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You may be looking for Tunnel Talk.

Title: Tunneltalk
Editor(s): edited by Barbara Storey, Victoria Clark, & Sharon Himmanen/Artemis Press
Date(s): 1990-?
Frequency: montly
Medium: print
Size: digest
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast (TV)
Language: English
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cover of v.1 n.1

Tunneltalk is a letterzine edited by Barbara Storey, Victoria Clark and Sharon Himmanen. It won a 1991 FanQ Award. Art is included at the publisher's request.

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From the editorial in the first issue, published March 1990:

TUNNELTALK is dedicated to one concern—freedom of speech, otherwise known as the First Amendment.....But there has been in fandom, of late, a wave of negativity, taking the form of intimidation—labels of correct and incorrect, acceptable and unacceptable, applied to honest personal opinion in an attempt to control and manipulate other fans. There has been intolerance, and voices speaking with a self-appointed authority that should be severely questioned. There have been admonitions to refrain from voicing any negative opinions, no matter how calmly or rationally, and people have been told they write "hate mail" and are "ex-fans" simply because they have strongly expressed deep disappointment in the third season....Therefore, we wanted to add our voices to the other individual voices and to the other letterzines where freedom of speech is being upheld. There are safe places in this fandom where your opinion—pro or con, hopeful or disappointed—will be respected, and we are one of those places.


Each issue contained letters of comment, zine reviews, an occasional featurette about a local fan club, zine publisher and merchandise contact information along with interviews with actors or show staff.

generic back cover used on all issues

Topics that were debated:

  • Did Catherine subconsciously rely on Vincent's protective nature and recklessly put herself in danger
  • What role did Catherine play in Vincent's increasing violence
  • Who was stronger: Diane or Catherine
  • Did the show intend to send the message: sex = death when they killed Catherine after consummating her relationship with Vincent
  • How fans should respond to the 1st/2nd vs. 3rd Season fandom rifts.
  • Whether fans should push for a sequel movie given Catherine's departure from the show in second season


Tunneltalk v.1 n.1 was published in March 1990.

Tunneltalk v.1 n.2 was published in April 1990 and contains 26 pages.

Tunneltalk v.1 n.3 was published in May 1990.

Tunneltalk v.1 n.4 was published in June 1990.

Tunneltalk v.1 n.5 was published in July 1990.

cover of v.1 n.5
cover of v.2 n.2

Tunneltalk v.1 n.6 was published in August 1990.

Tunneltalk v.1 n.7 was published in September 1990.

Tunneltalk v.1 n.8 was published in October 1990.

Tunneltalk v.1 n.9 was published in November 1990.

Tunneltalk v.1 n.10 was published in December 1990.

Tunneltalk v.1 n.11 was published in January 1991.

Tunneltalk v.2 n.1 was published in February 1991

Tunneltalk v.2 n.2 was published in April 1991 and contains 44 pages.