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Title: KiScon Zine
Publisher: Beyond Dreams Press
Date(s): May 1999, 2001, 2004, 2011, 2012
Medium: print zine (1999-2004), ezine (2011-2012)
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS, K/S
Language: English
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The KiScon Zine is a K/S con zine for KiScon.

Many summaries below are by Gilda F.

These zines are con zines for KiSCon con.

An related zine is KiScon Puzzle Book.

Issue 1999

cover of first issue

The KiScon Zine: 1999 was published May 1999 and has 86 pages. It contains:

  • eleven short stories, fourteen poems, one play and no fanart.
  • Poetry by S.R. Benjamin, Kathy Stanis, Jo’An, Mary Ellen Fisher, Robin Hood, Jacque Renee
  • All except the play submitted as entries to the KiScon 1999 writing contests
  • The short stories needed to include one of these three words — duck, trauma, or circumnavigate — and they were required to be no longer than ten pages.

Some of the fiction is archived here.

The fiction:

  • Unto Harvest in Fullness of Time by M.E. Carter (With the events on Gamma Hydra IV still fresh in his mind, Kirk joins Spock as he works on repairing a sabotaged observatory.) (nominated for a 1999 STIFfie Award)
  • In the Name of Science by Deanna Gray (Kirk accepts to seduce Spock into going along with an experiment.)
  • The Contest by K.S. Gossip (Spock finds a scrap of newspaper asking for entries for a short story ʻK/Sʼ contest.)
  • Sticky Situation by Mildred Manhill (Spock begins to have the same odd reaction after every time he and Kirk make love.)
  • Reality Check by Anna S. Greener (Spock discovers a link between their universe and the ʻK/Sʼ universe.)
  • After the Lovin' by Gena Moretti (Unable to transport Spock back to the ship due to interference, Kirk beams down to the planet and discovers Spock singing.)
  • Mixed Messages by Carolyn Spencer (After McCoy reattaches Spockʼs brain, Spock begins having problems with random phrases that keeping playing in his head.)
  • Boat Bonking by Bersakhi (Kirk and Spock find that making love on a boat isnʼt all itʼs cracked up to be.)
  • Love Trek: The K/S Continues by Jatona Walker (Wanting the memories of what they were together, lost during his death and rebirth, Spock asks Kirk to meld with him.)
  • Doctor/Patient Privilege by Kathy Stanis (Kirk is desperate enough to bribe McCoy into helping him see more of Spock.)
  • To Have and To Hold by Rosemarie Heaton (First place winner: Spock observes an intriguing human across the green swath of a park right before the new captain of the Enterprise is due to assume command. He is instantly attracted to this laughing stranger…)
  • Not Spock's Brain, a play by Lezlie Shell (Spock and Kirk explains how the ʻHall of Heroesʼ operates to Sisco, a potential resident.) Another flyer notes: "This play was performed at KiScon 1999 and had the con-goers rolling in the aisles. Kirk and Spock are living in the Slash Hall of Heroes when Spock’s cock is kidnapped! Kirk, determined and desperate, sets out to find it."
  • Inquiring Minds Want to Know by Shelley Butler and Jenna Sinclair (Starfleetʼs quartermaster has been receiving some very odd requisitions from the Enterpriseʼs captain.)

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[zine]: The KiScon Zine was great fun. What a wonderful contest and the responses were so original. My favorite was Carolyn Spencer's "Mixed Messages." Her story was so cleverly done. M.E. Carter's "Unto Harvest in Fullness of Time" was also wonderful and fills in a gap in the K/S story line. And "In the Name of Science" by Deanna Gray was "fascinating." [1]

Issue 1999 Souvenir Contest Zine

cover of 1999 Souvenir issue

The KiScon 1999 Souvenir Contest Zine contains 53 pages. It is a collection of 11 stories and 14 poems, all submitted as entries to the KiScon writing contest. The zine included voting ballots.

