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Issue 21

cover of issue #21, Liz Woledge -- "Another entry in my Liz Art Love Fest. How the heck did I miss commenting on this one, too? It’s a color Kirk and Spock in the Organian prison. It’s made with hauntingly beautiful lights and darks with light coming in from a prison window. Kirk is holding Spock tenderly and I love Kirk’s hand. Beautiful." [1]

T'hy'la 21 was published in October 2000 and contains 180 pages. Interior art by Alison Fiddler. Art Portfolio by Sweet Dreams Studios and U. Wish Studios. Cover and frontispiece by Liz Woledge. Note: according to the editorial in issue #22, the frontispiece by Liz was not included in this zine and instead published in #issue #22 -- it appears that this art was included in later reprints of issue #21.

From the editorial:
About the stories: "Lost Sailor", "Ripple", Thoughts: Letting Go" and "Home" are set during the five year mission. "Voyages" is set during "Star Trek: IV". Both "Lord of the Dance" and "Remember Me" are AUs; "To Dance With A Warrior" is a Mirror Universe story. Finally,The Valley of Love and Delight" isset many years after the events of the five year mission and the movies. A special note: "ComeupPANce" is EmilyAdam's last "Pan" story. (The other stories in this universe can be found in various issues of the zine "Kaleidoscope"). Emily, you are very much missed.
  • Lost Sailor by Greywolf the Wanderer (In the throes of Pon Farr, Spock deserts the Enterprise and erases all traces of his intended destination... Sequel: Ripple.) (1)
  • Ripple by Greywolf the Wanderer (After retrieving Spock from New Arizona, Kirk convinces him that he wants the bond that is between them and so they prepare for the return of Spockʼs pon farr. Prequel: Lost Sailor.) (19)
  • Lord of the Dance by T'Rhys (33)
  • ComeupPANce by Emily Adams (Emily's last "Pan" story. There's been a murder on board the Enterprise, and Kirk and Spock disagree as to the suspect. As usual, it's up to the cat Pan to put everything to rights.) (35)
  • Blue World, poem by Robin Hood (49)
  • Thoughts: Letting Go by Helen (After Sarpeidon, Kirk goes to Spock to apologize for pushing too hard for answers but Spock opens up to him and both end up revealing their feelings for each other.) (50)
  • The Vacation, poem by Robin hood (54)
  • Home by Karin Porter (After returning from the M/U, Kirk discovers that Spock and Kirkʼs counterpart had sex before Spock realized it was not his captain.) (55)
  • The Puppy, poem by Robin Hood (61)
  • Voyages by Patricia Roe (The events of Star Trek III and IV, from a K/S perspective. After Spockʼs death, Kirk comes to understand and accept his feelings for Spock as they recover his body, go through the fal tor pan, go back in time to save Earth and then finally come together in love.) (62)
  • Poems from the Bonding: First Best Destiny and Integration by Ariel (79)
  • Operation: Annihilate (sickbay, after the light) by Ariel (80)
  • The Hug Sonnets by Virgina Sky, (81) (see the gallery below for the artwork by Allison Fiddler that was the inspiration for these poems)
  • Remember Me by Ida Vega (In an AU, two starship captains must fight the Klingons - and come to terms with their attraction to each other.) (85)
  • To Dance with a Warrior by Karin Porter (M/U: After Kirk returns from this universe, his perceptions of Spock change after having sex with this Spock who mistakes him, at first, for his own captain.) (138)
  • The Valley of Love and Delight by Elenadia (Spock relates the story of his and Kirkʼs love and life together to his grandson, Kirkʼs namesake, as he prepares to die and rejoin his bondmate.) (167)

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[art: "The Hug"]: 1990’s was an exciting time for me. Fan based communities were expanding and growing on the internet. People were able to share their thoughts, critiques, and works. Most importantly, I was becoming aware of a growing media of art that was personally mind altering. One of the first K/S art pieces I saw on the internet was a picture entitled “Hug.” This was a simple title for a simple, yet very endearing subject, Spock embracing Kirk. The graphic was created by a British fan, Alison Fiddler. And the medium was computer manipulation.

“Hug” is a black and white composition. The subjects, Kirk and Spock, are soft textured. There are no sharp lines, except for a background horizon line. The lighting is soft, glowing in the foreground. Deepening shadows caress a portion of Kirk and Spock’s bodies along with the background. There is a cloudiness that is overlaying the entire piece, which may be an element know as the noise filter. The proportioning and the blending of heads to bodies are done flawlessly. Overall it is a very eye appealing work that may remind some observers of a graphite workmanship. The piece has a somewhat hypnotic effect. It is as if someone is peeping into a personal moment in these two men’s lives. By use of texture and shading, a nocturnal atmosphere is established. Kirk appears to be sleeping. His countenance seems restful as though he does not have the weight of the captaincy on his mind. Reclining, Jim’s head is nestled on Spock’s upper chest. The Vulcan’s arms loosely embrace the human with his hands out of the vision’s range. Spock seems to be awake with his focus off to one side. The expression is gentle and relaxed, as if unguarded. For two men, to whom appearance plays an important part in their existence, it is a moment of sharing and comfort. “Hug” is a visual pleasure that warms my heart when I gaze at it. And its radiant love still makes it one of my favorite pieces today.

I value this piece. The artwork is a visual representation of the love shared between these two men, as well as the love the creator has for these two characters. It has fueled the imagination, creativity, and love of this reviewer. “The Hug Sonnets”, a set of seven sonnets, is a result of my contemplation over the picture. Most importantly, this work along with the works of TACs has been the inspiration for my own venture into the area of computer manipulation. “Hug” is indeed a work of art. It not something someone should judge as a cut-and-paste job, for it evokes pleasure and joy as it creates a fictional moment in time – a wonderful K/S moment! [5]
[art]: Wow. That's what I said when I opened this zine and saw this portfolio consisting of five portraits, even though I usually like realism in K/S portraits and these portraits are not all that realistic. The two images of Spock presented by Sweet Dreams Studio are both done in a warrior/fantasy sort of style, with an emphasis on masculinity (Spock's jaw seems even squarer than Nimo's really is, particularly in the second Spock portrait). In U Wish Studios' three portraits, Kirk and Spock are locked in three different forms of an embrace (one with Spock's head draped over Kirk's arm, one with them lying down with Kirk on top, and one in which they're standing together in a pool beneath a waterfall). In the "embrace" trio, the artist seems to be going for a soft, almost boyish look, particularly in Kirk's case. But even though none of these portraits is a precise fit to my usual preferences, they still took my breath away. Several times. I think my favorite is U. Wish Studios' Study for Future Painting #2 (the one with Kirk on top of Spock), but they're all great. [6]
[art]: These are a series of five studies for future paintings that just about took my breath away. (I'm not sure I would survive seeing the actual paintings!)

