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You may be looking for the multimedia zine Shadowstar or the Blake's 7 zine Shadow Star.

Title: Star Shadows
Editor(s): Carol Maschke (Minneapolis, MN)
Date(s): 1978-1982
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Star Shadows is a gen Star Trek: TOS anthology.

From a 1980 ad: "For people suffering from an acute lack of Star Trek fan fiction."

Issue 1

Star Shadows 1 was published in August 1978 and contains 147 pages.

cover of issue #1
  • Editor's Log (ii)
  • Co-Editor's Log (iii)
  • Honorary Editor's Log (iv)
  • Network Addresses (1)
  • Joyeux Noel by Carol Mashchke (McCoy wants to give Mr. Spock a gift for Christmas, but is not sure how to go about doing it.) (3)
  • Star Trek, poem by Carol Maschke (10)
  • Brace's Folly, poem by Carol Maschke (12)
  • Star Trek Commercials (12)
  • book review by Doris Bercarich of Spock, Messiah! (42)
  • To a Friend, poem (49)
  • McCoy and Natira, poem by Doris Bercarich (51)
  • Uhura, poem by Carol Maschke (53)
  • Open and Shut Case by Susan Papas (Montgomery Scott is missing and all evidence seems to show that he was murdered by Leonard McCoy.) (55)
  • The Further Adventures of Star Trek (74)
  • Family Portrait, poem by Susan Papas (77)
  • book review by Doris Bercarich of Planet Judgement (80)
  • The Memory Machine, parts one ("Assignments") and two ("Klerth"), by Carol Maschke (Scientists have discovered an ancient machine which has the ability to recall all memories of those attached to it. McCoy has been assigned to be a subject of the experiments using the machine.) (82)
  • review by Susan Papas of the Nimoy play "Vincent" (142)

Issue 2

front cover of issue #2
back front cover of issue #2

Star Shadows 2 was published in November 1979 and contains 124 pages.

  • Editorials (1)
  • The Dinosauar Crucified by Rob Helmerichs (3)
  • Nichelle Nichols, Woman in Motion (7)
  • For Auld Lang Syne (9) (A message summons Mr. Scott to Scotland and an encounter stranger than any alien planet could offer.)
  • Vincent Once Again, In Search of Leonard Nimoy (18)
  • The Visit by Carol Maschke (21)
  • Sulu by Susan Papas (25)
  • The Captain and the Man by Carol Maschke (27)
  • A Private Hell by Rob Helmerichs and Greg Nesbitt (29) (Chekov has fears and has learned to cope, but what happens when he meets all his nightmares at once?
  • Insanity Can Be Fun by Susan Papas (46)
  • Tiberius by Carol Maschke (47)
  • Reflections of a Night Vampyr by Kathy Resch (51)
  • The Memory Machine Part III by Carol Maschke (McCoy's experience with the memory machine return him to the painful years of his life before he joined Starfleet.) (57)
  • Fanzine Listings (123)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 2

Star Shadows is the kind of zine which normally appeals to me. There is, at first glance, a nice balance: Star Trek fiction of varying lengths, a con review, celebrity interviews, poetry, and a cartoon feature. The front cover art, opening story, and Chekov cartoon story-line were all by Rob Helmerichs, who seems to delight in obscurity. Judging from the vicious, one-sided attack on religion in "The Dinosaur is Crusified", it's just as well. Susan Papas could hardly fail to please since she hit me at my weakest points: celebrities, conventions, Scotty and Sulu. I'm not much of a fan of free verse, but any poem which compares Sulu to a kaleidoscope can't be all bad. For the most part, though, Star Shadows is devoted to Carol Maschke's fiction which is a shame since Carol is also the editor. This is a mistake. A writer needs an objective hand to sweep away the excess verbalization. "The Memory Machine; Part III" needed to be cut by a least fifteen pages. Every scene in which the characters are laughing (or smirking or chuckling or grinning or celebrating) should be cut. The reader is forced to ask himself, "If all the characters are having such a good time, why am I so bored?" The humor centers around falling towels, kissing contests, and sophomoric allusions to sex. There is not one witty or clever line to spark all the redundant hilarity. The months of courting should be distilled down to a vivid, poignant scene or two in which the couple realize the depth of their feeling for each other. The final third of the story is quite good. Just hang in there. I'd love to have a poster of Greg Nesbitt's back cover. It's a collage of scenes from STTMP. Absolutely first rate!. [1]

