Protector of Logic

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K/S Fanfiction
Title: Protector of Logic
Author(s): Farfalla Caquí
Date(s): 2007
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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Protector of Logic is a Kirk/Spock story by Farfalla Caquí.

It was published in the print zine T'hy'la #27.


"Kirk is going to the shipʼs costume party as Alexander the Great, and wants Spock to go as Hephaiston."

Reactions and Reviews

I had so much fun at this masquerade party on board the Enterprise! Can I say that Kirk went as Alexander and convinced Spock to attend as Hephaestion? They did, they did!!! Can‘t believe the Captain talked him into it...did he understand the significance? Is a Vulcan ever without information, even as it pertains to Earth‘s history? This was a fun read, very fun! I have such a wonderful image in my mind‘s eye of them in their ancient finery. [1]
I had just been through some heavily-plotted, wonderfully written stories and my brain was twisted, though satisfied. So I picked up this light, refreshing, rich-in-everything-I loved-story and was totally brought to a higher, tenderer, sweeter place in time.

Nothing heavy about it, no violence or things that make me scream in the night.. Simple, uncomplicated loving, pure and much fun. It entertained me so royally (pun!) that I found myself in 7th heaven, along with characters and a situation that made me lick my chops. Masquerade party on our ship. We didn't go off the ship and Jim and Spock were always together, which made me pant for it all the more. Spock is not-so- innocently led by his friend into playing a part he's so well suited for that he has no trouble transforming, after the party, into a solid version of the historic character, Hephaistion. Both he and James Kirk dressed imaginatively as two men from ancient history that have been my heroes since first reading about them, learning about them when KS was young and passionate as I was then. It was a journey back to the beginning and it took me along with them, happily. It is Spock deciding not to go to the party, then giving in because, after he sees his Captain in his delectable Alexander the Great costume (scanty and see-through), how could he refuse? The sexual tension is there from the moment Kirk comes into sight; and I'm glad that Spock is logical enough to see the point of joining the man he has the hots for. This fact he has no qualms about admitting to himself and that was hot in its own way The computer must've come up with some sexy costume for our Vulcan--if Ivy's CGI is to be believed. [2] At any rate the two join the whirl and the rest, as they say, is 'history". Oh, it was so delicious, them circulating at this party, the sexual tension growing stronger. Spock even comes up with a suggestive remark, which thrilled me and I'm sure gave Jim some shivers too. I loved it that both men never faltered in their admissions of love for each other. Even unsaid, they made it plain. Of course due to the characters they chose and their sensual significance. It was quite a turn-on and terribly exciting to know that they were both out to win the other. The entire party is tantalizing, Kirk's remark about slow-dancing with only one person made me squinch up my eyes and grin like a fool. That's me, a slut for this heavy romance thing. Leaving the party, "Alexander and Hephaestion in a turbolift.", and the rest of their intimate conversation gave enough ammunition to shoot me to the stars! I held my breath when, in Spock's quarters, Kirk invited his friend to come closer to him in order to see how his costume differed from Spock's. Logically, Spock complies and then the real fun begins. There's no masquerade then; it was all so hot and sensual, you will love this first time loving. Clever writing, suggestive and hot dialogue bring us one of the most stirring love scenes I've read lately. Spock's logical reasoning holds up during their coupling; how could he do any less?? How about this? "Jim lying before him in all his manly glory..."? Yow! Raw and real lovemaking, ending with "brazen" Kirk being taken and loved to the hilt and I do mean 'hilt'! I loved this aspect of Kirk, his slight insecurity at being open and artless with his love; while Spock was assured and quite the dominant male.

The last line is precious See for yourselves. Please don't miss this or dismiss it as a PWP story. It is delicious, uplifting and sexy. So good! Thank you, Ms. Caqui! [3]
Masquerades are meant to be entertaining, as is this account of how Kirk maneuvers Spock into attending the ship’s party with him. Kirk’s attire is very alluring, but it is his suggestion that he, as Alexander, needs Hephaestion. Spock is very curious and not exactly slow in coming to the right conclusion about his suggested role. But the evening is a pleasant one for both our boys and for the reader. It’s a fun time with some very nice loving and erotic feelings mixed in for good measure. A very successful party.[4]


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