The first is titled "The Slave Owner's Dream," and shows a long-haired, very sexy Spock bared from the waist up "wearing the symbol of his clan as well as the blue beads of Cha'ta, designating purchase" in his hair. Gorgeous! Perfect face. Perfect body. (Leonard should ever have looked so good!) Truly the stuff sweet dreams are made of—at least my sweet dreams. This was obviously meant to illustrate a story, and the fact that it was published separately leads me to the sad conclusion that for whatever reasons the story is not going to be printed. I want—no, NEED to read this story!

The second study is equally well executed. The caption says it was inspired by Judy's story "Spindrift," which I will have to reread with this picture in mind. Spock is wearing what appears to be a metal breastplate attached to a long cape draped over his shoulders. I adoredthe look of arrogance on "Captain" Spock's face.

Next up is basically a head shot of the two of them. Kirk is cradling Spock in his arms and looks to be about to plant a kiss on a particularly delicious part of Spock's neck. All soft lines. Gentle and soft and loving feelings displayed here.

The fourth one shows our guys engaged in a passionate kiss. Spock with long hair underneath the muscular body of his captain. Oh my!

The last is another kiss. This time they are standing in a lake while a waterfall splashes in the background. Our captain's assets are lovingly revealed.

I've always admired this artist's work, and it was such a treat to see it again after years of being absent from the K/S scene. It is obvious she is a Spock person, and while her vision of the character with his idealized face and body may be too AU for many, it happens to fit my fantasies to a tee! [7]

Issue 22

T'hy'la 22 was published in July 2001 and contains 109 pages.

front cover of issue #22
From the editor:
Both stories have appeared on the internet. 'Serpents in the Garden' has been extensively revised and expanded...

... About the stories: Both are episode-based. 'And in the Darkness Bind You' is a sequel to 'Operation: Annihilate', and the emotionally complex novella 'Serpents in the Garden' is set around 'A Private Little War'.

About the art: Liz Woledge's beautiful Spock frontispiece was originally scheduled for T'hy'la # 21 (and listed in the Table of Contents), but is included here instead. I'm also pleased to be able to published some of Virginia Sky's photomanips, and I'm looking forward to publishing more of this type of art, as well as traditional drawings, in future issues.
  • And in the Darkness Bind You by Greywolf the Wanderer (Kirk and Spock become lovers while Spock is still blinded following the events on Deneva.) (1)
  • Serpents in the Garden by Islaofhope (When Spock is injured on Neural, Kirk learns the whole truth of what their bonding really means. Prequel: Jim Kirkʼs Workout. Sequel: Ice Cream.) (28)
  • art by Liz Woledge
  • photo art by Virginia Sky

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Issue 23

cover of issue #23, T'Guess -- "I've viewed T'Guess's beautiful photomanips on her website, and its so nice to see some of her art appearing in zines. This cover is a beautiful composition of Kirk and Spock against a backdrop of a red sky, palm trees and huge moon. It's an interesting pose — Spock has on a robe over an ornate tunic and Kirk is wearing what appears to be a vest over a short sleeved white shirt. Kirk has an arm brace on the forearm we can see as he and Spock each hold a cup. It appears to be some sort of ceremony — is this a bonding ceremony? (If so, it's not on Vulcan, not with the ocean behind them in the picture.) Or is it some sort of AU story? It's interesting to speculate what might be happening. This is an intriguing and beautiful picture." -- [8]

T'hy'la 23 was published in October 2003 and contains 250 pages. It contains art by Virginia Sky, Ingela, Helen, and T'Guess.

  • First Touch by Morgan Lefey. (Sudden memories of a past they never consciously knew confront Kirk and Spock.) (1)
  • With Others' Hands by Jat Sapphire. (Strange phantom touches and unexpected fantasies cause Kirk to wonder if he's going mad.) (28)
  • Shadow by Deanna Gray. (Kirk is haunted by a bizarre nightmare image.) (34) (reprinted from the 2002 Red Rose, con zine for Red Rose Convention)
  • Weapon of Destruction by Susan Sicafoosh (48) (poem)
  • A Few for This Evening by Animasola. (Kirk discovers a collection of erotic photos featuring a man looking astonishingly like Spock.) (49)
  • Bonded by W.I. Calendar. (In the Mirror Universe, Spock responds to Kirk's treachery with a forced bonding. Prequel: A Thin Flame by Cynthia Drake in Golden Oldies and New Delights)
  • Blindness by Virginia Sky. (Dr. Miranda Jones leaves a message for Kirk which changes his life.) (79) (The editor notes that this story had originally appeared on ASCEM and on the author's website.) (100)
  • These are the Moments by Iris. (Their experience at Deneva cause both Kirk and Spock to realize important truths.)
  • Night Thoughts: Kirk by Rhiannon (poem) (141)
  • Night Thoughts: Spock by Rhiannon (poem) (142)
  • art portfolio by Ingela (142-143)
  • The Wrong Place to Be Real by Islaofhope. (Spock learns a great deal from a surprising encounter with Sam Kirk.) (143)
  • Allowing a Chance by Khylara (poem) (162)
  • Homeward Bound by Seven of Six. (The Mirage Planet is a deadly trap - and the being there is determined to learn Vulcan secrets. After the ordeal is over, Spock determines to repress what he learned there.) (163)
  • The Truth of You by Helen (poem) (212)
  • art by Helen (212-213)
  • Spock's Song by Helen (poem) (213)
  • A Tale from the North by Jungle Kitty (The mythology of an unnamed planet speaks of James the Fair and Spock the Wise.) (214)
  • Time Out by Cervelle Marias. (After a grueling diplomatic mission, Kirk is highly anticipating his shore leave with Spock.) (217)
  • In Your Arms by Khylara (poem) (224)
  • Kaefarr by T'heoni (Amanda tries to help Kirk with his dreams while he recuperates from his injury received during the Babel conference.)
  • The Gift by T'Guess. (A reporter gets a sought-after interview with the legendary Spock.) (231)
  • One Particular Harbour by Elise Madrid. (Spock recalls a lifetime of memories with Kirk. Prequel: Dutyʼs Call) (239)
  • Feelings: Spock by Khylara (poem) (249)

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[art between pages 142 and 143]: First picture — this is a picture from ST IV, with Spock in his Vulcan robe and the headband that hides his ears, standing as he looks at Kirk. Ingela has used a modified version of her technique of large areas of black used to shade pictures. Quite frankly, I think this technique works best in pictures like the second of the three included in this zine. This partial use of ft here does have some parts I like (the shading of Spock's robe, for example), but his eyes are like black pits, which is a bit disconcerting! I think the technique works best on the clothing; its not subtle enough to shade the faces as much as I'd like. Interesting experiment though.

