A Yeoman's Tale

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K/S Fanfiction
Title: A Yeoman's Tale
Author(s): Anne Elliot
Date(s): 2005, 2009
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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A Yeoman's Tale is a TOS Kirk/Spock story by Anne Elliot.

It was published in the print zines T'hy'la #28 and KisMet 2005.


"Kirk's new yeoman is behaving in a very suspicious manner."


"Spock considered for a moment. "What does he do, precisely?" "Precisely? Well, he is often in here when I'm not sure he should be. He always has an excuse, but somehow I'm just not convinced. When I do find him here he's often in the entrance to the sleeping area, as if he were just coming out…or going in. Sometimes he's actually in the sleeping area, although he usually says something about sorting out my spare uniforms or checking something in my cabin. And he always looks… furtive.""

Reactions and Reviews

This particular author is known for writing quirky, humorous stories which I always find thoroughly enjoyable and which always bring a smile to my face. Yet once in awhile she tends to let her serious side out when penning a story and the result is just as enjoyable. Such is the case with this story. While it may lack the usual wit that is injected in her stories, it still is an absorbing tale that was fun to read.

One would think from the title that this would be a story based on a yeoman‘s POV. Yet nothing could be further from the case. The story is really from Kirk‘s POV and starts out with him reflecting on the difficulty both he and Spock have had lately with their respective yeomans, Spock because he really has no need for one and Kirk because they are all female and therein seems to lie the problem. In the end, they decide the best solution is for Spock to simply share Kirk‘s yeoman, yet they still end up going through a couple more before finally settling on a male crew member by the name of Preston. And while he proves himself to be very efficient in his new duties, he gives Kirk a strong case of the heebie jeebies. It‘s not only his attitude but also the fact he tends to spend a lot of time in Kirk‘s quarters, loitering in particular areas for a much longer time than would seem necessary. The whole issue proves to be particularly distracting to Kirk, who would rather focus his attention on how to get Spock in his bed. But he is determined to wait for the ―right moment‖. Yet just when that moment seems to be at hand, the issue of Preston rears its head again, but in a totally unexpected way. With McCoy‘s help, the two launch an investigation that yields results that could spell disaster for any future plans Kirk has for his first officer and almost lover. And while in the end disaster is avoided, Kirk does lose another yeoman, yet he gains something far more valuable.

A wonderful story in a zine that has quite a few wonderful stories. [1]
This was not at all what I expected. But in this case that‘s a good thing because the story was all new. A new plot, a new secondary character that is so well described I could picture him clearly, though not in a flattering manner. From start to finish in this little mystery, dialogue is wonderfully recognizable, edged with sarcasm and innuendo.

I hate giving away details as this is a fairly new zine – I‘m just reading it for the first time. So I will simply say how much I liked the way Kirk and Spock are portrayed. They are mature, comfortable with each other, honest with each other and completely in tune. While this is frequently the case, sometimes they have difficulty coming to terms with their love for each other. Not so here. I enjoyed their chess game, the way Kirk opened up to Spock about his concerns regarding his yeoman and Spock‘s reaction which was both typical and heartwarming.

McCoy is also very well done and adds his own brand of humor to the situation. He is also quite astute when it comes to his commanding officers. In learning yet another crewmember has a crush on Kirk, I think McCoy‘s answer is precious: ―Jim, God help me, if I could bottle whatever it is you‘ve got, I‘d make a fortune...‖ Well, sorry to tell you Bones, it can‘t be bottled. It is that incandescent essence of James T. Kirk. It belongs to him and only to him and while I can certainly see it, I can‘t name it or capture it. Only Spock has that power. Good read! [2]


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