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Title: Side by Side
Publisher: Lady Kardasi Productions
Date(s): 2001-2007
Medium: e-zine
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Side by Side was a bi-monthly slash K/S e-zine anthology that ran to 23 issues, plus seven special editions, between 2001 and 2007, hosted at In May 2019, it was announced that Side by Side would be moving to the Archive of Our Own as an Open Doors Project[1].


With the success of the Kirk/Spock Online Fest (KSOF) in 2000, it became apparent that as well as readers, the number of K/S writers now online had reached some critical mass that a K/S only fiction library could be viable and utile. In July 2001 Kira—the instigator of the KSOF—Web published what she called a Kirk/Spock zine, Side by Side, to mixed reactions. Free of the text-only restrictions of the newsgroups, it could contain art! For some it was exactly what they wanted, gripping Kirk/Spock drama, illustrated, collected, attractively formatted in a stable location. And free!

For others just calling it a zine—when a zine should be a precious thing to hold in one’s hand and treasure—was absurd. Adding to this, while there was a stated requirement for stories to be beta- read—edited by an outside person—it was not enforced. Once submitted, stories were not edited by Side by Side, and freed from the financial and physical restraints of paper publishing, pretty much anything fitting the Kirk/Spock relationship content criteria was accepted. Kira says, “My enthusiasm for K/S was the enthusiasm of a newbie (relatively speaking anyway when it comes to the print zine world) and I didn’t care. I just thought, ‘Hey, I love K/S; I wanna make a zine/fest whatever.’ I walked in where angels might have feared to tread. It was slow going at first though to get people to submit. “I didn’t talk much with other zine people before starting it. Honestly, the thought didn’t really occur to me. Jenna and Dot Laoang were the only ones. They were both very supportive; Dot was the one who came up with the title. “I did it because I felt that zines were so expensive, especially for us non-Americans due to postage fees, since most zines are produced there—or were back then anyway—that I wanted an alternative to it. Regularly published K/S would be nice. “Later, I’ve understood that it might have been a bit ballsy to do what I did, but that’s okay.” Apparently other people thought so too. After six years, Side by Side is over issue number 20, including several more rounds of a Kirk/Spock Festival.

In many ways, Kira was a leader in developing a Kirk/Spock corner of the Internet. While, by this time, several K/S authors had bought Web space to self-publish their own stories, Kira used her own domain——not only for her own writing, but also to host and give more visibility to the fiction of other K/S authors as well as adding reviews, recommendations, commentary, and links to other parts of the larger Kirk/Spock community. In addition to publishing Side by Side and all the KSOF stories on her own space, in 2002 she also started up the first Slash Advent Calendar ( which included a daily K/S or pre-K/S piece. The calendar has been run annually through the time of publication, though some years did not include a Kirk/Spock story for every day. [2]
In 2004, Kira said:
SBS is pretty personal to me. It was fun when it started, and it still is. Sometimes it's a struggle getting enough submissions, but it's always such a pleasure putting it online, knowing there are lots of people around who enjoy reading the stories and viewing the art. But if one day I feel that I don't want to keep running it anymore, I think I could probably pass it on to someone else who shares my love for the boys. I do enjoy running SBS though, so I don't see that happening any time soon - unless real life gets way too demanding to keep it up.

Asking for Submissions

From a February issue of the letterzine The K/S Press in which the editor asks for submissions:
Have you ever been published online? Would you like to be, but have been to busy, or not knowledgeable enough to create your own website? Well, this is the place to do it. 'Side By Side' is now accepting old print zine stories, from zines that have either gone out of print, or where the exclusivity period is up. Do you have an old story collecting dust instead of being read by other K/S-ers, this is the place to send it... As of now, I only accept electronic submissions. Stories are to be exclusive to 'Side by Side' online for a period of TWO months. After that you can publish your stories anywhere else online that you see fit.

Website Lost

An administrative oversight meant the domain name for the website was not re-registered and was sold by the domain registration company to a third party,[3] rendering the site unavailable. While a suitable alternative is found, the e-zine can still be accessed at[4]

Side by Side Anthem

Oh, we ain't got a barrel of credits,
And maybe we need a few edits,
But we'll travel the sky Happy as pi,
Side by side!
Through all kinds of space storms,
Maybe the stars will fall,
But as long as we're together,
It doesn't matter at all.
When they've all had their quarrels and parted,
We'll be the same as we started,
Just traveling along,
Singing a song, Side by side!
(written by Dot L.)
cover of issue #1

Issue 1

Side by Side 1 was published in September/October 2001. A copy of issue #1 is archived here.

