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The K/S Press 141 (June 2008)

  • contains 39 pages
  • has LoCs for the fiction: Calendar Boys, Getting What You Wished For, Moody Blues, Song of the Lea, Risk Worth Taking, Certainties of Being, Joined-Up Thinking, People Like Us, see those pages
  • this issue has four con reports for KiScon, see that page
  • a fan writes that despite surgery, her eyesight is still too terrible to read easily; using a magnifying glass, she has seen a recent issue and some changes:
    I hadn't been able to read the issues of KSP for a long time and when I did get to them, I was surprised that there were so few fans writing in with LOCs.
  • a fan writes about the art auction at KiScon:
    On Sunday, we had the art auction, and I'd say it was a great success, with one color oil of Kirk and Spock (who else?) going for $850. Yes, you read that right, it was done by Lorraine Brevig, who I understand has been drawing in other fandoms for a while and sure deserves loads of attention now as she enters K/S. The color oil Kirk that she sent is magnificent, eclipsed only by the utterly incredible Spock... I stood before that Spock for a long time, hardly able to believe how life-like it is, with a vibrant, arresting color scheme. I really hope she sends those pictures to Shore Leave, where everybody else can see them, too. Maybe bid on them and be lucky enough to own one!

The K/S Press 142 (July 2008)

  • contains 34 pages
  • has LoCs for the fiction: An Eye for an Eye, A Few Laurel Leaves, Apotheosis, A Change of Mind, Coming Home, 'Til Night Closes In, A Matter of Approval, Sand Castles, The Land of Tears, see those pages
  • this issue has an episode commentary for "Journey to Babel"
  • there are some con reports for KisCon
  • a fan has this praise for the CGA in the previous issue:
    Nearly went crazy seeing Ivy's CGI on frontispiece! Jesus, woman, how much do you think I can take?! This is pure sex and sensuality coming at me from this creation of yours, like all your creations I've been enjoying without saying an appreciative thing. Truthfully, I am tongue-tied every time I view one of yours. This one is extraordinarily excellent, envisioning them at the apex of giving and taking their love for each other! Love the way Spock's head is tilted to the side so we can see his emotions right there, whew! Jim's too! So dreamy, so intimate, so overwhelming. Those bent legs of his, slightly spread and what is between them got me steaming. My heart is pumping overtime right now as I gaze at it, breathless. It is passion and strong male love as I needed to see. You have become a total expert at this craft. I'm only now, after forty viewings of it, getting back on an even keel. Thank you, thank you for the love and meticulousness you put into every one of your portrayals. In the shower, one of my favorite places for them!! Those legs and ass of Kirk's, where his hands are placed, he is in command of these moments. I simply can't stop yammering about it! The tension radiating from Kirk being on his toes, pushing, thrusting! Makes me yearn and cry with joy at the same time.

The K/S Press 143 (August 2008)

The K/S Press 144 (September 2008)

The K/S Press 145 (October 2008)

  • contains 35 pages
  • has LoCs for the fiction: Just Another Quiet Evening, The Sleep Over, Bed of Silence, Core of Desire, Drowning by Design, Into the Light, Champagne Wishes, Tiger by the Tail, Dark Matters, see those pages
  • comments about stories by Jesmihr
  • this issue has a con report for Shore Leave, see that page
  • a fan remembers "the day I actually spoke to [Gayle F] on the phone, I thought I died and went to heaven! I was as tongue-tied as a star struck teenager."
  • a fan writes: "I love seeing reviews from the older zines such as crunchy's take on one from AIDT 19. I was never disappointed by an AIDT zine!"
  • a fan writes of photomanips:
    I do agree with you that CGAs/CGIs are a new phase for fandom and I'm forever grateful I stumbled onto the means to create them. I am the furthest thing from an artist, and yet I am able to bring bits from here and bits from there together so we can see Kirk and Spock in situations and poses that we might not otherwise see. It's the most fun I've ever had! I can remember looking at pictures of K&S in magazines back in the 80's and thinking, if only they were standing closer together, if only Kirk had his hand on Spock's shoulder, if only, if only... Photoshop has made this possible not only for me but for anyone who wants to give it a try. I'm amazed and delighted by it all and knowing it brings excitement to another K/S lover makes it all the more thrilling.

