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Name: Barbara Storey
Alias(es): Barb Storey, Barbara L.B. Storey, also one of "The Gang of Six"
Type: fan writer, fan poet, and fanzine publisher
Fandoms: Star Trek, Beauty and the Beast, Starsky & Hutch
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Barbara Storey is a slash and het fan writer, fan poet, and fanzine publisher.

She is perhaps best known for her work publishing Nome, an early influential Star Trek fanzine, and the Star Trek slash novel Broken Images. Her writing in "Just as the Twig is Bent" published in Nome #11 won her a 1988 Surak Award for Best Long Story and a FanQ Award for Best Short Story. In 1983, Nome also won her and co-editor Vicki Clark a TrekStar Award for Best Zine. Issues #3-9 of Nome won the Surak Awards for Best Fanzine Editing.

Together with Vicki Clark she published Star Trek zines under the press name Jumping Dik-Bat Press and then under the name of Artemis Press in the 1990s. They also published Tunneltalk, one of the earliest Beauty and the Beast letterzines. It won a FanQ Award in 1990.

Storey was one of The Gang of Six. See The Gang of Six and "Courts of Honor".

In 2018, Barbara offered the following blanket permission: "Blanket permission for non-commercial remix, podfic, translation, art or fanvid creations or secondary fanwork creations of any of my fanworks with credit. Also, blanket permission to do the same for any of the content in the fanzines I have published if you are unable to locate the fan artist or fan writer." [1]


Zine Involvement

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