  • Abandoned by kira-nerys. Kirk tries to deal with the realization that Spock is really gone.
  • A Place for Me by Morgan LeFey. Kirk attempts to come to terms with changes in his friend (following the events described in Barbara Hambly’s pro-fic novel Ishmael).
  • Can't Seduce Him by Saavant. McCoy bets Spock he can’t seduce Kirk. Just a silly little thing in response to Kira-nerys’s first-line challenge.
  • A Violent Past by Saavant. Spock’s third pon farr is approaching, and he cannot forgive himself for things he has previously done in his Time.
  • In Check by K'Sal. Kirk finds it necessary to deploy his logic. This story is an answer to Kira's kiss challenge. Spock would argue that it fulfills both requirements; if anyone would like to split hairs with the Vulcan - be my guest.
  • Kisses Sweeter Than Wine by EmGee. “First Kiss on a Part of the Body Other Than the Lips” Challenge.
  • Points of Interest by Saavant. Spock has sexy ears. Kirk is obsessed. Answer to kira-nerys’s First Kiss challenge (Robin’s variation on it, actually) and her “You’re not supposed to want to make love to your first officer” challenge.
  • ART:
    • AT THE SAME TIME (K/S) (NC17) b/w, computer drawing, pencil, by Saavant
    • FASCINATING (SPOCK) (G) color, drawing, pencil, by MadBadAndQ
    • I NEED YOU (K/S) (PG) b/w, computer drawng, pencil, by Saavant
    • KISS ME HARD (K/S) (R) b/w, computer drawing, pencil, by Saavant
    • REMEMBERING YOUR NAME (K/S) (G) b/w, computer drawing, pencil, by Saavant
    • SLEEPING (K/S) (R) b/w, computer composite, by Killashandra

Issue 2

cover of issue #2, Ingela

Side by Side 2 was published in November/December 2001.

  • Sunlight by Jenna Hilary Sinclair. (previously posted on the KirkLovesSpockFic list) Some interaction between three friends. "This is only the second piece of K/S fiction I have ever posted online. The first was my story for the Kirk/Spock Online Festival. I write for zines and don't typically do this, but.... Well, as someone I love would say, the cause was sufficient.")
  • Alternate Words by Liz Woledge. Spock shows Kirk that he knows how to talk dirty ...
  • If You Move by Saavant. Challenge reply to kira-nerys' challenge "Start a story with the words "If you move, I'll come" and have Spock be the one to say it."
  • Holding Hands by Saavant. Vulcan sexual customs have some compatibility issues with human ones. Reply to kira-nerys' "Weird Vulcan Sex challenge." "No violence, but someone gets a small injury. Involves a set of Vulcan genitals that differ from the big green double-ridged norm."
  • Move by EmGee. Kirk is moved by Spock's love-making Reply to kira-nerys' "If you move, I'll Come" challenge
  • On the Brink by Jenna Hilary Sinclair. Kirk has taken that first big step: he's asked Spock if he would be interested in an intimate relationship. But Spock's not even sure that he can react in a human manner when it comes to sexuality. He needs some time to think about it.
  • Spock's Journal, Part 1 Story and photos by T'Guess. His body wouldn't respond. He had lost sovereignty over his actions. Waves of pleasure and pain alternated, locked in a battle for dominion over his mind. It was unbearable. He was fragmented, vanquished, disintegrating, spiraling down into an abyss of despair. The harder he sought to climax, the more his body denied him the pleasure. He was no longer Spock, only hot sex ramming itself again and again...
  • Touch by J S Cavalcante. An answer to the "He's gay, Jim" challenge on ASCEM.
  • ART
    • ASHAYA (K/S) (R) b/w, computer drawing, pencil, by Saavant
    • COMFORT (K/S) (R) b/w, computer rendering, by Virginia Sky
    • WATERFALL (K/S) (NC17) b/w, computer rendering, by Ingela
    • SOMETHING BETTER TO DO (K/S) (R) humor, ink-cartoon, by Dread Naught
    • SERVICES RENDERED (K/S) (R) humor, ink-cartoon, by Dread Naught
    • I'M OVER HERE (K/S) (R) humor, ink-cartoon, by Dread Naught
    • RELIEF (K/S) (R) humor, ink-cartoon, by Dread Naught

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 2

See reactions and reviews for Touch.

Issue 3

Side by Side 3 January/February 2002. A copy was archived here, but is sadly now offline.

  • Spock's Journal Part Two Story and pictures by T'Guess
  • Kaiidth, Part 1, story and pictures by T'Guess
  • Breath of Life by kira-nerys (previously published in the printed KiScon Zine of 2001, published by Jenna Sinclair) (slightly revised). Far off in the distance I could hear the phaserfire, and the screams from people dying. I knew I should have been there, helping my crew get back to safety, but without Spock at my side it wouldn't matter.
  • Heart over Mind by Cait N.. It would have been nice to forget that the night ever happened, only it gave me a taste of freedom that I'd never known before.
  • At the YMCA by Hypatia Kosh. Gay SM locker-room fun with S & K

Issue 4

cover of issue #4, kera-nerys

Side by Side 4 was published March/April 2002.

  • Another Country Beckons By Rae Trail. A starship captain discovers that his subconscious mind has been busily courting while his conscious mind runs his ship.
  • Flash by Cait N. PWP, Kirk has a little surprise for Spock.
  • Kaiidth, Part 2 by T'Guess
  • Tell Spock... by kira-nerys. Kirk's dying moment brings thoughts about the things he wished he had done before he died.
  • ART: three illos by Saavant

Issue 5

cover of issue #5, kera-nerys

Side by Side 5 was published May/June 2002.

Special Edition 1

cover of special edition #1, kera-nerys

Side by Side Special Edition 1 was published June 2002.

"This issue (Special edition June 2002) of SBS is unique in the way that all contributions may be posted elsewhere on the Internet immediately. This is because they are part of the KSOF 2002 and does not apply to regular editions of the ezine."