Second picture — I think Ingela uses her black and white silhouette technique very effectively in the second of the three pictures here. Kirk is almost nude, pulling his pants down his legs. Much of the picture is black—the background, and the shadows that contour and outline Kirk's muscles and body. There's a suggestion of Kirk's pubic hair and penis too, in the black and white contrasts in this picture. I wish I knew what this technique was called, but I like it

Third picture — this is an actual drawing, and a nice one, too. Spock is kneeling and leaning back, with his eyes closed. His weight is braced on one arm, while he holds Kirk close to his body with one hand on Kirk's head. (I think only a Vulcan could hold this pose for long!) Kirk has his eyes open, and his arm around Spock. I like the way the shading is used to suggest the muscles and curves of the bodies. And I like the emotions displayed on their faces, as well. [8]

Issue 24

cover of issue #24, T'Guess -- "T’Guess has a signature style that I never fail to admire—always a bit moody with ingenious lighting. Her cover is a bit of a different mood than she generally expresses—but every bit as passionate. Spock’s expression says it all—he is caught in a fervent embrace and experiencing feelings that are beyond his expectations. The petals are a nice touch, so realistic that I tried to brush them off the page when I first saw the zine." [10]

T'hy'la 24 was published in July 2004 and contains 182 pages. It has a cover by T'Guess.

The art is by T'Guess, Virginia Sky, Liz Woledge, J S Cavalcante, and Helen.

Regarding some of the content, words from the zine:

"Moonlight Through Your Hair" is a never-before-published "golden oldie". The story was first submitted to T'hy'la nearly 15 years ago, but I moved, and the author moved, and my correspondence to her was returned undeliverable by the Post Office. I didn't feel comfortable printing a story without being in contact with the author, so I placed it in a file folder, in the hopes that one day we'd be in touch again. And, thanks to the magic of the internet, this has happened, and she's given permission for this story to be published.

"A Walk in the Dark" was previously printed in the K/S CONnections 2003 contest zine.

A note on internet stories... "Cannot Touch" has appeared on the internet; it has been revised and expanded with an additional scene for publication here.

I decided to include an additional two internet stories in this issue — "Catching A Wild Goose" and "In Love With My Captain" — as I wanted to have a small sampling of what is out there in cyberspace. These latter two are short pieces, and though they have not been altered from internet publication, their inclusion here does not affect the price of this zine.
  • Petals, poem by Danielle Stewart (1)
  • The Queglan by T'Marii (A Vulcan scientist is taking more of an interest in Spock than Kirk is comfortable with.) (2)
  • Random Factors by J S Cavalcante (After a particulary harrowing mission, Kirk and Spock confess, and act on, long-felt affections.) (17)
  • The Experiment by Nadja Lee (A night of love is followed by heartbreak when Spock informs Kirk it was an experiment in human sexuality.) (29)
  • Vulcans Don't Sing the Blues by Linda Atkinson (Spock is called on to do a service for his cousin just as he and Kirk are about to bond.) (44)
  • Moonlight Through Your Hair by Cynthia (Kirk is assigned as Spockʼs “big brother” and roommate when Spock enrolls in Star Fleet Academy.) (70)
  • Risk by Catalena Mara (Once safe, Kirk must deal with his orders to kill Spock while Henoch inhabited his body.) (88)
  • Cannot Touch by T'Guess (At the end of the five-year mission, Kirk asks something of Spock he canʼt give.) (92)
  • Not Heat by Jat Sapphire (After VʼGer, Kirk goes with Spock to Vulcan.) (118)
  • Catching a Wild Goose by Falla Caqui (While on the Enterprise-E, Spock decides to use the holodeck.) (124)
  • In Love with My Captain, poem by Farfalla Caqui (Spock thoughts about Kirk.) (129)
  • Everything, poem by Helen (130)
  • Time Enough by Theresa Kyle and Emily Levin (Spock regrets not accepting Kirkʼs request to accompany him on shoreleave after Kirk dies while answering a distress call.) (131)
  • A Walk in the Dark by Elise Madrid (Spockʼs reaction when the Horta threatens Kirk gives Kirk hope.) (also in K/S CONnections 2003 con zine) (177)

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[zine]: Once I began reading, there was no place to stop. Every story in the zine has merit, each is different and engrossing in its own right. Some are very dark, some are extremely passionate and others involve a great deal of sobbing on the part of the reader. T’HY’LA 24 defines the word Anthology. There is something for everyone, including thoughtful poetry and awesome art. Every aspect of the variety appeals to me. I’m so happy and grateful that [Kathy Resch] remains active in K/S fandom and continues the K/S legend with T’HY’LA. Thank you bundles, [Kathy]! [10]

FRONTISPIECE by T’Guess -- Ah, this is the mood I am accustomed to seeing from T’Guess. The lighting upon Spock is extraordinary, capturing him as he huddles, wrapping his arms around himself. I cannot tell if he is overwhelmed by loss or love, but perhaps it is both. Opens my mind to a myriad of possibilities—plus it is beautiful!

THE QUEGLAN by Liz -- Great work, Liz! You’ve masterfully illustrated the pivotal scene in this story. Kirk’s expression as he turns to defend the Queglan who is threatening to destroy Spock in a most despicable way is full of anger and outrage. He does not look like a man who intends to lose. And Spock’s eyes, regardless of the danger he’s in, are locked on Kirk. How one takes pencil in hand and creates such expressions is far beyond my understanding—but I love that such an artistic ability exists and that Liz chooses to bring her very special talent to K/S.

A DREAM ACROSS TIME by T’Guess -- Flawless beauty is the only way I can describe this piece. Both Kirk’s and Spock’s bodies are superbly masculine and accurate—at least according to my fertile imagination! I adore the way Kirk is looking up at Spock—his eyes are riveted to Spock’s. They are both so solemn, like this is a crucial moment for them. I love the way Kirk’s robe has fallen from his shoulders and that Spock stands tall in his nakedness. This is one I could look at for a very long time.

SHOWER SCENE by T’Guess -- Bliss is what I see here. Both men are lost in each other, heedless of the water sluicing over their awakening bodies. And we can see both those bodies quite well, thank you very much! Nothing at all to make you want to quit looking, either. Spock is—ah— generously endowed. Makes my mouth water....

STOLEN PASSION by T’Guess -- I’m reminded of a rendering in bronze as I look at this. It doesn’t appear quite real...but is very pleasing to the eye. Spock is obviously worshipping his lover and Kirk is silently reveling in the attention and adulation bestowed upon him.

ART FOR RANDOM FACTORS by J.S. Cavalcante -- Is there no end to this lady’s talent? Did I know that she was an artist as well as an author? Her words have said it so often, now she says in a new way that Spock and Kirk are meant for each other as they gaze into each other’s eyes. I think if I close my eyes for a second and reopen them, I will see they have fallen into a devastating kiss.

ART OPPOSITE PAGE 102 by T’Guess -- She has done it again. I don’t believe I have ever seen a better picture of Spock in the deserts of Vulcan. His hair is long and in disarray, his mouth slack. His features display confusion, disassociation, hopelessness. The colors are awesome, fiery on one side, black as night on the other. This is amazing and gives new meaning to a picture being worth a thousand words. A thousand visions of the damned, I think might be more appropriate. In fact “Visions of the Damned” would be an excellent and descriptive title. I wish there were a matching Kirk, living in his own earthbound version of hell.

