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Issue 211

The K/S Press 211 was published in Aug/Sept/Oct 2015 and contains 29 pages.

  • Kiscon progress report #8: Syn Ferguson is the Guest of Honor
  • a submission request for Devotion, a zine to be published by CatalenaMara and Dovya Blacque --
    2016 brings Star Trek's 50th Anniversary and to commemorate it, two K/S editors are coming together to produce an anthology exploring the beginning and the later years of the K/S relationship. We're looking for fiction, poetry, and art dealing either with the beginning of Kirk and Spock's relationship, whenever that began (be it during the episodes or the 6 movies) OR the later years of their established relationship (be it during the 5-year mission or the events of the movies). We hope to give readers an anthology that celebrates the essence, beauty, diversity and love of K/S. Devotion will be a collection of stories concentrating on one or the other: the beginning or the maturity of Kirk and Spock's love. Guidelines are simple: we'll consider almost anything that explores either the first bloom of romantic love or the fruitful fullness of that love. We want you to feel free to squeeze your own plots and adventures around the episodes and movies 1-6, too. Our minds are pretty open so we want you to let your imaginations fly!

Issue 212

The K/S Press 212 was published in August 2016, after "a long hiatus"

  • the editor has had a major fire at her home and while no one was hurt, many things were damaged or destroyed: 'Most of the “print masters” for my fanzines were destroyed in the fire, so I’ve removed the listings from The K/S Press. Thank to help from various people, I hope to offer them again some time in the future."
  • contains a manip: "Cheek to Cheek” by T’Racionn"
  • info: KISMET 2016, September 2 – September 4, 2016 and KISCON 2017, September 15 – 17th, 2017
  • detailed lending library holdings

Issue 213

The K/S Press 213 was published in July 2017, after "a very long hiatus." It contains 24 pages.

  • there is news about the upcoming KiScon
  • no one is using the US K/S Press Library: "Carolyn Spencer, the US K/S Press Librarian, has reported that no one has borrowed from the library in quite some time. One of the main library expenses is the library PO Box. We had no funds to renew the library PO Box this past renewal period, so I paid for it myself. If we are to continue the library we will need to have donations to pay for the PO Box. If you’d like to make a donation, please PayPal it to: [address redacted]. Additionally, we would like to gauge interest in keeping the US Library open. Would it be productive to announce the library on tumblr? If so, can anyone recommend the tags I should use?"
  • there is a submission request for Legends #9
  • the editor writes that the newsletter will be only published in the future when there is something to announce
  • there is an ad for the Kirk/Spock Facebook Group, K/S Zine Friends: "K/S Zine Friends...a group specifically for K/S zine lovers, those K/S fans who have discovered the joy and wonder of K/S zines, both old and many are now out-of-print (OOP) but can still be obtained through private sales and a small number of online stores and traders, over at eBay and all around the Web...this group is for K/S zines ONLY, no gen TOS, although zines dealing with strong friendship and pre-K/S themes, such as the Companions series, the Contact series and novels such as Captives and Conduct Unbecoming, etc., are more than welcome to discuss and analyze...also members are welcome to post sales of zines, but please keep the details of snail addresses and the like, for both seller and buyer, off-group, for the sake of privacy and safety. List the zines you are offering for sale, as well as their prices, please! Let's make zine love!"
  • contains an ads for zines
  • publishes info about K/S on the internet
  • contains the listings for the US and the European K/S/ Press Zine Library holdings

Issue 214

Issue 215

Issue 216

Issue 217

Issue 218

Issue 219

Issue 220