  • Before the Dawn by kira-nerys. When apart, Spock and Kirk are finally realizing what's truly in their hearts.
  • The End of the Game by Lady Charena. An undetected visitor tells us about Jim and Spock - and the end of the game...
  • Inside by Menolly. An alien being inhabits Spock (unknown to anyone else) and breaks down his internal resistance to desire.
  • I Was JT's Love Slave by K1of7. Jim challenges T'Pring (or another Vulcan mate) to fight over Spock. Spock doesn't know this and is surprised to find Kirk in his bed later. What will happen?
  • Moonlight and Roses by Ketsu Rei. Spock is agonizing over going to Gol - purging all emotions - or telling Kirk the truth. But this time, instead of going off to go through the Kolinahr, he stays with Kirk and tells him that he loves him. What happens next?
  • The Summons by T'Lin of Vulcan. T'Pau summons Spock to Vulcan for a proper Vulcan marriage so he can give his clan their long overdue heirs. But marriage would mean that Spock would have to leave the fleet. How does Kirk react to that?
  • Sunrise Version 1 by Francesca. The boys talk.
  • Sunrise Version 2 by Francesca. The boys talk.
  • What the Heart Remembers by Killa. Saving the world is all in a day's work, but can heroes ever really go home again?
  • Gol Beckons by kira-nerys. When Spock is at Gol, he dreams of Kirk.
  • ART

Issue 6

cover of issue #6
cartoon from issue #6, "Exhausted" by The Fek'lhr, NC17-rated Spock (initially made by kira-nerys' husband to the Spock-fuh-q-Fest of 2000)

Side by Side 6 was published July/August 2002. The fiction is archive here.

  • Skinning Cats by Downdilly. Droxine drops a drug into Spock's drink and he starts becoming more responsive or passively receptive to her advances, and Kirk catches them.
  • The Voice of Vulcan by Acidqueen. The Captain of a starship needs a personal bodyguard and decides to buy a Vulcan. They become friends and more...
  • For a Higher Pleasure by Misty Waters. Kirk and Spock are imprisoned in a dungeon, and this time there’s no way out. They explore each other as well as their own souls as they fight to escape.
  • The Visit by T'Lin. Spock has returned to Vulcan to take a wife. Depressed and alone at his cabin on Alpha Centauri, Kirk reflects on his future without the ENTERPRISE, or Spock. The sudden, and unexpected arrival of Spock and his betrothed give Kirk hope that the future may not be as bleak as he feared.
  • In My Arms by Misty Waters. What if Kirk had gone to Spock's quarters instead of Yeoman Rand's in the episode "Enemy Within"?
  • Fair Seducer by Hypatia Kosh. When Spock can't decide whether to take him or leave him, Kirk decides to up the incentive.
  • The Ebony Cage by Seleya O'Brien. Just after Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, Kirk is dealing with Spock's death.
  • Runzani by Francesca Vitale. Jim and Spock have to pretend to be married while on a mission
  • The Bond We Share By Seleya O'Brien. Kirk to Spock
  • ART (now offline)
    • PHOTOMANIPULATIONS - The Way We Were by Helen, G-rated, Kirk/Spock
      • Whiplash Injuries by The Fek'lhr , R-rated Kirk/Spock
      • Exhausted by The Fek'lhr, NC17-rated Spock (These were initially made by kira-nerys' husband to the Spock-fuh-q-Fest of 2000)
      • The Marriage Proposal by Misty Waters, G-rated, Kirk/Spock, Amanda, Sarek (part of the Art challenge response for the first wave of KSOF-2002. Spock asks his parents for permission to marry Kirk. What does the ceremony look like?)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 6

See reactions and reviews for Skinning Cats.

Special Issue 2

cover of special issue #2

Side by Side Special Edition 2 was published Aug/Oct 2002 .

  • Sleeping Beauty by AcidQueen. Kirk and Spock fall down into a cave... amnesia... first time... death... and all the other typical stuff.
  • Hair of the Dog by PhyshNorFowl
  • The Slave by Menolly. First wave KSOF 2002 challenge: Kirk is a slave-owner and buys Spock.
  • Targets by Dread Nought. Sequel to "Arrows" from the KSOF 2000
  • Checkmate by T'Guess. Be careful what you wish for!
  • Cocoon by Dread Nought. Spock's fingers dug into the sensitive flesh of Jim's shoulder, and his world went instantly black.
  • My Own Worst Enemy by Ketsu Rei. Spock's fingers dug into the sensitive flesh of Jim's shoulder, and his world went instantly black.
  • Ultimate Submission by T'Lin. Spock's fingers dug into the sensitive flesh of Jim's shoulder, and his world went instantly black.
  • art by by kira-nerys, Misty Waters and Farfalla

Issue 7

cover of issue #7
art for issue #7, Helen

Side by Side 7 was published November/December 2002.

