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The K/S Press 191

The K/S Press 191 was published in October 2012 and contains 29 pages.

The K/S Press 192

The K/S Press 192 was published in November/December 2012 and contains 28 pages.

The K/S Press 193

The K/S Press 193 was published in January 2013 and contains 28 pages.

  • Sarian suggested a new column, "A Funny Thing Happened to Me @ a ST Convention". "This will be a place for stories about any funny – or interesting – or wonderful thing – that has happened to you at a Star Trek convention. I invite everyone who has had one of those experiences to send it in for this new column."
  • There was new print zine looking for submissions. Editors Larissa Bernstein and eimeo announced ASSIGNMENT: ALBION: “It is our pleasure to announce the launch of a new K/S zine, a celebration of British fandom of the past and present in its rich variety."
  • contains the manip “Watching Clouds” by T’Racionn (a fan in the next issue comments: "This is very nice! I can easily imagine Spock entertaining Kirk by explaining the various cloud formations in scientific terms when most of us would be looking for billowing versions of bunnies and spaceships. I like the way Kirk’s sleeves are pushed up, showing he’s relaxed nearly as much as Spock, and his expression has just the right hint of preoccupation/woolgathering. The dappled effect gives the image a sort of fairy-tale illustration quality and it seems to fit the pose very well. I love seeing Kirk and Spock sharing these kinds of moments and while my mind can conjure them very well, it’s nice when someone else does it for me!")
  • contains a report about “Shatner's World” by Dovya Blacque, reprinted in #197
  • LoC for Shame (T'hy'la #32), see that page
  • LoC for So Pleasing a Thing (2012 Advent Calendar)
  • LoC for Out of the Big Black (online), see that page

The K/S Press 194

The K/S Press 194 was published in February 2013 and contains 29 pages.

  • contains the manip "With You, Always" by T’Racionn
  • a fan writes:
    Just before Christmas, someone on the Kirk/Spock LJ community asked where she could get her hands on a copy of Rae Trail’s Out of the Big Black as Google searches invariably ended up linking to defunct sites. It prompted me do a search for Rae’s contact information and I came across a recent post by someone called ‘Rae Trail’ on a non- Trek fandom site. I emailed the person and asked, ‘Are you the Rae who used to write Kirk/Spock stories?’ – I figured if it was the wrong person, they’d probably not know what Kirk/Spock was, and no harm done. On New Year’s Day, I got a message back, ‘Yes, I am that Rae.’ She explained that following a move to the Middle East ten years ago, and the internet censorship there, she’d had to drop out of fandom. Then, last Autumn, she discovered the delights of the VPN – the Virtual Private Network. The VPN works by connecting Rae to a secure remote server, so she can now use the internet, circumventing all censorship restrictions, without there being any trace of the websites she visits. As an aside, VPNs are becoming popular in fandom by those wanting to watch media that is restricted to particular countries (e.g. watching programmes on BBC iPlayer using a VPN server located in the UK). So now Rae can browse with impunity. I followed up her email, asking if she’d be willing to put up her work on the K/S Archive and she was very enthusiastic about the idea and about getting back into fandom. Since then, she’s posted eight stories so far, including probably her best known work, Another Country Beckons. There are more to come and she promises new stories, which is exciting as she’s a great writer.
  • LoC for "Hazen" by Fiona James
  • LoC for "T'hy'la" by Fiona James
  • LoC for Strong Together, see that page
  • LoC for "Eddies" by Blackbird Song
  • LoC for "Spice" by eimeo

The K/S Press 195

The K/S Press 195 was published in March 2013 and contains 28 pages.

The K/S Press 196

The K/S Press 196 was published in April 2013 and contains 27 pages.

The K/S Press 197

The K/S Press 197 was published in May 2013 and contains 30 pages.

  • a LoC for Apsides (T'hy'la #30), see that page
  • a Loc for Pacing the Cage (Beyond Dreams (Star Trek: TOS zine)|Beyond Dreams]] #1), see that page
  • a LoC for "Master and Commander" by Aconitum-Napellus (online)
  • a LoC for an untitled piece of art by Gayle F in T'hy'la #1, see that page
  • a review of "Shatner's World" by Dovya Blacque, a show by William Shatner, reprinted from #193

