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Name: Deanna Gray
Alias(es): Erin Tooley[1]
Type: fan writer
Fandoms: Star Trek: TOS
URL: some of her fiction is online here
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Deanna Gray is a prolific Kirk/Spock fan writer. Much of her work was published in print zines. Some of her fiction is also online at the Kirk/Spock Fanfiction Archive.

Deanna is known for her original takes on classic K/S themes, particularly of the first time and hurt/comfort genres, as well as her detailed love scenes. One reviewer writes:

"A Deanna Gray story always means an unusual and interesting plot, with great characterizations of Kirk and Spock, and hot sex!"[2]

Another fan describes her as "a long-time, prolific, and talented K/S author who never fails to deliver the goods."[3]


Deanna Gray has won a number of awards for her fanfiction:

Notable Fanworks


Other Stories

Title Zine Year
The Burning Within the Mirror #12 1998
Risk Worth Taking First Time #47 1998
Soul Keeper First Time #48 1998
Private Dancer Scattered Stars #11 1998
To Be Human Scattered Stars #11 1998
To Face the Truth Within the Mirror #12 1998
Call Me Brother Beyond Dreams #1 1999
In the Name of Science The KiScon Zine: 1999 1999
Alliance Born Scattered Stars #12 1999
Ever Warm Within the Mirror #13 1999
Transparent First Time #49 1999
Atlantis Stars First Time #50 1999
Sadness, Loss & Love First Time #51 2000
Personal Devil First Time #52 2001
Interview with a Vulcan The KiScon Zine: 2001 2001
Once and Again Within the Mirror #14 2001
Sweet Surrender First Time #53 2001
Flesh and Blood First Time #54 2002
Gold and Silver from First Time #55 2002
Shadow Touch Beyond Dreams #4 2002
Discovered Beyond Dreams #5 2002
Shadow Red Rose #5 & T'hy'la #23 2003
In Any Universe Beyond Dreams #6 2003
Mate-Lock Starry Knights #1 2003
Shared Secret The KiScon Zine: 2004 2004
Soft Kill Kindle My Heart #1 2004
Truth in Lies First Time #58 2004
Burden of the Heart First Time #59 2005
One Hundred Days The Celebration Zine 2005
Slaves to Each Other First Time #60 2006
Love's Obsession T'hy'la #27 2007
Caught in the Web Legacy #5 2007
Harvest of Love First Time #62 2008
Singular Passion First Time #64 2011


It is a sad fact the majority of the original K/S authors, whose often unforgettable stories gave rise to the popularity of this fandom, are no longer actively participating today. Their reasons for doing so are varied, yet one that is often heard is they felt they had exhausted all the possible storylines they could use. [...] Well, all I can say to that is through the years this particular author has been penning K/S stories, she has proven them wrong time and time again. There are still PLENTY of fresh ideas for K/S stories out there and she just keeps coming up with them.[4]
Deanna Gray has once again penned a tale that if nothing else, gives the reader something that lends a certain freshness to a theme that numerous other K/S stories have been based on over the years. [...] As is typical of this author's style, this is a well-written story with true-to-life characterizations and an intense, gripping plot.[5]
I've always believed that one of the greatest assets any K/S author could hope to have is versatility, the ability to write stories set in a wide variety of scenarios and still make those stories believable. When it comes to this particular author's work, she has proven time and time again she is possessed of this particular talent in abundance. Mirror stories, A/U stories, stories set in during TOS or the movies, no matter what genre she chooses, she never fails to create a tale that stays with the reader long after the story is read.[6]
Deanna Grey [sic] is one of my very favorite writers, and I always look forward to anything she writes. She has an amazing imagination and always comes up with interesting stories that are so well written, and that usually have the added bonus of very hot love scenes![7]
Once again this author has proven that even though K/S has been around for thirty years, with thousands of stories in print and on the internet, it is still possible, despite all that time and all those stories, to come up with a unique plot device that has never been seen before. How she does so continues to amaze me and I can only hope she never loses this special talent. Top that off with great writing and on-the-money characterizations of Kirk and Spock, and you've got another not-to-be-missed K/S story.[8]
I thoroughly enjoy the seemingly intricate knowledge Deanna has of the workings of the Enterprise. She always makes me feel as if I‘m there and tosses in just the right amount of technical or Starfleet background. Sometimes I think Deanna has served on a starship. Nothing wrong with her ability to plot, either.[9]
I think of all the stories written by Deanna Gray, and that is a whole lot, Sweet Surrender just might be my favorite. I qualify that because it would take a long time to review Deanna‘s body of work, which is such a contribution to K/S fandom, and it would be a delicious task to read first one and then another, trying to decide which one stirs me the most.[10]
What I enjoy particularly about Deanna's stories is her original plotting. They are always *about* something. Even this short piece has a plot beyond a simple first time.[11]
This author knows these characters well and does her usual excellent job of bringing them to life for the reader. And this story, like all her works, flows easily, yet never leaves the reader feeling short-changed or rushed through anything and everything comes together neatly in the end.[12]
Boy, does this woman have an imagination! Trust her to come up with one of the most unusual plots ever used in a K/S story and one of the more bizarre love scenes I’ve ever read in K/S! It all makes for a most unusual and engrossing story, written with Deanna’s inimitable style and flare.[13]


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