Issue 2001

cover of the KiScon 2001 zine, Marianne Muller From The K/S Press #63: "Kirk is wearing a plaid shirt and looking out into the distance as he lovingly holds Spock, who is nestled into Kirk's embrace with his eyes closed. I liked the dreamy, soft expression on Kirk's face." It is the artist's 21st K/S drawing.

The KiScon Zine: 2001 was published May 2001 and has 96 pages. It won three Philon Awards. Some of the fiction has been archived here.

  • 15 short, short stories, 11 poems, one play
  • Cover by IM Mueller. No art inside this zine
  • Poetry by: Helen, Karla Kelly, S.R. Benjamin, Jacque Renee, Virginia Sky, Jo'An, Robin Hood, Omega, A.T. Bush, Kathy Stanis.
  • All except the play submitted as entries to the KiScon 2001 writing contests
  • The short stories needed to include one of these three words—treasure, corrosive, limp—and they were required to be no longer than ten pages.

The fiction:

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Issue 2001 Souvenir Contest Zine

cover of 2001 Souvenir issue

The KiScon 2001 Souvenir Contest Zine contains 74 pages. It is a collection of 15 stories and 13 poems, all submitted as entries to the KiScon writing contest. The zine included voting ballots.

Issue 2004

another version of the cover
cover of the KiScon 2004 zine -- "The front cover to The KiSCON Zine:2004 is a really good drawing, reminding me of the best cartoon-type drawings in graphic novels these days. I was really impressed with it. I had to hunt to see the artist's name, [IM Mueller] on the drawing because she isn't listed inside the zine. This is really unlike most of her work that I can recall seeing. I thought it made a perfect cover for a zine about our dynamic duo. And I liked that it was not erotic so I could have the zine around the house without having to hide it from my husband. Obviously I have been a fan of the Star Trek comics and graphic novels in the past. I used to own them all." [2]

The KiScon Zine: 2004 was published May 2004 and has 99 pages. Excerpts from some of the fiction are archived here.

To prevent bias, the authors were left off of the stories.

  • 15 short stories, 7 poems, one play
  • Cover by IM Mueller; no interior art
  • Poetry by Robin Hood, T'Guess, Helen, Carolyn Spencer
  • All except the play submitted as entries to the KiScon 2004 writing contests
  • The short stories needed to include one of three words—toy, bucolic, or cutthroat—and they were required to be no longer than ten pages long

The fiction:

  • Toys for the Boys by Anne Elliot (Kirk is dismayed to discover that Starfleet has authorized the production of action figures in his and Spockʼs images.)
  • Shared Secret by Erin Tooley (Out of duty, Kirk and Spock resist the love they share.)
  • Interlude in the Piney Woods by A.T. Bush (Kirk and Spock try to find time away from McCoy while camping.)
  • Kirk's Toy by Jesmihr (Kirk hides and waits for an opportunity to free Spock from his captors)
  • The Distraction by Melanie Marshall (Kirk needs something extra until Spock has completed his work))
  • Et Tu, Spock? by T'Guess (M/U Kirk is unable to convince Spock to aid him in destroying the Halkans)
  • Selections from the Book of the Dead by Lyrastar (Kirk tries to rebuild his and Spockʼs shattered lives after Spockʼs return from the dead.)
  • Fever by Lyrastar (A fever of disjointed thoughts.)
  • A Little Spice by Farfalla Caqui (While on a diplomatic mission, Spockʼs thoughts are on fulfilling Kirkʼs Valentineʼs Day wish.)
  • Shore Leave Epilogue by Brianna Falken (The Shoreleave planet has a slight problem.)
  • Eat at Jim's by Mycroft Holmes (Spock propositions Kirk in front of Kirkʼs mother)
  • Only for You by Abraxisdragon (M/U: Spock makes the decision to take command of the Enterprise the moment his own captain materializes on the transporter.)
  • Linguistics by Farfalla Caqui (Kirk muses after seeing Spock through pon farr)
  • Imagine by Kathy Stanis (Spock is instantly taken with the image of his new captain when notified of the change in command by Pike)
  • Touch by Carolyn Spencer (Loving on their 25th Anniversary.)