The K/S Press 146 (November 2008)

  • contains 36 pages
  • this issue has an episode commentary for "Obsession"
  • this issue has a con report for Shore Leave, see that page
  • has LoCs for the fiction: Unacceptable Risk, To Catch a Unicorn, The Story, An Easier Time, Sea Change, The Minstrel, see those pages
  • a fan writes of pro novels:
    Taking a cue from discussions on K/S Central, I've been reading one of the older TOS pro novels. Most of us agree there were there were some gems early on and then the inevitable decline when too many cooks got in the kitchen and started issuing rules and regulations to the authors and seemingly demanding there be no stories centered on Kirk, Spock or McCoy together. Sad. Anyway, Vonda McIntyre's The Entropy Effect appeared to be memorable to lots of folks so I began with it. Thank goodness I did, for I had an unexpected three-hour wait for a routine doctor's visit. I was the only one in the waiting room not crawling the walls, 'cause I had Kirk & Spock to keep me company. I'm not brave enough, nor do I expect ever to be, to take K/S with me to public places. "Entropy" is very well-written and while there was opportunity for a lot more emotion and angst, it is somewhat like a lost episode, and I'm pretty good at filling in the blanks.
  • a fan pleas with others:
    I'm adding my voice to those of Kathy, Shelley and Robin, strongly urging every one to send in a donation for the up-keep of our zine. I was very scared to hear they are in financial trouble. Kathy says that she's ok for this month, but what about the rest of the year and beyond? I know times are tough for everyone, it's a state I'm very familiar with. But still I contributed because I need this zine; it keeps me in harmony with KS life and there is nothing else like the excitement of discovery that comes when each issue shows up in my mailbox. I realize many fans are receiving theirs through email, which is impossible for me. So I feel selfish needing the hard copy. However I think there are others who feel the same way and need that paper in their hand to honor and cherish, to save as a catalogue of our beloved fandom. This zine is a shining example of commitment to the crafts of all those artists, authors, poets and editors who save my life every month. Without them, and the sterling fans who contribute so much to it I would lose a large piece of myself. Really. KSP is the emblem of our impossibly beautiful love--for our men and for each other. It is a shared experience I cannot find anywhere else. I know I'm old-fashioned and slow now, but KSP has been a bulwark for me against the harsh realities of life on this unpredictable planet. I know I share those feelings with many other old timers and some young ones too. I feel terribly inadequate for not contributing more to our zine. Life has thrown me some bad curves of late and more than ever I need the vision and passion of the contents of this gem that is KSP. It ignites my mind, my nerves, my love of life and all things beautiful. Therefore I am not too proud to beg my fan friends to make a donation and think of other ways to add to the monthly income for publishing our fanzine. Perhaps the cost of dues could be raised; I wouldn't mind that. Please send in your ideas...

The K/S Press 147 (December 2008)

The K/S Press 148 (January 2009)

The K/S Press 149 (February 2009)

  • Contains 26 pages
  • has LoCs on the fiction: Skinning Cats, Iowa Nights, In the Temple, Unchained, Just Another Quiet Evening, see those pages
  • The editors thank "Carolyn, Barbara A. and Claudia B. for their generous donations to The K/S Press. You help keep us going, ladies, and we very much appreciate it."
  • CGI Art by Ivy: Valentine Whispers
  • Liz's Episode Commentaries: By Any Other Name
  • Ad for Kismet 2009 (Aug 21-23)
  • this issue is the very first one that contains absolutely no Roundtable letters
  • A review of Star Trek Academy—Collision Course by William Shatner with Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens:
I will admit to being curious as to Bill’s take on the first meeting between Jim Kirk and Spock, and comparing it with J.J. Abrams/Paramount’s version.

Here Jim Kirk is a rebellious seventeen year old, and Spock, nineteen. Neither has any desire to join Starfleet or attend the Academy. Kirk is still reeling from his time on Tarsus when he was fourteen—the things he was forced to witness, the things he was forced to do. He blames Starfleet for being late to rescue the colonists, thin excuse that it is. Spock is on Earth with his parents. Sarek is not yet Vulcan’s ambassador to the Federation but a lower level attaché. Spock knows very little of his human ancestry, but constantly worries that he is “not Vulcan enough.” He is very stiff at first, very conflicted by his dual heritage, even more so than was shown early in the series, but willing to explore his new environment. Some things remain the same though. He is forever curious, and it is this trait that proceeds to get him into trouble.

I did enjoy this version of our captain: brilliant, insightful, creative, and with a sense of humor—all traits that are integral to Kirk’s character. His concern for others and bravery while on Tarsus preview the man he will grow up to be. I very much appreciated seeing what happened on Tarsus and why Kirk is one of the very few who could identify Kodos. We seldom see accounts of this time, and I thought this one was very well told in flashback form. I also love the way he calls Spock Stretch, and comes to value the unique qualities of his new friend. Of course, Spock is simply bewildered and faintly horrified by Kirk’s unpredictability at first.