  • Mindgames by Ra ("SUMMARY: Kirk goes to Amanda for some advice, trying to understand what's gone wrong between him and Spock. Happy ending, I promise!")
  • Through the Looking Glass by Ra (" SUMMARY: On another run to Halka, in the middle of yet another coincidental ion storm, the two Spocks switch universes. Happy ending, with our universe Spock and Kirk together. NOTES: Set about a year after Mirror, Mirror. And this story is not intended to be knocking BDSM. It's just how the story turned out. <G>")
  • Fear Not, My Jim, by Hypatia Kosh ("Notes: Um, pretend that "kalifee" rhymes with "Toffifee" ("Toffifay" in the USA) for purposes of this poem.")
  • Double Dream by Farfalla
  • Star Fever and Universal Delight by Kari Masoner ("Notes: Sea Fever by John Masefield is one of my favorite poems... and such leant itself well to my 'version.' Sea Fever, of course, is the poem that Kirk quoted in The Ultimate Fever... All I ask is a tall ship... and a star to steer by...")
  • art, by kira-nerys and Helen

Issue 8

Side by Side 8 was published in January/February/March 2003.

inside illo from issue #8, "Kir" by Maoric
  • Too Much of a Good Thing by Lyrastar. Fun with kironide
  • There's Always Room for Captain by Farfalla. Not your average cave story...
  • Picnic in Sycamore Park by Farfalla. A sunny day in the park. Late in the life of our heroes.
  • Garden Statues by Farfalla. Poem
  • Once Again by Hypatia Kosh. Just a little heartwarming emotional pornography.
  • Him by Blue. Our favorite captain is lost in thought.
  • The Return by T'Lin. Kirk has accepted Spock and T'Sala's proposal, and they return to Vulcan for the ceremony.
  • And When the Bond Breaks by Ra. Spock takes the shuttle for a brief mission to investigate a spatial anomaly. When he returns to the Enterprise, things are a little different.
  • Sleeping Gold by Farfalla
  • The Concept of Love and T'hy'la by kira-nerys. What is love - really?
  • Art:
    • Engaged by Farfalla
    • Fun with Crayons by Farfalla
    • Kirk by Maoric
    • Kissing by Farfalla
    • Warmth by Farfalla
    • Meldiscovery by Farfalla

Issue 9

cover of issue #9, Helen

Side by Side 9 was published in April/May 2003.

  • And in the Darkness Bind You by Greywolf
  • A Meal to Remember by kira-nerys
  • A Starship Named Desire by Farfalla
  • An Ode to Water by Hypatia Kosh
  • Can't Wait Till Dessert by Farfalla
  • Eat Your Vegetables by Farfalla
  • Embers by Hypatia Kosh
  • His Darkest Hour by Jesmihr
  • How to Grow Wings and Fly by Farfalla
  • If the Masters Wrote K/S by Lyrastar
  • I Shall Do Neither... by kira-nerys
  • Not in Front of the Klingons / Confirmed by Farfalla
  • Out of Ashes by Rae Trail
  • Out of Uniform by Farfalla
  • Replica by Dread Nought
  • Sick of Mistletoe by Saavant
  • Splashy Slash by Farfalla
  • The Subconcious Has a Logic All Its Own by Farfalla
  • Whipped Dreams by Farfalla
  • You're My Home by Sara
  • art by Helen, Farfalla, Mina, kira-nerys and Saavant

Special Issue 3

Side by Side Special Edition 3 June/July 2003 in celebration of the Masturbation month of May.

cover of Special Edition 3, not credited
  • Graffiti by Lyrastarwatcher
  • Berries by Jesmihr
  • The Row by Rae Trail
  • The Art of Love by Rae Trail
  • Gemini Setting by Lyrastarwatcher
  • Indian Summer by [[Lyrastarwatcher
  • Escape from Gothos by Dina
  • Another Piece of Action by Farfalla
  • Price of Silence by Acidqueen
  • Recitativo by Farfalla
  • At Lover's Lane by Sara
  • All About You by Jesmihr
  • How to Shake Hands with a Khelderite by Jesmihr
  • Own Private Inferno by Dread Nought

Issue 10

cover of issue #10, Karracaz

Side by Side 10 was published in August/September/October 2003.

Links to most of the interior art are broken.

  • Touching and Touched by Farfalla. Spock is trying to put himself together after the fal-tor-pan. Putting the Admiral back together might help.
  • I Wake To You by Farfalla. What if Spock never went to Sickbay at the end of Amok Time?
  • Turbo Tale by Jesmihr. Just another encounter in the Turbolift – from the Turbolift’s POV
  • From the Depths by Lyrastar. A different take on a common theme - pon farr in a cave.
  • Aria: A Tempo by Farfalla. One of those post-Amok stories.
  • Personal Effects by Jesmihr. Spock receives an unexpected gift.
  • Baby by Hypatia. I just wanted to write a K/S where I used the words "husband and "baby" but Spock had other plans...
  • In the Autumn Mist by Lyrastar. Even living legends must sometime face a mid-life crisis, then what?
  • The Good Son by Farfalla. The Goddess of Love is having a bad day.
  • The Kiss by AtieJen. First time challenge. Write the first line "Kiss me".
  • At Night by Jesmihr. Spock contemplates the possibilities and the consequences.
  • This Simple Feeling by Farfalla. The moment in Sickbay
  • The Melodies of Night by Farfalla. Gol sucks
  • Mycroft/m or How My RL Got /ed by Mycroft Holmes. An essay, non-fiction.
  • art: by Karracaz, kira-nerys, Mina, Virginia Sky, Helen, Farfalla and Gwen, CARTOONS by Farfalla and Hypatia Kosh

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 10

See reactions and reviews for Personal Effects.

Issue 11

cover of issue #11, T'Guess

Side by Side 11 was published in November/December/January 2003/2004.