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Issue 2011

cover 2011 zine

The Kiscon 2011 - The Official Zine was released as an ezine and given to convention attendees on CD disks. It contains 171 pages and several color and black and white illustrations and was edited by arminaa.

The editorial:
Welcome to the official zine of KiScon 2011! This zine is filled with stories and artwork that capture the beauty and soul of Kirk/Spock in all of its forms. You'll find stories and artwork within that explore both the universe introduced in the latest Star Trek movie and the original Star Trek universe from The Original Series. I am proud to present to you a zine that is inclusive of both!

There are so many thank-you's to give out. The biggest thanks goes out to Amanda Warrington and Rhaegal. Without you two, KiScon 2011 would have never even happened, and there wouldn't have even been a zine! I very much appreciate the hard work that the both of you put in to organize this event, and I know that the other attendees do as well. Another huge thanks goes out to each and every author and artist. Your extraordinary stories and art make this zine very special indeed. The readers are in for a wonderful surprise, and it's all thanks to you! To the beta readers who edited the stories; both the authors and I thank you a million times over! Your help does not go unnoticed or unappreciated.

I truly hope that you, the reader, enjoy this zine as much as I have enjoyed compiling it. Thank you for reading!

Table of Contents:

  • Beginnings by CatalenaMara (TOS). (An AU fic inspired very loosely on the Harve Bennett proposal for a Star Trek TV series titled “The Academy Years”, with TOS elements.) (1)
  • One Quotable Phrase by Allocin (Reboot). (Call him selfish in his old age, but when Jim Kirk invites him on a whistle-stop tour of Earth, Spock Prime can't help but say 'yes'.) (12)
  • A Gentle Nudge by Rhaegal (Reboot/TOS crossover). (A transporter malfunction sends Kirk and Spock to an alternate dimension in which their counterparts act very strangely indeed.) (24)
  • Chances by T’Racionn (TOS). (A first time moment.) (47)
  • Contact by Blackbird Song (TOS). (Kirk needs a way to work out mental and emotional stress, but Spock's offer may not always be a good idea.) (50)
  • Cumulative Evidence by Jaylee (Reboot). (Apparently Jim wasn’t as straight as he had previously thought.) (77)
  • In Sickness and in Health by spirktrekker42 (Reboot). (Twelve year-old Spock is sick with the Vulcan flu. Can his best friend Jim help him feel better?) (90)
  • The Television and the Chocolate by Nola Frame-Gray (TOS). (Fannish whimsy which teaches us that where there is television, slash lovers dreaming of chocolate can't be far behind.) (96)
  • Grasp the Thorn by Ragdoll (Reboot). (While accompanying his parents on a routine visit to Earth, a teenaged Spock meets a fascinating young boy named Jim.) (98)
  • Two Men by T’Racionn (TOS). (Two worlds, two men, one future.) (118)
  • "Command Me, Master Me, Love Me," art by T'Racionn
  • Truth Be Told by lyricoloratura (Reboot). (When they took their host’s truth serum, neither Jim nor Spock had considered what kind of “truth” they might reveal to one another – and themselves.) (120)
  • Babel by Seperis (Reboot) (151)


A small selection of artwork from the zine is reposted here with the artist's permission

Reactions and Reviews

See reactions and reviews for Beginnings.

Issue 2012

Cover 2012 zine
The Kiscon 2012 - The Official Zine was released as a full color printed zine and given to every convention attendee in their goodie bag. It contains 96 pages that include a number of color illustrations and was edited by arminaa.