ART PORTFOLIO by Virginia Sky -- First there is a serene image of faces—Spock cradling Kirk’s chin in his hand as he whispers something in the human’s ear. The appearance of watercolor give a soft, surrealistic feel that perfectly suits the images. Ah, a little whimsy of sorts—Kirk throwing one very bare Vulcan over his shoulder. Kirk’s “gotcha” grin is priceless. I can’t adequately describe Spock’s, maybe because he doesn’t quite know what to feel at this point. A nice lighthearted piece with an artistic appearance.

EVERYTHING (ART) by Helen -- Helen has it all—she not only does the very fine poem, she provides enticing artwork to match. The style is very different here—perhaps a paint daub look (sorry, I’m not an artist). I have no trouble defining the action taking place, however. A very passionate kiss that demands a second and third look. Yum! [10]

Issue 25

cover of issue #25, T'Guess -- "I simply adore T'hy'la 25! The cover took my breath away, it was so adorable and Kirk looks so flirty and sweet on it. Those eyes!! Never mind my stunned feelings on seeing T'Guess's art portfolio between pgs. 20/21. Talk about dreamy, sexy, sweet, I went ape drooling over it." [11]

T'hy'la 25 was published in 2005 and contains 178 pages. It has a cover by T'Guess. featuring stories and artwork by Patricia Roe, kira-nerys, Rae Trail, Syn Ferguson, and others.

  • The Needs of the Two [possibly "The Need of the Two"] by Patricia Roe (When Vulcan finds out that Kirk and Spock are lovers but not bonded, Kirk is served with a writ to either bond with Spock or end the relationship.) (also in [[K/S CONnections) 2004)
  • The Road to Belonging by kira-nerys (Spockʼs fight for acceptance from childhood to the time of burning.)
  • Good Vibrations by Allie Benet Atwater (Kirk goes to a gay club on Argelius and is suprised by who he meets there.)
  • HMS Enterprise: A Space Opera by Gallimaufry (Pike is upset when Spock refuses Noguraʼs staff position, unaware the Vulcan is in love with one Lt. James Kirk.)
  • Never a Bride by Rae Trail (When Starfleet finds out Kirk and Spock are planning to official announce their bonding, they persuade the two to also marry Earth-style.)
  • Logical Heartache by Nadja Lee (Spock is forced to take a Vulcan female as a bondmate, even though he and Kirk are already bonded.)
  • Dare by J.S. Cavalcante (Spock finds Kirk yet again in trouble when he follows him down to a planet where Starfleet believes illegal weapons are being run into the Neutral Zone.)
  • Remember! by Rosemarie Heaton (Standing on the cliffs overlooking Sas-a-shar, Spock tries to grasp his forgotten memories after the fal-tor-pan.) (also in K/S CONnections 2004 con zine)
  • I Fell in Love with My First Officer by Gallimaufry (Kirk muses on his gradual falling in love with Spock.)
  • Night in the Apollo by Farfalla Caqui (Losing track of time, Kirk and Spock get stuck in a museum overnight.)
  • Watch with Lover by Anne Elliot (Just home from a training cruise, Spock enjoys a meal with his lover while watching the interview Kirk gave while he was away.) (also in K/S CONnections 2004 con zine)
  • I Know You're Out There Somewhere by Farfalla Caqui (After his death on Veridian III, Kirk finds his soul housed in the unusual of places.)
  • Chess Game by Syn Ferguson (Excerpt from “The Fire In Which We Burn,” an, as yet unpublished, longer work.)
  • Destiny by Elise Madrid (While at a carnival, Kirk humors Lori by going with her to see a fortune teller.)
  • Addiction by Anna S. Greener (On the night of his bonding, Spock remembers what was...and what was not.)
  • The Dark Distance by Dovya Blacque (Kirkʼs conversations with Spock on the observation deck are more than they appear.) (rewritten and reprinted in Thunder & Lightning)

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[zine]: I loved "The Dark Distance" especially—very atmospheric and unsettling, with the uncertainty about reality/vision. I'll look for more of Dovya Blacque's stories with anticipation. "Addiction" by Anna Greener—extremely visual. Touching and oddly believable. "Chess Game" by Syn Ferguson—loved this. Very engrossing and different. I'm not often a fan of timeline stories but in this case I'm really looking forward to seeing ―The Fire in Which We Burn‖. Let's hope it accretes ever more swiftly! "Watch with Lover" - a good take on our celebrity culture, though not for me one of Anne Elliott's funniest. "Remember" by Rosemarie Heaton - very moving. Short but beautiful. "Dare" by J S Cavalcante - really enjoyed it. Very hot indeed! The Tahrkeethi are memorable aliens. "Never a Bride" by Rae Trail. Beautifully done. I liked the dynamics of the Winona/Tadpole relationship, also the well observed picture of how difficult it can be to introduce a prospective partner to parents. I really liked the way that Winona wasn't set in stone but came round to seeing things differently. All in all, it was a good ensemble piece - lots of characters interacting, all very well done with exactly the right tone. [12]

Issue 26

front cover of issue #26 by Marianne Mueller -- One of many comments, see more below: "The covers of this splendid zine warmly wrap its pages in beauty, imagination and love. Kissing is my favorite thing for Kirk and Spock to do and these large close-ups of the two men certainly satisfy that hunger. The one in front is terrific. It captures a moment that will be in my mind for a long time. Spock has a ring on! I love that! His fingertips are touching a place on the underside of Kirk's face, tenderly. Kirk's hand cradles his lover's face and neck. We can tell they are embracing each other gently in prelude to some special loving Excellently executed, sensitively composed, and all in black and white which I love. The back cover seems to be after their lovemaking. Spock's expression as he gazes up at his bondmate is full of adoration. Kirk is drawn so perfectly we know he is worthy of his Vulcan's devotion. Satisfaction delineates their features, again in black and white. Then in the right hand lower corner they are clothed and depicted in color in their uniforms. Spock's arms are around Kirk's waist, Kirk's hand covering Spock's. Sigh...I could look at these covers all night and nearly did [13]
back cover of issue #26 by Marianne Mueller -- "Now this is an unusual piece, a combination of black and white and color art. The center panel shows head shots of Kirk and Spock before a rectangular background of space and stars, and that’s all in black and white. Then, to the bottom right corner, there is a color image of the two of them in their series uniforms, with Spock behind Kirk, clasping him around the waist. The blue and gold of the uniform tunics reproduced beautifully and look great on the zine. But I am left wondering if this is the original composition or if this is something Kathy and/or the artist put together after the fact? I like it, really nice. The better drawing is the black and white one, but the vivid color of the smaller piece really adds to the overall effect. Great choices! [14] "

T'hy'la 26 was published in April 2006 and contains 236 pages. It has front and back covers by Marianne Mueller and other art by T'Guess, Gamin Davis and Diegina.

