KisMet (convention zine)

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Title: KisMet
Medium: print
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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KisMet is the con zine for the convention, KisMet.

Note: there are conflicting dates regarding the cons and these zines.



  • Carry On Kismet by Kay Lee Shay (Humor: Kirk is not happy after all his bridge crew, except Spock, abandon him after the Enterprise is destroyed.
  • Famous Last Words by Anne Elliot (As a ʻfamous last wordsʼ craze sweeps the Enterprise, Kirk searches for the right words to confess his love to Spock.)
  • other unknown content


cover of the 2011 convention zine


Kismet 2013 - The Con Zine is a spiral bound zine of 43 pages. It required submitted stories to contain any two of the words "arch", "kismet" (or "fate") and "aubergine", poetry to contain at least one of those words.



This year the con zine was published in digital form only. The authors were only disclosed after the convention to keep the voting anonymous.


Elise Madrid: Awakenings

Hetusa: Appropriate Levels of Communication

Patricia Roe: The Meditative State (Or, Feelin’ Groovy)

Vulcan Lover: The Stones of Truth

Soral: Playing Scrabble

Vulcan Lover: Together Now (Embraced)

Anne Elliot: Cut Point

Blackbird Song: An Unexpected Diamond

Hetusa: Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

Blackillya: Caught

Angel Grace: The Recipe

Ashaya T’Reldai: Object of Desire


Anne Elliot: Sign Of The Times

Hetusa: Lets

Vulcan Lover: This Love (My Privilege). The K/S Anniversary Poem

Hetusa: Vulcans Flames

Anne Elliot: I Remember it Well


... Best Short Story: Anne Elliot: Cut Point

... Best Poem: Vulcan Lover: This Love (My Privilege). The K/S Anniversary Poem