Table of Contents

  • A Dance in Shadow and Silence by Eimeo (TOS). A shuttle crash leaves Spock, Sulu and Chekov adrift on a deserted ocean world. As Chekov fights for his life and Sulu tries desperately to save him, Spock reflects on the strong bond that exists between the two men and starts to wonder what it is he’s really afraid of in his friendship with Kirk…
  • Hydrophilia by Beederiffic (Reboot). Jim and Spock go on vacation, and Jim's determined to get a less than enthusiastic Spock wet.
  • Yet Both in Pain by T’Lara (TOS). Tragic events require special measures: like melding with James T. Kirk, the epitome of Human illogic and challenge to the Vulcan mind. But what begins as a search for information, becomes a trip into an unknown land of desperate beauty.
  • The Devil’s in the Detail by Amanda Warrington (Reboot). Commander Spock is called to Ambassador Sarek’s office. Things go downhill from there.
  • Symphonic Storm by Corcalamus (Reboot). When Spock uncharacteristically cancels a date, Jim knows there's something wrong with Spock, and he's determined to find out what's going on.
  • You Held My Hand by Blackbird Song (TOS). Kirk still can't sleep more than two days after he's back in his own body.
  • Crumble Into Dust by SORAL179 (TOS). Golfics usually assume that it was some kind of falling out or misunderstanding between Kirk and Spock, but they forget that it was a triumvirate. What if it was McCoy who sent Spock to Gol?
  • Let Us Move On, Step Out Boldly by Jaylee (Reboot). “So here they were, their first bridge shift over, locked together in Jim’s new ready room, meeting for the first time, one‐on‐one, as Captain and First Officer for real, and not because of a field promotion and an extremely unfortunate chain of events, participating in a staring contest.”
  • Devil’s Bargain by Rhaegal (TOS). Spock’s impending pon farr makes him wary of agreeing to a second five‐year mission, so Kirk agrees to lend a hand (so to speak) should the situation arise. What could possibly go wrong?
  • Spock Takes a Holiday by Dracavia (Reboot). Jim wanted to take Spock somewhere special for their first vacation together, somewhere just a bit unusual. The problem was, shore‐leave is on Earth, and while Spock might not be a native, he has gotten around a bit.
  • Reflections by Angel Grace (TOS). Spock reflects on what certain colors mean to him.


  • Cover Art by cannedebonbon
  • “Fangirl Wishes” by fprintmoon
  • Illustration for “Yet Both in Pain” by ShirAmber
  • “Through Time and Space” by Romanse
  • "Submission" by Alicia Amade
  • “My Prisoner and Mine Alone” by T’Racionn

Reactions and Reviews

There are reviews of "A Dance in Shadow and Silence" and "Yet Both in Pain" in The K/S Press #208.

Issue 2013

cover Kiscon 2013 by cannedebonbon

The Kiscon 2013 - The Official Zine was released as a perfect bound full color printed zine and given to every convention attendee in their goodie bag as well as to non-attending supporters. It contains 80 pages that include a number of color illustrations and was edited by arminaa. Cover art by cannedebonbon

  • Old News by Dovya Blacque (TOS)
  • A Pool Filled with Stars by BlackbirdSong (TOS)
  • Just a Four Letter Word by 1lostone (Reboot)
  • Haiku #2 by CatalenaMara (Poetry)
  • Always on My Mind by G-Skywalker (art)[3]
  • Don't Die by plude (art)
  • Kirk by bersakhi (art)
  • Art by Bolkonsky (art)
  • Silk by bersakhi (TOS)
  • The Spock and Kirk Drabbles by CJ Masters (Reboot)
  • Choices by Carolyn Spencer (Poetry)
  • Shore Leave by Ritsuko (TOS)
  • The Perfect Gift by MuseDePandora (TOS)
  • Touched by arminaa (art)
  • After Amok by akablonded (art)
  • Kiss Me on the Lips by G-Skywalker (art) [4]
  • On the Bridge by bersakhi (art)
  • Trick and Treat by T'Lara (Limerick)
  • When it Changed by Starshadow (TOS)
  • On with the Show by Jatona P. Walker (TOS)
  • Come On, Come On by Ritsuko (Reboot)
  • Poetry by Rebecca Lemell (Poetry)
  • We Learn by Doing by lahjnhr (TOS)
  • In Synch by Elfqueen (art)
  • Space Husbands by spockshair (art)
  • This Simple Feeling by arminaa (art)
  • Pon Farr by G-Skywalker (art)
  • Tantrum by Jatona P. Walker (TOS)
  • Poetry Collaboration by triplexpoint and T'Yian (Poetry).
  • Emotional Behavior by Deanna Gray (TOS)
  • The Creator by museattack (TOS and Reboot)