  • Omega and Alpha by K'Chaps (Still mourning the death of Gary Mitchell, Kirk must learn to deal with Spock as his new first officer, while continuing on a personal quest at the same time.) (1)
  • Lost in Translation by Anne Elliot (After more than a year, Spock is at his witʼs end as to how to approach Kirk regarding his feelings for him—and Kirkʼs for him.) (37)
  • The Daredevil by Diegina (58)
  • Denial by CatalenaMara (59)
  • Sacramental Wine by J S Cavalcante (While on a diplomatic mission on Cygnet XIV, Spock finds himself alone, unclothed and literally in the woods after drinking Cygnian wine.) (60)
  • To Calm a Storm by Farfalla Caqui (74)
  • A Slight Difference by Daisy Moore (Uhuraʼs drawings of him and Kirk give Spock hope that the feelings he has for his captain are shared.) (77)
  • Giving Thanks by Khiori (Having finally thrown off the illness he acquired on Sarpeidon, Spock is determined to fulfill a personal tradition.) (91)
  • Meat Dreams by J S Cavalcante (Spockʼs physical desire for Kirk is forced to the surface by the dreams heʼs having after partaking of meat —and sex— on Sarpeidon.) (first published in No Greater Love) (97)
  • Miramanee by Kelly Reiger (124)
  • And Its Business Is Joy by Elise Madrid, xover with The Professionals, (appears in Orbital Resonance I, also published as a standalone novel in 2010 called And Its Business Is Joy (Thrown into the past by a mysterious storm, Kirk and Spockʼs relationship problems become secondary to finding a way back to their own time. Then they meet two extraordinary men.) (125)
  • The Trust by Kelly Reiger (162)
  • Equal Partners by Kelly Reiger (163)
  • Do Not Grieve by Kelly Reiger (164)
  • The Only Choice by Farfalla Caqui (Spock is given a choice from all the Kirk look-alikes Trelaine has collected from alternate universes, so that Trelaine can have the real thing.) (165)
  • Stardate: Monday by Farfalla Caqui (Kirk seems to have lost control of his emtions just as he is supposed to mediate a treaty between two colonies fighting over mineral rights.) (172)
  • Colorful Kite by Kelly Reiger (184)
  • A Light in the Darkness by Deborah Cummins, first published as gen in Lone Star Trek #3 in 1991 and reworked for this zine (winner of a 2007 FanQ) (Feeling like a third wheel after Spock invites him along on his and Kirkʼs shore leave, McCoy decides to return to town from their campsite — in the only means of transportation they have.) (185)

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[art: frontispiece by T'Guess]: Talk about the Vulcan form made divine, this is a supreme example of it. The flowing lines of the lean graceful body resonate with coiled energy. Even though Spock is in repose, I imagined him decked out on the deck of Kirk's cabin, waiting to come to life, to come up with arms out, welcoming his lover. It is what we don't see that makes this creation so beautiful. Spock is gorgeous, his body and strong thighs compelling, his hands so graceful...whew! Kirk is one lucky guy.[15]
[art: covers by Marianne Muller]: The covers of this splendid zine warmly wrap its pages in beauty, imagination and love. Kissing is my favorite thing for Kirk and Spock to do and these large close-ups of the two men certainly satisfy that hunger. The one in front is terrific. It captures a moment that will be in my mind for a long time. Spock has a ring on! I love that! His fingertips are touching a place on the underside of Kirk's face, tenderly. Kirk's hand cradles his lover's face and neck. We can tell they are embracing each other gently in prelude to some special loving. Excellently executed, sensitively composed, and all in black and white which I love. The back cover seems to be after their lovemaking. Spock's expression as he gazes up at his bondmate is full of adoration. Kirk is drawn so perfectly we know he is worthy of his Vulcan's devotion. Satisfaction delineates their features, again in black and white. Then in the right hand lower corner they are clothed and depicted in color in their uniforms. Spock's arms are around Kirk's waist, Kirk's hand covering Spock's. Sigh...I could look at these covers all night and nearly did. Kudos to Marianne! [15]
[front cover]: Another wonderful piece of art... This one portrays that most difficult of poses to draw, a kiss between Kirk and Spock. The lips joining are almost center page, which brings the focus right there, but then almost immediately one’s eye goes to the hands, which are so important in conveying the tone of any piece of artwork. Here both of Kirk’s hands are lovingly clasping Spock, and Spock has just one hand visible, his fingertips touching Kirk’s jawline.... Wait a minute! What’s this? Cunningly, Marianne has inserted a ring on Spock’s finger, the appropriate finger for a committed relationship, and so you’ve got to go look at Kirk’s finger.... And there it is. Suddenly the picture takes on an entirely different tone, and you’re left wondering: is this a special occasion? The wedding/bonding night perhaps? It doesn’t matter, because the tenderness is so obvious here. Especially in the gentle lines of Kirk’s lips and the look on his face.... I can certainly understand why Kathy put this picture on the cover! Great work, Marianne! [14]
[cover art and art opposite page 28 by Muller]: Kisses are very difficult to get right. Well, at least that‘s true in the world of art. I know. I‘ve tried with cgas, sometimes with hilarious results that none of you will ever see. But this one is exceptionally good. The kiss is very sweet and loving and full of promises. Both men‘s eyes are closed, savoring the moment, and their fingers are gracefully and tenderly paced on each other‘s faces. Kirk has one hand at the back of Spock‘s neck in a supportive position. The starry background shows us these lovers are where they most want to be...among the stars and in each other‘s arms. Another touch I liked and that is quite different is that both men are wearing wedding bands. I find that very endearing. [16]
[whole zine]: It was a dark and lonely night of the soul. Despair was so thick you could cut it with a knife. I reached out in desperation for something to hold onto, something that would lead me back to the realization that somewhere there was still a blissful, eternal love; still manifestations of human and vulcan forms, made divine; if only I opened my eyes and looked. I opened my eyes and looked. What I found was T'hy'la 26, a jewel of a zine whose life-nourishing stories and poems, its soul-stirring pieces of art brought me comfort in that night. Dramatic? I suppose so. But it's all true and I'm hoping that every person in our special fandom will be able to read and relish Kathy Resch's latest creation and experience it as I did, that it will prove exhilarating and beautiful as it was--and still is--for me. [15]

Issue 27

cover of issue #27, Marianne Muller -- "The heat is turned up in this scintillating addition to our galaxy of K/S artwork. A stunner that mines pure gold from an extraordinarily creative composition. I could feel a radiant sense of power flowing from this striking embodiment of our two mens' soulful connection. This is Spock listening in to his lover's thoughts, or he may be imparting some intimate piece of information vital for his Captain's command ability. Many interpretations come to mind. No pun. Spock's long, strong fingers are intimately touching the meld points on Kirk's golden temple. And Kirk is letting it happen, his own strong fingers curled around those of the only being he would ever allow to touch him like this. It is so thrilling! And Kirk's eyes! He seems to be listening, all senses on red alert. This artist has captured his consciousness in their expression, it is *that* beautiful. In the background is our beloved ship and a planet behind that; the coloring is sumptuous. But the glory is in the overall effect of our heroes, the flashing stars and colors of them that bring a flair to a familiar theme, one we all hold dear to our hearts. I simply fell in love with this composition and felt awe and gratitude that Ms. Mueller has given so freely of herself in the two zines I had the privilege of reading this year." [17]

T'hy'la 27 was published in May 2007 and contains 219 pages.

