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Issue 201

The K/S Press 201 was published in October 2013 and contains 30 pages.

Issue 202

The K/S Press 202 was published in November/December 2013 and contains 28 pages.

  • there is a review of Emotional Behavior, see that page
  • there is a review of Bondmates #2, see that page
  • there is a review of the AOS story, "Interpreting Spock"

Issue 203

The K/S Press 203 was published in January/February 2014 and contains 28 pages.

  • a LoC for "Strong in Broken Places" by Strider (online)
  • a LoC for "Gentlemen Alone" by DeeGilles (online)
  • a LoC for "Shelter Me" by lah mrh (online)
  • a LoC for "Ho, Ho, Ho" by tprillahfiction (online)
  • a LoC for "Elf in my Bed" by Fugitive (online)
  • a LoC for "A Gift For Spock" by ivycross (online)

Issue 204

The K/S Press 204 was published in March/April 2014 and contains 28 pages.

  • from [L B]:
    The European Branch of the K/S Press Fanzine Library has moved to Austria! Welcome to Vienna, Kirk and Spock! With February 2014, I've taken over the position of librarian from Kath Boag. Let me express my heartfelt thanks to her for serving as K/S Press Librarian for 16 years! After a thankfully very smooth relocation (you can imagine my sleepless nights until the parcels finally arrived at my door step!), the zines have been set up on the shelves of their new archive-grade home and are now waiting for borrowers. You can find a list of all available zines from both branches in every issue of the K/S Press, but I am also working on the development of an online catalogue with Fanlore links and cover images. Let me point out that there's also a very nice selection of good gen zines in the library, many of them featuring wonderful K&S friendship stories that could easily be called pre-slash. (Why, yes, I have been reading many of them while organising the shelves...) 195 slash & adult zines (a few of them including het stories), 178 gen zines and 5 pro books are waiting for you! A treasure trove of classics and hidden gems alike!
  • Kirk/Spock Facebook Group:
    K/S Zine Friends...a group specifically for K/S zine lovers, those K/S fans who have discovered the joy and wonder of K/S zines, both old and many are now out-of-print (OOP) but can still be obtained through private sales and a small number of online stores and traders, over at eBay and all around the Web...this group is for K/S zines ONLY, no gen TOS, although zines dealing with strong friendship and pre-K/S themes, such as the Companions series, the Contact series and novels such as Captives and Conduct Unbecoming, etc., are more than welcome to discuss and analyze...also members are welcome to post sales of zines, but please keep the details of snail addresses and the like, for both seller and buyer, off-group, for the sake of privacy and safety. List the zines you are offering for sale, as well as their prices, please! Let's make zine love! Here is the link: [1]
  • from a fan [L B]:
    Original posted on DreamWidth as Day 14 of the snowflake_challenge. “In your own space, write a love letter. Write it to fandom in general, to a particular fandom, to a trope, a relationship, a character, or to your flist. Share your love and squee as loud as you want to.” Dearest K/S, I love you. There, I said it. 'Twasn't that difficult now, was it? And my initial hesitation to participate in this particular challenge is not your fault - you are perfect, loveable, shining; but putting all the feelings you bring forth in me into a simple love letter takes a certain courage. These three words encompass the total of my fascination with you and with the things that you do to me and make me do. I love you because (at least in TOS) you are so canon that we can hardly speak of subtext anymore. Roddenberry said so. And many others (including the lovely actors who made you breathe and touch and look and smile...) played along so perfectly that I can't believe it wasn't a deliberate choice. I love you because you easily span a galaxy full of genres, tropes and possibilities; you are a world where dramatic angst comes as natural as refined humour, serious topics are as legitimate as weirdest parodies, action-packed mission fics snuggle up to dirtiest porn, and feel-good fluff is as valid as epic hurt/comfort. I love you because you have set a stage so wide and deep that it mirrors the infinity of human experience. I love you because you have inspired people for decades and made them explore their wildest imagination. I love you because you took the philosophy of Trek literally: boldly going where no one has gone before. I love you because you invented slash and exported it to other fandoms, making people see media with different eyes and question their own perception. You even invented gender swap (and I guess I love you even for that, although I am not a big fan of girl!Spock or girl!Kirk). I have heard people say that you were also responsible for the first mpreg story in fandom in general, but I could not verify this so far. I love you because you spawned many, many concepts of Vulcan sexuality and genitalia, among them the beauty that is frals (and with them you stand a good chance of claiming the title of first tentacle introducer in media fandom) and about as many ideas of mind-links, bondings, melding etc. I love you because you let aliens make them do it. I love you because you incited people to break laws (idiotic and hateful laws, but still laws!), so that they could read, write and spread the slashy goodness. I love you because you carry a multitude of AUs and their devices in your canon. I love you because you have brought together people from all over the globe, from all cultures and social classes, uniting them in fannish passion, making them create something that is larger than the sum of its individual parts. I love you because you have your own entry in the OED. I love you because you make me so damn proud of being part of this longstanding fandom, send the craziest plot bunnies to my muse, and constantly let me find something new and squee-worthy about you - no matter how many springs you have seen, how many generations of fen have come and gone. I love you because you have contributed so much to the sheer power of transformative art, and all the while you have transformed us and our world en passant. In unashamed love, yours truly, [L]
  • a LoC for "Understanding" by Apolesen (online)
  • a LoC for "Feed the blazing tyranny of passion's flame" by Tydomin (online)
  • a LoC for "Vulcan Constructs" by Kembas (online)
  • a LoC for "The Man Who Fell to Earth" by louiseb (online)
  • a LoC for "Asking for the Moon" by Elise Madrid (online)
  • a LoC of For Today by Kembas (T'hy'la #30, see that page

Issue 205

The K/S Press 205 was published in May/June/July 2014 and contains 28 pages.

  • the organizer for KiSCon wrote:
    Personal Note: As I have told some of you over the years, I can’t write my way out of a paper bag with both ends open. So there are no stories from me; ditto for art and vids. I can however run a con. So my fellow community members, putting on this con is my way of thanking all of you for many years of enjoyment reading your stories, ogling your beautiful artwork and laughing and crying while I am watching your vids. I want to again thank the people who have been giving me the advice I’ve needed to get this con off the ground. They have spent a lot of hours with me on the phone and writing emails. As soon as I can, I hope to list these lovely ladies names so you too can thank them for helping KiSCon 2015 become a reality. I hope to see many of you again at KiSCon 2015. If it has been a while or if you have never attended a KiSCon, I hope you will consider attending this one.
  • a LoC for "First Command" by Elessar1201 (online)

Issue 206

The K/S Press 206 was published in August/September 2014 and contains 26 pages.

Issue 207

The K/S Press 207 was published in October/November 2014 and contains 35 pages.

Issue 208

The K/S Press 208 was published in December 2014/January 2015 and contains 30 pages.

Issue 209

The K/S Press 209 was published in Feb/Mar/Apr/May 2015 and contains 37 pages.

  • Kiscon progress report #4
  • many fans write tributes to Leonard Nimoy
  • a review of Tholian Legacy in T'hy'la #16, see that page
  • review of "Mr. Adventure's Wild Adventure"
  • review of "Mr. Adventure, Intergalactic Transporter Chief of Mystery"
  • review of "Love Does Not Equal Sex"
  • review of "Postmortem"
  • review of "What You Love"
  • review of "The Right Kind of Wrong," a fan film
  • a review of the fan film, "The Mind Sifter" by James Cawley's team at Star Trek New Voyages/Phase 2
  • comments about the fan films by Vic Mignogna from Farragut Film

Issue 210

The K/S Press 210 was published in June/July 2015 and contains 34 pages.