Reactions and Reviews: 2013

See reactions and reviews for Emotional Behavior.



cover of 2015 issue, artist is Romanse

It contains 278 pages and was edited by Amanda Warrington and compiled by arminan.

  • Rites of Spring by Ashaya T'Reldai (1)
  • art by spockshair (73)
  • Rare Vintage by Carolyn Spencer (74)
  • art by plaidshirtjimkirk (75)
  • Not So Gently by plaidshirtjimkirk (76)
  • art by Tracionn (100)
  • Simple Holiday by Tracionn (101)
  • Our Dearest Blood by Carleen (102)
  • art by Romanse (115)
  • Tearing at the Threads by 1lostone (116)
  • art by akablonded (168)
  • The Box by sunshine (169)
  • art by akablonded (176)
  • Lost in the Woods by interrobanng (177)
  • Freedom is Standing in the Light by Syn Ferguson (this is a reprint of an older story) (204)
  • art by akablonded (216)
  • Hold My Broken Heart Gently by Ashaya T'Reldai (217)
  • Intersections by alrightcat (218)
  • Beyond the Veil by SORAL179 (266)


Cover of 2017 issue, artist is Caren P

KiScon 2017: The Official Zine was released as a perfect bound full-color printed zine and given to every convention attendee in their goodie bag. It was edited by Amanda Warrington and features cover art by Caren P.

  • Sentinels by Muriel_Perun (1)
  • Swept Away by Shelley Butler (Art) (11)
  • True Friendship by Nightshade (12)
  • Universal Constants by Redqueen (Art) (18)
  • Call Mom Home by misscar (19)
  • Not in the Corridor, Jim by plaktow (Art) (49)
  • Touch by PaintedBird (50)
  • Chasing Your Heart by Amanda Warrington (57)
  • Jim Are You Alright by Emushi (Art) (69)
  • Beam Us Up, Scotty by Starshadow (70)
  • Learning to Swim by sunshine (72)
  • Swimming with Spock by Shelley Butler (Art) (86)
  • Bailout by Jane Mailander (87)
  • Cultural Studies by plaktow (93)
  • Nose to Nose by plaktow (Art) (102)
  • Sensate by Catalenamara (103)
  • Showering with Spock by Shelley Butler (Art) (108)
  • The Elements of Harmony by Carleen (109)
  • Belonging to Each Other by Hakka (Art) (116)
  • Lost in Translation by 1lostone (117)
  • A Day Off in Iowa by Hakka (Art) (131)
  • WWJKD by FlamingBluePanda (132)
  • Amok Time by Chestnut NOLA (Art) (144)
  • Under the Influence by Anne Elliot (145)
  • Happy Birthday, Captain by Fiona Graves (Art) (154)
  • Snowflakes by Ashura (155)
  • Bonded by akaiii (Art) (161)
  • Undercurrents by Blackbird Song (162)
  • Vulcan Hand Porn by tripperfunster (Art) (175)
  • Discovering by Danielle Stewart (176)
  • Kirk 1 by Fiona Graves (Art) (182)
  • Full Circle by Dovya Blacque (183)
  • Rock Bottom by AnnaKnitsSpock (204)
  • Kirk 2 by Fiona Graves (Art) (209)


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