I mostly drew for publication. I like the feeling of being part of a team. K/S was the main release of all my sexual artwork using certain types of magazines as source material. (Well-hidden magazines, of course!)” [3]
A lot of people feel there is a tension in artwork, between drawing the characters versus drawing the actors—how do you feel about that?: “Kirk and Spock are fair game—Shatner and Nimoy would be invasion of privacy—not fair.” [4]



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