Issue 3

Star Shadows 3 was published in January 1982 and has 119 pages. It includes some Dark Shadows material.

front cover of issue #3
back cover of issue #3, Gary Nesbitt

The art is by Kathy Carlson, Marilyn Johanson, Evallou Richardson (ERIC), Barbara Gordon, and Bob Lattery.

From the editorial:

This issue is dedicated to all of those who believe in the Enterprise and the Columbia, America's space shuttles., and to the people who helped her to fly. It's nice to see that some things still seem hopeful.

This issue is also dedicated to DeForest Kelley and Walter Koenig. I took advantage of an opportunity to meet them, and say a few words to them and found much to my delight that they are indeed real people who sincerely care for their fans. It was a genuine pleasure to meet each of them, and if I'm fortunate, I'll have the opportunity again someday.
The editorial's note:

As a side note to this, it should be mentioned that when we left Hugo's there were very few people left there except the ones who worked there, and Walter. But, as none of us had eaten that day, hunger overrode all else and we went to get something to eat. By the time Skip and I (she's my roommate) got back to the dorm at Hamline University, after we had successfully dropped everyone off, it was a good two hours later. A friend of ours down the hall saw us come in and told us that our phone had been ringing pretty consistently for the last half hour or so. Erm. Curious. Well, sure enough, the persistent caller called back again in another couple of minutes, I answered the phone, and was surprised to find Sue on the other end of the call. As soon as she calmed down enough to tell me what was going on, I listened to what she had to say. It turns out that things died so quickly after we left Hugo's that Walter had a chance to look through Star Shadows II and liked it, particularity the Chekov story. So much so that he attempted to get in touch with us after we had left Hugo's. We were eating.


As a result of this however, I wrote a letter that was for warded to Walter. He was kind enough to respond with a letter of his own. To say the least, upon noting the return address of the letter I was flabbergasted. I never quite expected a response to my letter, Nice things like that just don't happen to me.

Nonetheless, a nice thing like that did happen to me. All due to the kindness of one Mr. Walter Koenig. He was sincere and warm, and someone I wish I could get a chance to talk to.

Walter, wherever you are, thank you, you're beautiful...
  • The Trouble with Local Laws by Susan Papas ("Tongues planted firmly in our cheeks, we explore what would happen if the criminal records of the captain and his first officer ever caught up with them. Introducing, the redoubtable Admiral Nogura, as well as Rear Admiral Halverstadt as the man you'll love to hate.") (1)
  • A Genuine Warmth: Our Meeting with Walter Koenig by Susan Papas (about meeting Walter Koenig at Uncle Hugo's Science Fiction Bookstore in Minneapolis on March 18, 1980) (8)
  • Editor's Note (10)
  • In the Line of Duty by Carol Maschke (11)
  • What If... No. 1 by Carol Maschke (17)
  • A Dove Roams the Stars, poem about Uhura by Bob Lattery (19)
  • Leashed Go by anonymous (21)
  • The Fling by Tina W. Pole (35)
  • Never and Always by Carol Maschke ("A landing party is sent to the surface of a planet to ascertain the progress of a civil war. They are to observe and remain undetected by the planet's inhabitants) but McCoy is seen by an injured man and the doctor can not turn away from his plea for help.") (44)
  • Improvement, poem by Bob Lattery (51)
  • Star Trekon 1980, or How I Stared Down a Pair of Shoes, con report by Carol Maschke (53)
  • The Climb by Carol Maschke (64)
  • O' Majestic Ship, poem by Bob Lattery (101)
  • Star Shadows, poem by Carol Maschke (Dark Shadows) (103)
  • Star Shadows, fiction by Carol Maschke (Dark Shadows) (109)


  1. ^ from Spin Dizzie #4