Note from the table of contents page:"WARNINGS: Some people love them, some people hate them. If you are interested in seeing if there are warnings for any of the stories, go to the paragraph on back issues on page 218. The information won't be in bold or set apart in any way."

It has stories, poetry and artwork by Addison Reed, Starshadow, Deborah Cummins, Islaofhope, Farfalla Caqui, Ivy, Marianne Mueller (color cover) and T'Guess.

  • Love's Obsession by Erin Tooley (Kirk is still angry with Spock over his questioning of his obsession with the cloud creature when they beam down with a landing party to explore a newly found planet and find themselves stranded on during an ion storm.) (1)
  • No Price Too High by Khiori (While on shore leave, Spock contacts Kirk from the hospital where he was admitted, beaten up but with no memory of how he got that way.) (20)
  • Spirit Lights by Addison Reed (Out camping in the woods, Kirk tells Spock a ghost story.) (32)
  • Protector of Logic by Farfalla Caquí (Kirk is going to the shipʼs costume party as Alexander the Great, and wants Spock to go as Hephaiston.) (37)
  • Body Heat by Ariadne (When a fissure opens up under them during a battle, Kirk and Spock find themselves in some sort of underground cavern.) (also in K/S CONnections 2004 con zine) (42)
  • Incident in Sickbay by Starshadow (Injured and unconscious after being caught in an explosion, Kirk and Spockʼs minds are joined as they contemplate their past and their still undetermined future.) (48)
  • Michael's Trespass by Dale (Kirk wakes from unconsciousness believing himself to be a man from the 20th century — and that Spock is his lover, Anton. This story is something of a crossover with The Man from U.N.C.L.E.) (Note: a version of this story was originally posted online.) (51)
  • Madman of Lesath II by Deborah Cummins (winner of a 2008 FanQ) (Kirk and Spock have been bonded for only six months when Spock is mentally attacked and possessed by an insanely evil alien.) (Note: a gen version of this story was originally published in Voyages #1 in 1986. [18]) (55)
  • Broken Strings by Kimberly FDR (GEN - Post TWOK) (126)
  • Walking on Broken Glass by Islaofhope (After VʼGer, Spock says he still loves Kirk but refuses to take him as his lover again because he believes, no matter what Kirk says, that Kirk does not love him—and he will go to any lengths to continue his self-deception.) (131)
  • Lost by Istannor (The planet of Quiroz wishes to give up its relationship with the Orions and join the Federation and ask that Admiral Kirk and the Enterprise be sent to begin negotiations.) (183)
  • Golden is the Spirit (Solome meets K/S), long poem by Farfalla Caquí (Note: originally posted online.) (216)

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[zine]: For me, there were two stand-out stories in this zine that linger in the mind - not that I didn't enjoy the others though. The first was ―Madman of Lesoth II‖ by Deborah Cummins. I couldn't put this down and read until 1.30 am to finish it. Normally I like my stories a bit happier but this was gripping. It felt utterly right at the end that there was no "easy fix" to make everything better again, which can be a real danger in h/c type stories. Beautifully written, everything so clearly visualised, and such a convincing madman with just enough back story to make him believable. I wonder if the author is planning to write her version of what happens when Spock leaves Gol? But probably not, as the footnote says that a gen version of the story was published in the early 1990s. The second stand-out tale was Istannor's "Lost". An intriguing plot. I loved reading every minute of it. [19]
[art by I.M. Mueller]: Oh, this is nice! Kirk and Spock replete with satisfaction on a beach at sunset. Since any beach anywhere is one of my favorite places to be, I can easily relate to this scene. Kirk‘s eyes are closed, one hand encircling Spock‘s back, the other under Spock‘s tenderly enclosing the family jewels. Looks like Jim Kirk finally found his beach to walk on. Nicely executed with a loving gentle mood. Thanks, Marianne. [20]
[Frontispiece by T'Guess]: ieeeee!!! Careful where you open this one! Here is a gorgeous, typically moody, image of Spock in sepia tones. He‘s in a very relaxed pose among pillows and sheets with oblique lighting coming from the top corner, throwing his body in shadow. But not too much shadow! The chest hair so many of you adore is very evident if your eyes can manage to linger there. Mine didn‘t. My eyes followed Spock‘s arm down to his graceful, sensitive fingers, which are cradling a most magnificent symbol of Vulcan manhood at full arousal. Whew!! It‘s hard (difficult, that is) to bring my eyes back to his face, which has a curiously distracted expression. Perhaps Kirk is running late for a planned rendezvous? Or could it be a most realistic fantasy? I prefer to believe Kirk is close by. Either way, it‘s a striking image of our favorite Vulcan! [21]

Issue 28

cover of issue #28 by T'Guess

T'hy'la 28 was published in May 2009 and contains 131 pages.

The front cover is by T'Guess. T'Guess also created "Desert of Rain" frontispiece; title illustration for "The Rover." Diegina created the endpiece. Ivy created "Morning Coffee" and "Triptych." Other art is by Helen and Virginia Sky.

  • A Shadow from the Past by Deborah Cummins. (Dr Cynthia Jackson and James T Kirk shared a brief fling while the Enterprise was at a starbase for repairs three years before. She has obsessed about him ever since then. Now that she has been assigned to the Enterprise, she's convinced there's only one obstacle between her and Kirk: Spock. Excerpt: Fists clenched so tightly her nails nearly broke the skin, Jackson watched the door slide shut, a ferocious rage growing in her chest. She hadn't spent countless nights dreaming about James Kirk, traveled halfway across the galaxy to find him again, only to give the man up so easily. And to a filthy alien no less. There was no way she was going to let that happen. No way in hell." An earlier version of "A Shadow From The Past" was originally published in the zine "Daring Attempt" # 9 in 1987.) (1)
  • A Yeoman's Tale by Anne Elliot. (Kirk's new yeoman is behaving in a very suspicious manner. Excerpt: Spock considered for a moment. "What does he do, precisely?" "Precisely? Well, he is often in here when I'm not sure he should be. He always has an excuse, but somehow I'm just not convinced. When I do find him here he's often in the entrance to the sleeping area, as if he were just coming out…or going in. Sometimes he's actually in the sleeping area, although he usually says something about sorting out my spare uniforms or checking something in my cabin. And he always looks… furtive." "A Yeoman's Tale" was originally published in the KisMet 2005 convention zine.) (29)
  • Gender Specific by Connie Gellen (43)
  • Yet in the Darkness by Khiori. (A vignette set during "Operation: Annihilate".) (67)
  • Homecoming by Ariadne. A "Mirror Mirror" story. (After his return to his own universe, Mirror Kirk spies on Spock using the Tantalus device...) (69)
  • Wounds That Bind by K'Chaps. (After Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Kirk and Spock struggle to make sense of the events and find a new path. "Wounds That Bind" is a new version of a story which previously appeared on the internet.) (73)
  • The Rover by Greywolf the Wanderer. (In this AU, Kirk has been expelled from the Academy for cheating on the Kobayashi Maru and Sarek has blocked Spock's entry into Starfleet, so they're both thrown on their own resources. Excerpt: He was exquisite, poetry in motion: tall and slim, with black hair and eyes and olive skin. He'd let his hair grow some, compared to the other male Vulcans I've met-he kept having to brush it out of his eyes. On one side he'd tucked it behind a gracefully pointed ear, almost as if to say "Yeah, I'm a Vulcan-so what?"...Above the jeans he wore a long-sleeved black turtleneck and a battered black denim vest with a couple of vertical lines of some kind of alien calligraphy on the back-not quite Arabic, but something like that. For all I could tell, it might have been Vulcan for "rent boy." It seemed pretty obvious that was his gig, although I'd never seen a Vulcan rent boy before. Hell, since the day I got kicked out of StarFleet Academy for "cheating" on the Kobayashi Maru, I hadn't seen any Vulcans at all.") (93)

