Space of Tranquility and Love

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K/S Fanfiction
Title: Space of Tranquility and Love
Author(s): kira-nerys
Date(s): 2002
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
External Links: Side by Side Collection on AO3

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Space of Tranquility and Love is a Kirk/Spock story by kira-nerys.

It was published in the print zine Beyond Dreams #5 and subsequently in Side by Side #16.


"Kirk and Spock contemplate retirement while on the shipʼs OD."

Reactions and Reviews

This story is very short, but it has some nice reflections from Kirk on why he’s decided to retire and leave Star Fleet. Why, exactly, Kirk decided to retire was never explored in Star Trek Generations. In the movies, and even in the TV series we saw admirals much older than Kirk was in Generations, so why did he feel he needed to leave Star Fleet? Although this story is only 7 and 1⁄2 pages long, it effectively explores this question in the first couple of pages before we get to the wonderfully erotic love making that consists of the remainder of the story. I guess this is a PWP story, but I usually enjoy them, especially when done as well as this one is. Kira- nerys manages to make the love scene tender, loving, and yet very, very hot! [1]
Once in a while a story comes along that has a particular moment that is indelible. A moment that is so unusual, so special that you know you will remember it for as long as you love K/S. Such a moment in time is created in this story—an extended love scene taking place in the observation room of a refurbished Enterprise. Maroon uniforms define the timeline. These are mature men, secure in their love for each other, their lives stable and complete. There is tranquility here, with an undercurrent of passion. Tranquility of the soul, visceral passion. Seeing them together like this, so at ease with each other, touching just to savor the contact, is wonderful. But the flame is ignited and in front of the stars, they are consumed by those fires once more. As Kirk says with a touch of humor, "God, it's not like I haven't done it before, Spock".

The memorable part, that little piece of their life together that is now engraved on my heart, occurs early in the rendezvous. Kirk stands behind Spock, his arms wrapped around his lover, their dark uniforms rich with reflected starlight. Kirk says, "I believe it might be time for me to let go, Spock." This give me cold chills. Spock stiffens. But Kirk quickly explains, "I only meant that I should leave active duty and the captaincy of the Enterprise to a younger man, someone who could run this ship like I used to, with the same disregard for his own mortality that I always had." The conversation that follows is so refreshingly sincere, so responsible, so mature that it has a tone of reality that is extraordinary. They are planning the rest of their lives together, lives to be totally committed to each other, and I am there to witness it.

Do you truly believe I could ever forget such a moment? [2]
[from the story's author]: Thank you. I don't know what to say to you after reading that beautiful LOC for 'Space of Tranquility and Love'. I can't express how much your words meant to me, and how they drew me toward K/S again when I have strayed for a while. The online community of K/S has become bloodless and repetitive of late. Or at least it was when I started to drift away from it about half a year ago. I'm hoping it is being suffused with more life as we speak. It looks as though some new faces are slowly gravitating toward our boys and if we're lucky, they will be the vitamin injection needed at this point in time. Your words on the story I submitted now made me remember why I love Kirk and Spock, why I like to write K/S, and why the KSP is so dear to me. Thank you for that. I remember now how much a sincere LOC means to me.
This was a pleasant surprise. It's one of those moment's-in-time pieces btw Kirk and Spock. Here they are older, established lovers, secure in their relationship and in their love. Alone in the observation room of the refurbished Enterprise, they talk, plan, speak of love, and make love. The sex is both hot and sweet. It just goes to show a story need not be long and complicated to express k/s love in a big way. [3]
This one deals with an older Kirk and Spock after events in the Undiscovered Country. After a separation they meet up on the observation deck of the Enterprise and discuss the future. Kirk is thinking about retiring from Starfleet so he and Spock can spend more time together. Of course, this discussion leads to a very hot love scene, where they actually throw caution to the winds and make love on the observation deck! It was nice to see that even later in their lives they still have the same passion and fire for each other and Kirk’s realisation that there is now something more important in his life than his ship is wonderfully described. [4]


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