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Name: 1lostone
Type: fanwriter podficcer
Fandoms: Star Trek: AOS, Teen Wolf, X-Men, Critical Role
Communities: Sterek Big Bang 2022, KiScon, Roganverse, Eternal Sterek,
URL: 1lostone at the Archive Of Our Own, Her Website, 1lostone on Tumblr

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1lostone is a fanfiction writer who writes mostly Star Trek: AOS, The Walking Dead, Teen Wolf, and Sherlock (BBC) fanfiction. Her first fic, Strength of Men, was published on livejournal in 2010 to livejournal. However, since the troubles there, she now posts predominantly to AO3. She does have a fic account on livejournal (1lostoneficspot) and was active on the K/S Archive before it was imported to AO3.

Recently, she began podficcing, and has been involved with Voiceteam and Mystery Box 2022 and 2023. Currently, she is working in two main fandoms: Star Trek and Good Omens. She has participated in a number of multifandom multivoice works. 1lostone uses Audacity for her editing.

1lostone considers Star Trek her first and most beloved fandom. As trite as the saying might be, you never forget your first. To date, she has written several stories for the KiScon Zine in 2013, 2015, and 2017. 1lostone also contributed all K/S stories to the K/S Archive before the site was moved to AO3 as part of the Open Doors Project in 2022, and has participated in the K/S Advent Calendar as both a bona fide lurker and writer. Currently, she attributes most of her writing to her best friend jlm121.

She participates regularly in Nanowrimo, Camp Nano, and several Big Bangs for various fandoms.

1lostone has given blanket permission to podfic her stories, as long as credit is linked back to her. The blanket permission can be found on her AO3 profile page.

1lostone has also began podficing, and posts her works to AO3 and the audiofic archive.

1lostone's current fandoms are predominately Kirk/Spock in Star Trek, Sterek in Teen Wolf, Stony in the MCU, Widowfjord and Dorian/Orym in Critical Role and Rogan in the X-Men. Past fandoms have included Johnlock in BBC Sherlock, Rickyl in The Walking Dead, and Arthur/Eames in Inception.

1lostone also volunteered as a staffer for the Archive of Our Own from 2013- 2022, and was an administrator for the Rickyl Writers' Group from 2015- 2021. She has also volunteered for the KiScon website since 2019 and currently serves on the Con committee, helping with their Tumblr and Discord as they switch from an in-person con to a virtual con. 1lostone is excited to serve as the zine editor for the Official 2023 KiScon Zine.

Notable Works

  • in the bed where you lie (First published 2015; Completed 2019) The Walking Dead | 265533 Words | Rated: Adult | Art Credit: lucife56 |
  • Hey There, Little Red (2012) Teen Wolf | 52,915 Words | Rated: Adult |
  • Into The Sky Series (2014) The Walking Dead | 121,437 Words | Rated: Adult |
  • Just a Four-Letter Word (2013) Star Trek: AO3 | 6,773 Words | Rated: Teen | On AO3 | On K/S Archive |
  • Nowhere Man (2012) Teen Wolf | 76,387 Words | Rated: Adult |
  • Strength of Men (2010) Star Trek: AO3 | 66408 Words | Rated: Adult | On AO3 | On K/S Archive |
  • Weep Little Lionman (2012) Star Trek: AO3 | 21,453 Words | Rated: Adult | On AO3 On K/S Archive |