ComeupPANce (Star Trek: TOS story by Emily Adams)

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K/S Fanfiction
Title: ComeupPANce
Author(s): Emily Adams
Date(s): 2000
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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ComeupPANce is a Kirk/Spock story by Emily Adams.

It was published in the print zine T'hy'la #21.



"Emily's last "Pan" story. There's been a murder on board the Enterprise, and Kirk and Spock disagree as to the suspect. As usual, it's up to the cat Pan to put everything to rights."

Reactions and Reviews

Emily Adams's Pan stories are always delightful and well written. This was no exception. I was saddened though, as I read it, remembering that she is one of the various K/S people no longer with us. So reading this story for me was a bittersweet experience.

The story is about 15 pages long and includes the regular characters of Kirk, Spock, McCoy, and the cat Pan, as well as some new crewmen who are important. Pan who manages to commune with Spock via telepathy calls Spock CALM and Kirk ONE. McCoy is GRUFF. Only Spock knows Pan is somebody more than an ordinary cat.

There are several threads to this story. One is Kirk and Spock's love affair. The sac scenes are very nicely written. I admired them for their detail and realism as well as for the fact that they were erotic. I wish I could pull of fa sex scene one-tenth as well as she does.

Another plot development is that Kirk and Spock argue. This argument seems natural and unforced. Actually they really have two arguments.

The center plot is that one of the new crewmen, an unfortunate man by the name of Jeffers, has been murdered. Spock thinks that the murderer is a female new crew member called Ensign Sawyer. And he thinks this partially because of Pan. Kirk doesn't believe this and later comes to believe that the murderer is actually a new male crew member called Lieutenant Sojang.

And this plot is bookended with another plot which is that one of the crew members, Sawyer, thinks she has been responsible for her father's death.

Can you guess who was right —Spock and Pan or Kirk?

The story is well written and the various threads are carefully woven together. Not everything is fully explained at the end, but to have done so would have bogged the story down with needless details. I'm a great believer in not padding a story with a bunch of detail which distracts from the story.

I highly recommend this story. It's very enjoyable.[1]
Pan is such a great cat! I share my home with 4 such delightful creatures and Emily has always been so much on target with their little quirks and unspoken language. She must have loved them dearly.

Involved in a mystery as she is, Pan still finds time to observe her two favorite crew, CALM and ONE. She basks in the warmth of their love. This time there’s a little argument to muddy the waters, but only for a short time, because there is too much love and respect here to foster any long-term misunderstandings. It’s enjoyable to see the boys involved in day to day responsibilities, all aspects of which are covered not-quite- seriously. At least not serious to the point of grief and angst and depression and that sort of thing. I don’t want to say they take murder lightheartedly, but in the sense of the old time mystery writers, they do. Another day’s work.

The nights are nicely described for us, and we see that making up can be a very rewarding experience. Boy, would I like to be that cat, curled up unobtrusively on the bureau! [2]
A murder mystery, a quarrel and restoration between Kirk and Spock, and running commentary from the ship's empathic cat Pan - good fun all around. [3]


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