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Art and Poetry by T'Guess Spock is walking through the desert at Gol at sunset. It is about to rain. Naturally he is alone as he has been throughout much of his life. Filled with regret that he has chosen “duty over desire”, he finally realizes he has picked the wrong path.

Kirk’s name is never mentioned, but then it doesn’t have to be. His presence in Spock’s life and in this poem is there from beginning to end. The last two lines brought a lump to my throat. The poem is accompanied by a cga of Spock in a monk’s cowl. He appears mysterious and so sad. The desert monoliths of his home world rise up into the darkening sky and threaten to overwhelm him. I want to tell him to hang on; Veger is coming!

Both are beautiful pieces, crafted with care and love. Well done, T’Guess.[22]

Issue 29

cover by Lorraine Brevig -- "This cover picture caused a sensation at the last KiScon, where I was one of many people who purchased a print, and where the original drawing was auctioned off in a frenzied bidding war. This is a gorgeous, intimate picture of Kirk and Spock clasping each other‘s hands and gazing intently into each other‘s eyes. The colors are so vivid, and both Spock and Kirk are so well drawn. When I first saw this at KiScon, I thought it was a CGA someone had played around with to make it look like a hand drawn picture, because Spock and especially Kirk are so life like. Then I realized it actually was a drawing by an amazingly talented artist. I‘m so glad Lorraine is creating K/S art for our fandom!" [23]

"Since a print of 'Reaching Out' hangs on the wall directly behind my computer monitor I should be able to, by now, find the words to describe it. First of all, Ms. Brevig is a remarkable artist who has the ability to capture the most realistic images on canvas I‘ve ever seen. Is it possible they look more like the characters than an actual photo? As Kirk and Spock gaze into each other‘s eyes with an intensity seldom captured, you wonder what it is that holds them in its grip. Is it a heartfelt confession of long denied love? Is one of them sending the other into harm‘s way? The way their hands are entwined and their eyes are locked together, it tells me these are two men who cannot live without each other, whose souls are as entangled as their fingers and their lives. It is as if the artist has some intimate knowledge of them, combined, thankfully, with the ability to capture and share it with all of us. Many thanks to the editor for making sure the print paper and quality was equal to the piece. To have offered less would have been criminal." [24]

T'hy'la 29 was published in July 2009 and contains 142 pages. Lorraine Brevig - Cover. Additional art by Blacklily, Helen, and Ivy. Poetry by by Starshadow.

  • Confessions in the Dark by Addison Reed. Kirk was anticipating an enjoyable visit with his mother, but Winona is strangely distracted, and he and Spock become quickly aware Winona's become involved in a political movement which poses danger to both of them.
"Spock, it's…difficult for me to explain, but I owe you nothing less than the truth." He closed his eyes because it was always easier to confess in the dark. "I just don't seem to be able to step back from this, to see it from a distance. It's like someone is hacking away at…at who and what I am…at what we are to each other. I'd rather die than lose you." He looked up, something akin to fear showing in his changeling eyes. "So why am I behaving like such a damned coward?" (1)
  • That Voice by Khiori. A hurt/comfort vignette. (29)
  • An Interesting Past by Allie Benet Atwater. Kirk is stunned to find out that his lover Spock has had "an interesting past" - and asks for details... (31)
Kirk squinted and leaned down over Spock to be certain his eyes weren't playing tricks on him. "What the-? Is that woman topless?!" He didn't realize he was crushing Spock against the desk, his nose now almost against the inadequately small viewscreen. "WOW! She's got nice-Hey! You're looking at a half-naked-Who-who-the-hell is she?" The display of luscious feminine charms was certainly an improvement over the deadly-dull quarterly reports he had been expecting. Still, the green-eyed monster had reared his ugly head almost immediately. Spock had only recently revealed-rather vaguely-that he had acquired an interesting 'past' in the last 'year or so' and the intimate pics certainly confirmed it.
  • Another Trip to Babel by Mary Kay. Illustrated by Blacklily. An intense hurt/comfort story. Kirk is kidnapped by a hostile alien race, and Spock must do everything in his power to rescue him. (43)
Spock worked at keeping his voice and face neutral. "I am Commander Spock. I wish to speak with you regarding the release of our Captain." Gr'tl smiled, baring his teeth. "We can do that. All we ask in exchange for your captain is you give over Ambassador Sarek." "That will not be possible." Spock countered. "That is too bad. You see this offer will be taken off the table very soon as I do not think your captain is going to be alive for much longer." Gr'tl sat back, satisfied. "Here, let me show you what I mean." The screen changed to show Kirk leaning against a wall, struggling to breathe.
  • Balance by Amanda Warrington. Spock notices Kirk keeps gets erections during times of danger - and wonders if Kirk is deliberately seeking these situations out. But appearances can be deceiving...
"It has been my observation, Jim, that at times you appear to take unnecessary risks." There had been no preamble, nor any prior discussion that would likely prompt such a remark and he did not disguise his surprise at the sudden introduction of the subject. I had anticipated he may have attempted to prevaricate by requesting a definition of and debating the word, 'unnecessary'. However he was more direct. "Name me one time," he challenged. (93)
  • Forever, poem by Starshadow (130)

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[art]: Between pages 60 and 61 there‘s a picture made especially to illustrate a gripping scene in "Another Trip to Babel". My mind was furnishing something of a picture of what Spock and Sarek were seeing on the viewscreen, but it is even better to see it depicted in dark, muted colors. It isn‘t easy to manipulate a picture this much, to show the extent of Kirk‘s injuries so convincingly, but Blacklily has managed it very well. It shows lots of thought – fully colored it would have been too glaring, in black & white it might have lost some of the effect, but with the barest hint of color that she‘s used it conveys perfectly the somber moment.

