Red Rose

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Title: Red Rose
Publisher: Red Rose Press
Date(s): 1994-1998
Medium: print
Fandom: multimedia
Language: English
External Links: Red Rose Press (gone, not wayback-able)
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cover of issue #1

Red Rose is a slash anthology. Several of the zines were released during the Red Rose Convention held in the UK.

From the editorial in issue #1: "We aim to present explicit slash without apology or fudge. We wallow in romance but do not fear the lash. There is room on the shelves for the Marquis de Sade and Barbara Cartland."

The Con Booklets

A fan in 2015 commented:
... interesting to see what was on in the video room, etc, and what people were talking about. Interesting that a slash convention, they still watched 'Rumours of Death' (that's the one where [Avon] loves a woman!), for example. Everyone at this time seems to have been very into X Files slash. [1]

Issue 1

Red Rose 1 has the subtitle, "Because Roses Have Thorns" and was published in 1994. 100 pages. No art, no poetry, it has some S&M.

  • Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder by Gloria Lancaster (Pros, Bodie/Doyle, A first time for the hopeless romantics out there.) (10 pages)
  • Deadly Nightshade by Gloria Lancaster (Pros, Bodie/Doyle, A short adult story that features extreme sado masochistic practices.) (5 pages)
  • Nor Iron Bars A Cage by R. Olivia Brown (Blake's 7, This is an absorbing and explicit tale of slavery, domination, surrender and passion.) (29 pages)
  • Two Lions Couchant by The Royal Prerogative (King Henry II/Thomas Becket) (King and Chancellor together in a tender story of gentle lust.) (11 pages)
  • End of Shift, New Beginnings by Lavender Blue (Casualty, Julian/Ash) (Traumatic events bring two friends closer than ever before.) (8 pages)
  • Below the Surface by Tara (UFO, Straker/Foster) (Staker and Foster break through the façade and reach for the reality of the passion that was always hidden below the surface.) (13 pages)
  • Wilderness by Tara (Blake's 7) (Blake/Avon) (Stranded on a desert planet, two are victims of heat and dust and passion.) (8 pages)
  • This Feeling Between Me and You by The Romantic Celt (Perfect Scoundrels, Harry/Guy) (Guy and Harry are apart due to circumstances but Guy returns unexpectedly and finds surprises both pleasant and otherwise. His journey takes him from Cumbria to Bedford Square, from suspicion and despair to trust and hope.) (22 pages)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 2

[Deadly Nightshade]: Written like a fairy tale in simplistic language that hides a wealth of complexity under the surface, this story was a delightful surprise for me when I read it for the first time in July 2004. One of my favourites in this genre, with especially effective use of style to enhance the overall impact, the story's more concerned with the emotion of the experience than the acts. As I generally find emotion more erotic than sex acts, this story is highly erotic to me. [2]

Issue 2

Red Rose 2 was published in 1996?

  • Hinter den feindlichen Linien by Cerise (Desert Peach)
  • The Dawning of the Day by Cerise (Desert Peach)
  • unknown X-Files content

Issue 3

Red Rose 3 was published in 1998 and is 131 pages. It went by the title 'Dark Roses - Red Rose III.' Fiction word count: 118,142. (50,000 of which is Eroica and 33,000 of which is Desert Peach).

Summaries are from the publisher:

  • We'll Always Have Paris by Cerise (Desert Peach) (Peach/Rosen: A thought provoking exploration of characters against the vividly portrayed landscape of occupied Europe, at war and peace. Does ultimate evil taint everything? Are good intentions enough?)
  • Prodding Avon by Julia Stamford and Predatrix, (Blake's 7)
  • The Beginner's Guide to Blake's 7 Slash by Manna (Blake's 7)
  • Labyrinth, by Gloria Lancaster (Blake's 7) (Blake/Avon and Avon/Vila. A disturbing alternate universe: a futuristic prison, a brutal regime. What does it take to survive - and is survival worth the cost? Contains violence, forced seduction, drug abuse)
  • The Grey Light of Morning, by Violet Nightingale (Sherlock Holmes) (Holmes/Watson: A delicate declaration of love. Sinfully romantic)
  • A Modern Morality Tale, by Cerise & Vardek (Eroica) (The Major faces his most difficult case - and his feelings for Eroica only complicate matters.)
  • I Love it when a Plan Comes Together, by Gloria Lancaster (X-Files) (Skinner/Mulder: A lonely road, a stormy night. What better way to pass the time than at little seduction? But the best laid plan of mice and Mulders.)
  • Tender Hands, by CJ (Blake's 7) (Avon/Vila: Everyone needs someone, sometimes. Avon and Vila find solace together in the aftermath of Gan's death.)
  • Whatever It Was, by Gloria Lancaster (X-Files) (Skinner/Mulder: A journey from hell but Mulder finds the best in-flight entertainment of all is Walter Skinner.)
  • Avon, by the window, by Nova (Blake's 7) (Avon/Other and Avon/Blake: Post Gauda Prime. Blake is injured and only Avon can save him.)
  • Gilded Cage, by Gloria Lancaster (Prince/Swan: Inspired by the all-male production of Swan Lake)

Now, mysteriously -- below is information from the 1998 Red Rose Convention program book which lists four stories and includes a very long excerpt from each, titles which DO NOT appear in the above table of contents:

  • Damn Fool Questions by Gloria Lancaster (X-Files, Mulder/Skinner)
  • Torrid by M. Fae Glasgow (X-Files, Mulder/Skinner, reprinted in 1999 in Bene Dictum)
  • Happy Birthday by Gloria Lancaster (X-Files, Mulder/Skinner)
  • Tea for Two by Gloria Lancaster (Dalziel & Pascoe novels, Wield/original character)

Issue 4

Red Rose 4 was published in 2000.

Issue 5

Red Rose 5 was published in 2002.


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