The K/S Press 198

The K/S Press 198 was published in June/July 2013 and contains 39 pages

  • a fan has shared some color photos of her Kirk and Spock dolls in a dollhouse: "Elise Madrid’s Kirk and Spock dolls have been busy working on their house. Elise created these images for K/S Day, March 24, 2013." Some of the art of the walls of the dollhouse are zine covers
  • a fan would like to see more art reprinted in this zine:
    I thoroughly enjoyed Virginia Sky’s loc on [Gayle F's] art in last month’s issue of the KSP. What a wonderful idea to also print the illo along with the review! It let me appreciate the points Virginia made having the illo right there while I was reading her insightful comments. I understood so much more about how the artist presented her work, how she achieved the effects that made the illo memorable, seeing it through Virginia’s discerning eyes. Not only is Virginia a fabulous artist in her own right, she’s also extremely capable in translating her knowledge about and love for fan art in clear succinct prose. Now I wonder what else I’ve been missing when I look at an illo. I realize there may be issues in reprinting illos but is there any chance this might become a standard feature in future issues of the KSP? Perhaps pics from zines no longer in print or if artists give permission? I nominate Virginia as the first artist-in-residence to head this department. (I think this is an excellent idea. If anyone wants to review artwork, I will do my best to obtain permission from the artist to reprint the piece. KR) I must also mention Dovya Blacque’s review of William Shatner’s show, “Shatner’s World”. Thank you for taking me along with you, Dovya. You provided such a wealth of fascinating details that I almost feel as if I had attended the show myself.

The K/S Press 199

The K/S Press 199 was published in August 2013 and contains 39 pages.

  • an update on the KiSCon guest of honor:
    I am enormously pleased to announce that Greywolf the Wanderer has agreed to be a Guest of Honor at KiScon 2013. Greywolf has written pieces that stay fixed in the mind and that have people talking about them years after their first appearance. We are blessed in the fandom to have so many writers of this calibre, and I am very happy to have him on board.

The K/S Press 200

The K/S Press 200 was published in September 2013 and contains 39 pages.

a CGA by ivy to celebrate 200 issues of "The K/S Press"
  • from one of the editors: "The K/S Press # 200! Wow! I think we’ve hit some kind of record for a long running fannish newsletter. And while I couldn’t replicate Jenna Sinclair’s achievement with the 100th issue, which was a full fledged zine, I do want to thank everyone who has stayed with us over all these years as well as brand new readers."
  • the librarian for the K/S Library has this warning: "Just a word of warning: do not loan any of your precious zines to a fan named [Carol C]. She has borrowed several zines from the zine library and refuses all my attempts to get them back. I even let her borrow one of my own zines—Consort 1. (Yes, I know it was foolish on my part.) If any one lives near Kokomo, IN, and/or knows of her..."
  • there are some color photos of Kirk and Spock dolls relaxing at in a hot tub, at an outdoor bar... includes horses "Elise Madrid’s Kirk and Spock dolls have taken a break from working on their house and are relaxing outdoors. Elise created these images for K/S Day, March 24, 2013."
  • comments by Shelley Butler:
    I can't believe it's been 200 issues! If it were not for Kathy, this would not be a milestone. She has singlehandedly taken on the K/S Press with very little help from me, one of the co-founders of this wonderful newsletter. It is very difficult to describe what the K/S Press was back in the day when it first started. It is hard for even I to imagine! There was no internet, no emailing and very few places where I could take it to be printed every month. Back then, K/S was considered by many to be scandalous! Every month, Jenna Sinclair and I would gather all our LOCs (by regular mail), write our editorials, type up new zine announcements, include the library from Carolyn Spencer and transcribe everything into the newsletter format. Doing this took many hours as the computers often screwed up the columns and fonts and pages. Finally when it was perfect, I would carefully print out the entire newsletter and then take it to the printer. Finding a place to have it printed was a huge effort. I had to be discreet which was very difficult when you want to have anywhere from 150 to 200 copies made of about thirty-some pages of scandalous material! After much trial, I found a lovely Asian man with his family who didn't ask too many questions or peek at the material. Then I would take home the huge box, collate it myself, staple it with my industrial-sized stapler. Then I had to print up all the labels from a mailing list that had to be kept current and put all the newsletters that went to Europe separately and then seal the envelopes and take one to the post office to see how much it weighed and buy the stamps and come home and stamp them all then take them back to the post office and mail them at the counter because the ones that went to Europe had to have customs forms on them which I had to fill out at the post office with all the proper addresses. The job was not finished yet as I had to keep the mailing list up to date which meant writing to all the subscribers with notices that their subscription was due. This, and of course, read and LOC as many stories as I could for each month. One of the highlights was putting together the anniversary issue with color photos (again, all done with actual photos pasted onto a large paper and then scanned and reduced at the printers) and comments from K/Sers from around the world. Jenna did all this with me for many years and then the internet came and everything changed including having Robin Hood take care of all the mailings. She was invaluable! Then Kathy came and took over the publishing and I do not know how to express to her how wonderful this is! The KSP was such a big part of my life for so many years. This newsletter brought me in touch with so many people and I have so many wonderful memories of all that time. The only thing left to say is that I love Kathy so much----as a person and as a friend. I thank her deeply for continuing this labor of love known as the K/S Press.