  • And the Rain Fell by T'Vera,
  • Rose Hips and Vulcan Lips by Farfalla
  • Diplomatic Relations by Saavant
  • What Dreams May Come by Dina
  • Do I Look Fat To You? by Farfalla
  • Never Tease A Vulcan by Justblackchaps
  • One Giant Leap by Ida Vega Landow aka Slasherfem Quantum Leap crossover
  • Top by Saavant
  • Little Death by Saavant
  • The Morning After by Hypatia Kosh
  • Exceeding the Speed Limit by Jesmihr
  • Cave Paintings by Jesmihr
  • Love Can Move Mountains by Mycroft Holmes Star Trek: TNG Crossover
  • Fire and Rain by Greywolf Previously published in KiScon Zine of 2001
  • Poetry of Passion by Farfalla
  • Tonight by Farfalla
  • The Undiscovered Sonnet by Farfalla
  • Kissing Captain Kirk: Spock by Lyrastar
  • The Games People Play by Lyrastar
  • It's Not The Ears - Really! by Farfalla
  • Bilingual by Jesmihr
  • Elective Insomnia by Jesmihr
  • filk for "These Boots are Made For Walking" by Mycroft Holmes
  • Filk for "Son of a Preacher Man" by Mycroft Holmes
  • Art:
    • Whispers by Farfalla, R-rated Cartoon
    • Passion by Farfalla PG, Photo manipulation
    • Nuzzle by Farfalla R-rated, Photo manipulation
    • Kiddie Spirk by Farfalla G-rated, Cartoon
    • Tango by Farfalla G-rated, Cartoon
    • Conjugal Adventures by Farfalla NC17, Cartoon
    • Sad Pockie by Farfalla G-rated, Cartoon
    • Happy Halloween, Mr. Spock by Gwen Marzin G-rated, Drawing
    • After the Bath by Gwen Marzin R-rated, Drawing
    • Tyberios's art NC17, Photo manipulations
    • Extra, Extra - Read All About It! by Lovin' James T. R-rated, Photo manipulation
    • Making Love by Hypatia, NC17, Drawing
    • Command Gold by kira-nerys R-rated, (This has in fact been published on a mailinglist previously but it isn't archived online, so here it is... ), Photo manipulation
    • art by various artists, The All Ages K/S Archive Halloween Extravaganza of 2003

Special Issue 4

cover of special issue #4, Anki

Side by Side Special Edition 4 was published in February/March 2004.

  • Mimor VI by Jesmihr. Spock and another Vulcan are kidnapped while working on an important scientific project; Kirk risks everything to find them.
  • Meddling and Melding by Abraxis. What was really going on in "Requiem for Methuselah" and what happened afterward.
  • The Bonding by JustBlackChaps. Kirk and Spock bond. The situation is quite different from what Kirk expected.

Issue 12

cover of issue #12, Anki

Side by Side 12 was published in April/May/June 2004. It has art by Anki, Gwen Marzin, Farfalla, Helen, and Ingela.

  • A Song of Distant Shores by Lyrastar. The fairy tale frame is not mine, but traditional. Those of you with kids, will place it rapidly. Those of you with childhood still in your hearts will do so immediately, I suspect.
  • A Shattered Mind by kira-nerys. (Previously published in Legends 2) Spock and Kirk are caught in an energy surge on their way back to the Enterprise.
  • Beep by Farfalla. Spock is definitely nicer to wake up to than other things ...
  • From the Mouth of a Predator by kira-nerys. (Previously published in Beyond Dreams 3.) Spock and Kirk are kidnapped by Klingons, and Spock goes into pon farr ...
  • Hours of Freedom by Vanasati (Previously published in Beyond Dreams 3.) Not your usual amnesia story.
  • Liquid of Life by Farfalla. Some subtropical fruits enjoy one of Florida's afternoon rainshowers.
  • Off the Clock by Farfalla. Silly flirting with communicators
  • Snuggle in a Snowdrift by Farfalla. Fun under a featherbed, in the dead of winter in St. Petersburg.
  • Stuck On You by Farfalla. Jim's having a nightmare, so Spock decides to fix it with a meld.
  • The Blood Fever by K'Chaps. A slightly different pon farr story...
  • The Game by Jesmihr. Kirk, Spock, Scotty and McCoy kill time in a bar.
  • The Kaalii Fruit by Dina. Challenge response.
  • The Origin of Fire by Jesmihr. Spock relates an ancient Vulcan myth.
  • World Enough and Time by Ida Vega Landow/Slasherfem. This story takes place a year after the events in the movie “Star Trek: Generations”, when we find out what really happened to Captain Kirk after his heroic death on Veridian III.
  • You Shook Me All Night Long by Frustrated Werewolf. Kirk's got a hidden passion ...
  • Herpetology for Dummies by Farfalla
  • Must Have Been Your Lifelong Ambition by Mycroft Holmes. Winter wonderland
  • Stuck In a Cabin With You by Mycroft Holmes. Filk
  • ....Twice Shy by Mycroft Holmes

Special Issue 5

Side by Side Special Edition 5 was published in July 2004.

