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K/S Fanfiction
Title: Pan
Author(s): Emily Adams
Date(s): 1992
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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Pan is a Kirk/Spock story by Emily Adams.

It was published in the print zine Counterpoint #7.



"The shipʼs telepathic cat stumbles on a body and then of the thoughts that Kirk and Spock have for each other."

Reactions and Reviews

This was cute. I always thought the Enterprise needed a cat. [1]

When I read this story I could not help but love it. As a cat lover I love stories involving cats, and cats and Kirk and Spock are almost perfect. Besides, this story fits perfectly in the mystery called cat. A cat as a sentient, emphatic being, able to communicate with feelings is a very nice idea. The story is told from the point of view of Pan, the ship's cat. He senses that something is very wrong. He tries to warn his human shipmates, but he is frustrated about these mind-blind beings, who just make sounds and are not able to communicate as a real sentient being. Just one is there among them, who tries to understand what he wants to tell, and that is CALM, CALM'S thoughts and images were always very clear to Pan, and after some difficulties they can communicate. Pan tells of his worries and together they go find out what is wrong. At last, they find something in the Cargo Bay, and after summoning ONE they discover a dead human body. Pan observers CALM and ONE together and doesn't understand what is going on. They project stark feelings towards each other like a mated pair of cats'and yet they seem alternately showing their best points and then self-conscious about something not important He decides to watch closer... This is a real little jewel. The cat Pan is coming to life before us, becomes a real character, and you want to know more about him and his dealing with his two-legged shipmates. There are some other stories where Pan is involved, but I haven't read them yet. Apart from that, it is a very romantic, light-hearted story, full of love and affection for both men and beast. [2]
I miss Emily Adams. A lovely woman who (as many others before her and since) died too soon. This author wrote many fine stories over the years such as Eye Of The Beholder and Along The Way, but one series of stories always held a special place in my heart...the Pan stories.

The first Pan story appeared in Counterpoint 7, a zine Ms. Adams co-produced with Marian Flanders. In it, we are introduced to Pan, a small cat who lives on the Enterprise. He belongs to no one for everyone knows you can’t own a cat. The story is told completely from Pan’s point of view and a highly entertaining view it is. He has his own names for the people on the ship. Kirk is One. Spock is Calm and Scotty is Loud. Pretty perceptive.

Cats are telepathic you know and when in his travels, Pan happens upon a wrongness on the ship he goes in search of someone to help. But no one can hear him for the humans on the ship are mind blind. His words, not mine. He eventually finds Spock and is delighted to find a person who can finally understand him. Together they solve the mystery of the wrongness which turns out to be a dead body. However, during the course of their investigation, Pan can’t help becoming aware of certain feelings Kirk and Spock harbor for each other. They are so obvious to him, he can’t believe neither one knows what the other is feeling. At the end, he asks his friend Spock and the rest I’ll leave to your fertile imaginations.

There is no torture, no hurt/comfort and no angst, but an utterly delightful read nonetheless. I recommend this and the other two Pan stories this author wrote: DiscrePANcy in KaleidoScope 3 and PANdemonium in KaleidoScope 1.[3]


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