Here we are again alongside page 70. Another image painted by computer, this one showing Kirk in intensive care, with Spock helplessly pressing his hand against the glass. There are ragged edges to the picture, almost as ragged as the emotions being depicted. Again the use of darkness to convey the mood is very well done. Truly a picture worth a thousand words.

I want to see more from Blacklily! [24]
[cover] Stunningly realistic rendition of Kirk and Spock looking into each other's eyes and clutching each other's hands, color oil. You can see despair on Jim's face and intensity on Spock's. Both the final painting and a draft are included, which is so cool. [25]

Issue 30

front cover by Lorraine Brevig -- "This woman is a fantastic artist. I‘m so glad she has started creating art for our fandom! These covers are not K/S like some others of hers, but are wonderful color portraits of Kirk and Spock from the TOS era that are amazingly realistic." [26]

"Surely everyone has heard of this fantastic new artist in our fandom by now. If you were wondering what all the fuss is about, these covers explain why. The Kirk (on the front) and Spock (on the back) have to be among the very best head shots that exist in more than thirty years of some fantastic Star Trek art. And in color! Every shadow, every highlight, every nuance of those captivating hazel and deep chocolate brown eyes, the fierce intelligence that shines from the magnetic personal auras of a starship captain and his half Vulcan first officer are captured for our perusal. And believe me, my perusal was intense. (The last time I spent so long just staring at covers was Shelley‘s gorgeous work for the contest zine— FT 54.) At $15 per color print, you can‘t afford not to have these in your collection. Contact Lorraine... and get a set for yourself. Let‘s put our money where our mouths are to show this artist we want more!" [26]
back cover of issue #30, Lorraine Brevig

T'hy'la 30 was published in July 2009 and contains 152 pages. Cover Art by Lorraine Brevig Other Art by Blacklily, Greywolf the Wanderer, Ivy, and Liz. Poetry by Elenadia

  • Apsides by Jack Hawksmoor. Badly injured during a mission gone wrong, Spock struggles for survival, unknowingly breaching a boundary he never thought to cross. ("Good to have you back, Mr. Spock," his captain said in his warmest voice. "It hasn't been the same without you." Kirk's tone was light and gentle. To Spock's shame, he found himself thoroughly comforted by it. Spock gritted his teeth and slowly turned his head toward Kirk's voice. The movement of his head shifted something unpleasant under his ribs, and he froze with a choking sound. Kirk stiffened, looking alarmed. "Easy!" he urged. "You've had a rough couple of days." "Days," Spock rasped. He quashed anything resembling alarm. He had responsibilities. "The landing party?") (1)
  • For Today by Kembas. Spock is going into pon farr just as the Enterprise faces a dangerous mission on a planet were Federation citizens are targeted for violence. That's just the beginning of this wonderfully complex tale. ("After a moment Spock began again, his voice steadier. "Twenty months ago, I made a serious error in not promptly speaking to you of a problem that would have allowed you to make informed decisions. I do not want to repeat that mistake." "Twenty months ago," Kirk repeated. He struggled to place the timing reference, his memory marked by the sequence of mission assignments rather than the ship's calendar. "Yes, Jim." Kirk watched as Spock dropped his arms to grasp the sides of the seat of his chair. He found he did not like this hunched over posture at all. "I had requested leave on Vulcan.") (18)
  • Of Duty and Honor by Khiori (75)
  • Rekindling Fire by Jenna Sinclair. What happens to Kirk and Spock after the events of Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Also available at ksarchive.com ("For those first few seconds before he saw me, I felt as if I had stepped into a turbolift on the topmost floor of Starfleet headquarters and that it had plummeted straight down to the ground. Free-fall: my stomach, my head, my wildly pulsing emotions. I swallowed heavily. As much as I want to see you, I'm not prepared to see you, not and live up to my foolish, impossible promises. All the yearning I had thought I had successfully overcome instead overwhelmed me, and I plunged towards sure destruction. Could old lovers be good friends? Not a chance. Damn. Damn it. Damn, it was wonderful to see him.") (90)
  • This is What Love Is by Nadja Lee. A post fal-tor-pan story. Kirk must come to terms with the changes in Spock's personality. ("I shall do so," he replies, a satisfied gleam in his eyes as he returns to his terminal. I am halfway down the hallway when he yells after me. "Shall we play chess tonight, Jim?" The voice…. So like it was. If I don't turn around, if I stay frozen in this moment…I will be back. Before all this happened. Before…. I scowl; I should be thankful for what I have and not drown in self-pity. I turn around and at his open expression I cannot help but feel my eyes light up; he is here with me. What more do I want?") (135)
  • Blink by BlueVelvetSpock. Illustrated by Blacklily. In the Nexus, is there any way to determine illusion from reality? ("The link had never been part of his conscious mind, unnoticed until it was gone, snapped with the disappearance of the bulkhead on the "B". He and Spock had been masters of unspoken conversation and he had marveled over the years at their ability to commune with a glance, a touch, a raised eyebrow. Words hadn't seemed necessary and things left unsaid were tacitly understood by both. They had spent their entire adult lives together bound by assumptions. He had taken his life with Spock for granted. He understood now that the phrase 'all the time in the world' was the cruelest fantasy of them all.") (139)
  • No Need, poem by Elenadia (153)

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[art]: Front and Back Covers, by Lorraine Brevig: This woman is a fantastic artist. I‘m so glad she has started creating art for our fandom! These covers are not K/S like some others of hers, but are wonderful color portraits of Kirk and Spock from the TOS era that are amazingly realistic.

Frontispiece by Liz: This is a beautiful photomanip, with the focus on Spock after Amok Time as he thinks about Kirk and what happened on Vulcan. I loved how Liz has a picture of Kirk and Spock fighting on the sand with Spock on top, then below it we see another picture of them fighting on the sand, but it‘s been cleverly altered by Liz so that now they are naked! This is a very creative composition.

Endpiece – Greywolf: Who knew Greywolf could draw? This is a pencil drawing of a naked Kirk and Spock sitting on a couch as they are making love. There are nice details in the background – looks like they are having fun on shoreleave!

Blacklily: Blacklily‘s CGA‘s are perfect accompaniments to the story 'Blink' in this zine. The first one shows Kirk in his red uniform seated at a chess table with Spock, who is wearing his blue TOS uniform. The second one is a picture of Kirk on horseback with a picture of the older Spock from TNG episode Unification superimposed. The last one is beautiful picture of a sleeping Spock. I enjoyed these a lot and thought they enhanced the story.

Ivy: Between pages 86 & 87 – A nice CGA showing Kirk‘s concern over Spock, who was injured due to Kirk‘s actions in 'Of Duty and Honor'. Between pages 134 & 135 – This photomanip is a beautiful selection of shots of Kirk and Spock that accompany the words 'Strength', 'Love' and 'Compassion', qualities both Kirk and Spock have in abundance. Between pages 138 & 139 – A CGA of Kirk and Spock on the bridge, with Kirk looking very amused by his Vulcan officer. I like the effect Ivy achieved here. The original screencapture has been softened and some of the colors blurred, so the picture almost looks like a painting. Really nice work. [26]


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