cover of Special Edition #5, Anki
sample art from Special Edition #5, TACS
  • Analysis, Mr Spock? by Farfalla. Drabble
  • A Heavy Burden by Hypatia Kosh. Drabble
  • Come For Me by K'Chaps. Spock gives Kirk a hard time.
  • The Exercise by Hel. A brief encounter
  • Eyes Upon Me by K'Chaps. Spock has a personal problem. Kirk happens to be there.
  • Flux Æterna by Farfalla
  • Sensate Focus by Lyrastar. For the KSOF frottage special. A bunch of bad guys and phasers and stuff got mixed in accidentally.
  • For Better or Immersed by Farfalla. Spackle from "The Ambergris Element." Kirk and Spock have been altered without their knowledge into waterbreathing creatures that cannot survive without help on the ship. In a tank in Sickbay, they wait while McCoy tries to figure out how to reverse the change...
  • L'Amour De La Femme by Francesca. Genderbending, Dark
  • Linguistics by Farfalla. Spock kisses in a different language.
  • Pin The Kiss on Cherry Abbott by Farfalla. Spock feels a little out of place at Sulu's bachelor party, but Kirk's there to fix things. For Hy and Lyra. Written in the middle of a forest in Thomasville, Georgia.
  • Power by Hypatia Kosh. Kirk bemoans his fading youth and the difficulty of growing older. Spock teaches him to take it like a man.
  • With Relish by Jesmihr. Why they ought to put warning labels on jars of Kersakkian relish.
  • Rubbing it in by Saavant. Drabble
  • Reluctantly Seduced by Angelee. Kirk offers to help ...
  • Tunics and Shows by Bleudiablo. A night with our favorite couple out at a bar.
  • A Little Spice by Farfalla. Kirk and Spock add a little spice to Valentine's Day...
  • You're Not Supposed (A Sonnet) by Jesmihr. Sonnet
  • How To Keep A Vulcan Warm in the Snow by Farfalla. Drabble
  • Veils by Farfalla. Drabble
  • Wishing On Wildflowers by Farfalla. Drabble
  • ART by TACS

Issue 13

cover of issue #13, kira-nerys

Side by Side 13 was published in August/September/October 2004. It has four illos by TACS that are reprints from #4 and #5 of T'hy'la, and one illo by T'Guess.

  • A Tale of Two Captains by Cleo. How do you compete with the ghost of your lover’s first, especially when he’s not dead?
  • The Briar Patch by Lyrastar. Kirk's having a rough patch today--or is he?
  • Liar's Itch by Jesmihr. Kirk’s day starts out poorly.
  • Nightmare - From Another Dimension! by Farfalla the Butterfly-Kitten. Mirror Chapel finds herself on the regular Enterprise and attempts to implement a "fuck-or-die" scenario on the "wimpy" Federation versions of her brutal, boorish captain and his ruthless sidekick. One problem--some things are *very* different in this universe...
  • In Sickness and In Health by Farfalla the Butterfly-Kitten. Kirk embarrasses himself at his own wedding
  • Aftermath by K'Chaps. After pon farr, there are a few adjustments to be made in Kirk's and Spock's lives.
  • The Day Subspace Was Still by Hypatia Kosh. "You know how I always said 'ye cannae change the laws of physics'? Well, they've changed."
  • Coitus Cantado by Vanasati. Jim has a new kink...
  • Et Tu, Spock? by T'Guess. From the KisCon Short Story Challenge using the words toy, bucolic and cutthroat.Has previously been published in the printed KiScon Zine for 2004
  • Parting by Salome Wilde. Spock receives a post-retirement offer of an ambassadorship and Kirk resists a move from their Iowa ranch. Emphasizes a very long-term relationship with strong Bond, aging issues, intimacy, humor, and struggles over power between the partners.
  • A Beginning by Quiet Vulcan. Discussion between Kirk and Spock after the forced Mind Meld on Valeris by Spock.
  • Best Gratification by Farfalla
  • Mirror Universe Poem by T'Guess
  • Silly Limericks by Farfalla
  • ART by TACS

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 13

[Liar's Itch]: Jim catches a virus that makes him itch every time he tells a lie. Spock learns of it and seizes the opportunity to get a few answers of his own... If you like seeing Jim digging his own grave deeper and deeper with every word, you're gonna love this. Humourous, cute and very entertaining:). Good characterization. [5]

Issue 14

cover of issue #14, kira-nerys

Side by Side 14 was published in November/December 2004/January 2005.

  • The Sighting by Jesmihr. Sonnet.
  • The Dilemma of the Disappearing Dessert by Farfalla the Butterfly Kitten. While visiting McCoy's daughter's vacation home in Colorado, Spock's gift for Kirk turns up missing.
  • Chicken Soup for the Starfleet Soul by Farfalla the Butterfly Kitten
  • Admiral Kirk helps a young crewman come to terms with his own orientation. Written for SBS#14, and based on one of the first-sentence challenges honoring three years of SBS.
  • Knocking on Heaven's Door by kira-nerys. Kirk is ill and he knows it, but does he tell anyone else? – of course not.
  • Haystacks and Waterfalls by Farfalla the Butterfly Kitten. Kirk and Spock share an erotic fantasy within two famous works of art.
  • Enemy Within - If Only by K'Chaps. Kirk doesn't feel quite right, and it leads him down a new path.
  • Iowa Nights by Dhae Knight. Kirk gets a visit from an old friend and makes some changes to his life. They turn out to change relationships as well.
  • Every Sperm is Great by Saavant. Kirk/Spock from the point of view of one of Kirk's sperm ...
  • Deadly Memories by Farfalla the Butterfly Kitten. What was REALLY behind Valeris's scream when Spock was mind-probing her in Movie Six
  • ART: the art was by Mylochka, TACS (reprints from zines: Kalifee #2, Naked Singularity, November, December & January of a TACS calendar, and Daring Attempt), and AcidQueen, and it is all sadly offline.

