Golden Oldies & New Delights

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Title: Golden Oldies & New Delights
Publisher: 4 Play Press
Editor(s): Kandy Fong, Donna Morgan, P.J. McCain and Carol
Date(s): April 1985
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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frontispiece -- a variation was used four years later on the cover of The Fix #6

Golden Oldies & New Delights is a 189-page slash Star Trek: TOS anthology.

It contains a single interior illo on the frontispiece.

From the submission request in Datazine #21: "We are looking for good K/S stories from any aspect of their relationship -- from hurt/comfort to the limits of someone's imagination. We are planning on 1/3 classic reprints (K/S when K/S wasn't cool) and 2/3 brand-new stories."

In the zine, the editors thank Deborah Lorshbough. "Boy, are we lucky: we have a friend who will drive across town, lugging her typewriter, just so she can help us type!!!!"


Summaries by Gilda F.

  • Heat Wave by Donna Morgan (0)
  • When You Leave Home by A.T. Bush (Humor: After making love, Spock relates a tale from his youth to Kirk.) (1)
  • The Obligatory Gratuitous Sex Scene by Deborah Lorshbough and P.J. McCain (19)
  • Limerick by Barbara P. Gordon (20)
  • When Thoughts Wander by Jane Mailander (Spock conjures up a fantasy of the bridge while he and Kirk make love.) (21)
  • Advice to the Tense and Weary, A Limerick in Five Verses by Barbara P. Gordon (24)
  • For Old Time's Sake by S. Meek (When the liner they are passengers on is destroyed, Kirk and Janet Wallace are marooned together on an uninhabited planet.) (25)
  • Love is Patient by Beverly Danielson (41)
  • Minor Adjustment by Kandy Fong (Kirk is disturbed to find that Spock is wearing him out soon after they bond.) (43)
  • There Were Three by Gladys Hill (Non-K/S story) (47)
  • Second Son by Wendy Rathbone (58)
  • A Flush of Reality by Robin Hood (Kirk and Spock meet replicas of themselves after beaming down to an unexplored planet.) (59)
  • Revelation by Alayne Gelfand (70)
  • There is a Legend by P.J. McCain (Kirk and Spockʼs love lives on through their descendents.) (71)
  • This Journey by Wendy Rathbone (74)
  • Possession by P.J. McCain (75)
  • A Rose by Any Other Name by Daphne Garcia (77)
  • Crossing Lines by Alayne Gelfand (78)
  • First Time by Gladys Hill (About to be bonded, both Kirk and Spock misinterpret the signals each is giving regarding their desires.) (79)
  • untitled poem by P.J. McCain (86)
  • Hunter's Way by Vivian Gates (A/U: On a trip to determine his future, the young tribesman James meet up with Spock, a traveler from the North looking for a mate.) (87)
  • Love is... by Kirk/Christine Thomson (Their lives unfold, end and begin again as Kirk and Spockʼs love leads them through eternity.) (102) (reprinted from Naked Times #3)
  • Love is... "Kirk" (105)
  • A Thin Flame by Cynthia C. Drake (The Kirk of the M/U exchanges Spocks in order to force a bond on this Spock, that will carry over to his own...and this Spockʼs to this Kirk. Sequel: Bonded) (also in Cheap Thrills #2) (125)
  • The Hustler by Marie A (Cadet Spock decides to investigate a well-known pleasure house where he buys the services of a young man who turns out to also be a starfleet cadet. Sequel: A Priori.) (also in Out of Bounds) (169)
  • excerpts from Joys of Alien Sex by Kandy Fong (18, 40, 46, 57, 69, 81, 85, 101)

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