There were some things I didn’t like. One was that a Vulcan male character is given the name of T’Rev. Why? Another was the unlikelihood that a handful of cadets and midshipmen including Spock and Kirk, who are at this point reluctant inductees of a week’s time, could steal and manage to control a starship that is still in the refit stage.

That said, I did enjoy the story, however, and the peek at the very beginnings of a relationship that will become legendary. I look forward to part 2: Star Trek Academy—Trial Run.[1]

The K/S Press 150 (March 2009)

From Carlolyn S:

The library would like to acknowledge Mary R. Thanks so much, Mary, for donating T’hy’la 6. And thanks, also to Gilda F. for her wonderful donation of a box full of binding spines. Our treasured zines take a beating going back and forth in the mail, and these will go a long way toward repairing and refurbishing several ailing editions. As always, I’m amazed at the wonderful generosity of our K/S sisters.

From Ivy:

I need a jump-start. As winter blows its last and warm days promise there will soon be outside chores to do and less time for K/S, I’m floundering. When I learned Kathy needed a roundtable for this issue I said I’d send something and then wondered what on earth I’d talk about because I have been in a strange limbo lately regarding K/S. Then I decided the best thing to do in a roundtable is be honest.

So, I would very much like to know if any of the rest of you experience a lull in your K/S enthusiasm occasionally. Do you? I don’t mean a forced absence because of real life obligations or illness or anything like that. I mean when it’s winter and you have all sorts of time to wallow in zines and re-watch episodes and you just can’t get very interested. That’s what’s been happening to me lately. I don’t know what to make of it. Oh, don’t worry, I’m not ready to take the pictures of Kirk and Spock off my walls or quit doing an occasional CGA. I love doing those! You may notice that I’ve begun to combine them with another interest, digital scrapbooking, so there’s a bit of a change there, too. Perhaps it’s the reading I’m not so much into. Bear with me while I think with my fingers and the keyboard. It isn’t that there are few new zines being published. There are lots of new things on the internet but I’m not fond of reading there. However, my collection of K/S zines is vast and many of them are unread. So there’s no lack of material. There is, however, an atrocious system of tracking what I’ve read and not read, so that’s always a problem. Why, then, am I not digging into the zine boxes? Asking myself this in a completely honest manner, I must conclude because I’ve not found many K/S stories lately that hold my interest as they should. Scary! The short reviews I’ve posted for this issue were done more than a month ago and I haven’t picked up a zine since. I’ve been an avid reader since childhood (in the 50’s there wasn’t much else to do). For years I’ve bought paperbacks and shelved them because I was too busy reading K/S. In the past three weeks, I’ve read and very much enjoyed going back to the crime novels and disaster epics I’ve always favored. But I feel like I’m abandoning Kirk & Spock.

Probably none of you are overly entertained by reading about this, but I am seriously curious about whether it’s happened to others and what’s pulled them out of it. As I said, my battery needs recharging.

I do want to say here that I think anyone can get too absorbed in a single obsession and that may be contributing to what I’m feeling. I hesitate to call it burnout because I don’t feel burned out. I just feel like my wick’s been turned down and I’m kind of flickering. I do feel as if I need to make time for more than one private passion in my life. There still should be time for reading other things, for walking in the woods and taking photos, etc. But I want K/S to be part of that compilation of activities, part of what I love and one of the things that keeps me sane. Something else I’ve realized as the years of being a K/S fan have rolled by is that I find myself more interested in the romance and tenderness than in the hot love scenes. That feeling is made clear when I pick up a zine, sometimes skimming the lovemaking scenes and avidly reading the rest. It used to be the other way around!

What’s happening to me, fellow K/S fans? I think maybe the boost I need is a very well written, tender, loving, lengthy story with a plot that will hold my interest and the kind of love that will leave me a melted puddle on the floor. Not an AU or a Mirror, something that revolves around the people that Kirk and Spock are when we see them on the small screen. Where is that story? Jenna Sinclair’s Sharing the Sunlight series might do it, but I would love, love, love to hear some suggestions for such a story or stories. All this rambling and introspection will get me nowhere unless some of you respond and give me some ideas.

I'm stranded. Anyone out there have some good jumper cables?


  1. By Carolyn S in K/S Press #149