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 14

See reactions and reviews for Iowa Nights.

Issue 15

cover of issue #15, TACS

Side by Side 15 February/March 2005 The cover is by TACS from Naked Singularity.

  • Brothers In Blood by Slasherfem aka Ida Vega-Landow
  • Blood Fever by Pet Leopard
  • Buhfikat by Hypatia
  • Heavy Petting by Farfalla the Butterfly Kitten
  • Kirk Loves by K'Chaps
  • Brothers With Benefits by Farfalla the Butterfly-Kitten
  • the art by TACS, all reprints from zines, all offline now (February, March and April of TACS a k/s calendar, the back cover of Consort, page 111 from Consort ("Sounds of Silence"), page 189 from Consort, and an illo called "Bonding Ceremony" by Mrs. Spock.)

Special Issue 6

cover Special issue #6 by Helen

Side by Side Special Edition #6 was published in April/May/June 2005.

  • Family Matters by Slasherfem. PG-13; Admiral Kirk's nephew is being sexually harassed by a superior officer, whose commanding officer is an old friend of Kirk's. But Kirk's old friend is strangely reluctant to do anything about it.
  • The Best Costume at the Party by Farfalla the Butterfly-Kitten. #2 Second Place in the KSOF Winter Festival 2004/2005. NC-17; Cadet Kirk shares a delicious encounter with a new friend he meets at an Academy costume party. Only trouble is, he thinks Spock's only *dressed* as a Vulcan for Halloween!
  • Correspondence by Angel Grace. PG; Amanda takes a frying pan-shaped cluebus and hits Spock over the head with it.
  • Wounds That Bind by K'Chaps. #1 Winner of the KSOF Winter Festival 2004/2005. NC-17; After Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Kirk and Spock struggle to make sense of the events and find a new path.
  • Born(e) of Long Association by Mycroft Holmes. PG-13; My take on the crash/cave cliché.
  • Verdant Lusts by Ray. #3 Third Place in the KSOF Winter Festival 2004/2005. NC-17; At the Starfleet Academy, Spock changes Kirk's life and saves his career.
  • Afloat by Farfalla the Butterfly-Kitten. R; Pon farr puts some pretty bizarre images into Spock's subconscious
  • Al Fa by S. Kert. NC-17; Kirk is captured during what seems to be a routine diplomatic mission. Now the crew of the Enterprise is torn between Starfleet and loyalty to their captain when they are ordered to leave orbit without him. Warning: this story contains non-consensual K/m
  • art, by Mina Vantolak, now all offline

Issue 16

Side by Side 16 was published in July/August/September 2005. The art is now all offline.

cover of issue #16 by kira-neys
  • The Voice of Love by kira-nerys (previously published in Beyond Dreams #4, February 2002)
  • The Road to love - in Spock's words, to Jim.
  • A Means To An End by T'Guess. Another ‘first time’ (or one affair leads to another…)
  • I Have Loved The Stars Too Fondly by Mycroft Holmes. Inspired by my first adult kiss, and by a plaque I saw in Pyramid Collection (whole poem is below my byline).
  • Nice by Mycroft Holmes. The day after a big K/S date, Spock and McCoy meet. Inspired by the date that ended with my first adult kiss.
  • Scratch by Angel Grace. Nothing feels better than scratching an itch.
  • Biochemistry by Diegina. Just some ... er ... sex ...
  • The Marketplace by CatalenaMara (Previously published in Daring Attempt #3). An embittered Kirk is disturbed by his obsession with one particular whore.
  • Light Blue by Farfalla the Butterfly-Kitten. Pockie has an owie and Kirk has something amusing to bandage it up with.
  • Crossroads, by titC. After Spock's first pon farr, Captain and First Officer have a hard time rebuilding their relationship as it was – or, maybe, as something new.
  • Cogs and Hearts, by titC. Scotty learns new things about his superior officers.
  • Touch Me, by titC. Kirk and Spock try to make their relationship work while they stay on Vulcan.
  • One Last Time, by titC. Spock leaves for Gol ...
  • Just Fun by K'Chaps. Kirk gets caught and pays the price.
  • Big Bottom by Farfalla the Butterfly-Kitten. Alas ... Spock finds Jim's pudginess eminently logical--and useful.
  • Space of Tranquility and Love by kira-nerys (Previously published in Beyond Dreams #5, July 2002). Even when no longer a young, dashing Starship captain, ravishing Spock is Kirk's favorite pastime.
  • Gemini Setting by Lyrastarwatcher. Enemies, clones, sex and ... love.

Issue 17

cover of issue #17, kira-nerys

Side by Side 17 was published in October/November/December 2005. It contained no interior art.

  • First Times by Vanasati
  • Feel by titC
  • James Kirk and the Countes of Winchilsea by SherryK
  • Requium by Starshadow
  • Ask Android Landers, Advice for the Lovelorn by Starshadow
  • Thataway by Catalenamara. Previously published in Nome 4
  • In the Beginning by Jenna Hilary Sinclair. Previously published in Kaleidoscope 7
  • Invite Me In by Dale
  • Dreams of the Heart by Abraxisdragon
  • Grief Management, Vulcan Style by Farfalla the Butterfly-Kitten
  • Not Its Purpose by Dale
  • They Walk in Shadow by Hypatia Kosh
  • LIftoff by Farfalla the Butterfly-Kitten


  • Farfalla
  • Kira-nerys


Issue 18

cover #18 by TGuess

Side by Side 18 was published in January/February 2006.

  • And Then The World Is Colored By That Always. PG-13, Mycroft Holmes
  • Warmth. PG-13, Farfalla the Butterfly-Kitten
  • Incident in Vega. NC-17, Starshadow
  • The Untold Want. NC-17, Nwakego
  • Shape of My Heart. PG-13, Mycroft Holmes
  • A Good Day to Die. NC-17, titC and Krss
  • Golden, Tangible. R, Farfalla the Butterfly-Kitten
  • Making a Point. R, Acidqueen. Both stories reprinted with permission from the printzine Dark Fire #1

Issue 19

Side by Side 19 was published in March/April/May/June/July/August 2006.


  • In Sickness and in Health by Slasherfem, R
  • Bonding for Dummies by Farfalla, PG-13
  • Dragon-meld by Matthew James and Elizabeth Leicester, PG
  • The Misunderstanding by Deborah Cummins, NC-17
  • The Night After the Edge of Forever by Starshadow, NC-17
  • To Be Human by K'Chaps, NC-17 kinky and extremely dark
  • A Farewell by Elizabeth Leicester, G
  • Heart of Stone by Farfalla, G drabble
  • The Logic of Passion by Starshadow, NC-17
  • Belly Acceptant Delphinium by Mycroft Holmes, PG-13
  • Dialogue by Elizabeth Leicester, G
  • Bashert by Mycroft Holmes, G drabble and a half
  • Biochemistry II by Diegina, R
  • Hope Lives in Many Universes by Farfalla, PG LotR crossover


  • After Genesis by Slasherfem, G
  • Your Name is Jim by Slasherfem, G
  • Dying for You by JadeFire, G

Issue 20

Side by Side 20 was published in September/October/November 2006.

  • The Image of Perfection by Deborah Cummins. NC-17 Previously published in T'hy'la 10
  • I Know You're Out There Somewhere by Farfalla the Butterfly-Kitten. PG, warning for violence, Previously published in T'hy'la 25
  • Ease Into Love by kira-nerys. NC17, Previously published in Beyond Dreams 6
  • Daedalus Aloft by Lyrastar. NC-17, equel to Brueghel's Icarus
  • Picking Perfect Tomatoes by Ster Julie
  • Night in the Apollo by Farfalla the Butterfly-Kitten. NC17, Previously published in T'hy'la 25
  • The Other Man Trap by Slasherfem.
  • A Higher Power by K'Chaps. NC-17 Written to fulfill Diegina's challenge in the Low-Pressure Fest
  • The Worst of Times by Starshadow.
  • Singular Identity by SmuttyKitty
  • Love Among the Cookies by Starshadow. Poetry
  • ART

Issue 21

Side by Side 21 was published Spring 2007.

  • The Warrior's Way, by T'Mara. NC-17. Spock is forced to face what Jim has become to him.
  • Reflections on a Pause, by BlueVelvetSpock. PG-13. Spock has sexy hands.
  • Shifts, by K'Chaps. Adult. Kirk has trouble sharing.
  • Gravitational Pull, by Mary Kay. NC-17. Kirk and Spock visit a low gravity planet.
  • Meditations, by Starshadow.G. Spock finds his meditations disturbed by a pair of tawny eyes. As usual.
  • Tough Love, by Mary Kay. NC-17, Mirror Universe AU. Kirk's addiction to a drug becomes a problem for Spock and McCoy.
  • Memories, by Debbie Cummins. PG. Near the end of his life Leonard McCoy receives a visit from an old friend.
  • K/S and Trek Haiku, by T'Keid (poetry)

Issue 22

cover #22 by Gamin Davis. Originally commissioned by Farfalla & printed in T'hy'la 26

Side by Side 22 was published in June 2007.

  • ...And a Bottle of Rum, by Thataway, NC-17.
  • Dawn, by Jenna Hilary Sinclair, G.
  • Letter to the Dead by Starshadow, G.
  • From Death Through Darkness, by Hypatia Kosh, NC-17.
  • The Teapot Dome Scandal, by Farfalla the Butterfly-Kitten, NC-17.
  • Vulcan Heat, by Mary Kay, NC-17++ & AU.
  • Daredevil: a poem by Diegina with accompanying artwork.

Issue 23

Side by Side 23 was published in September 2007.

  • Separation and Conjugation by Hypatia Kosh, R
  • Beyond the Barrier by CatalenaMara, NC-17
  • Carnival by Jesmihr, NC-17
  • Shall We? by Jenna Hilary Sinclair, NC-17
  • Stardate: Monday by Farfalla the Butterfly-Kitten, PG-13
  • Need by Jemariel, NC-17
  • Is There In Truth No Beauty? (Personal Logs #62) by Starshadow, G.
  • Is There In Strange No Charm? by Hypatia Kosh, PG
  • Meeting of Minds by Slasherfem, R

Advent Calendar 2006

cover of advent calendar, kira-nerys

Side by Side Advent Calendar winter holiday season, 2006.


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