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Many fans of K/S call themselves "K/Sers."

The term was used in the late 1970s (though rarely) to refer to fans of Kirk and Spock gen relationship stories. [1]

In the early 1980s, the term had shifted to mean fans of the Kirk/Spock sexual relationship. One place "K/Ser" was used extensively was in the apazine K/S & K.S. (Kindred Spirits). In the early to mid-1990s, the term was much more widespread. One zine it appeared regularly was The K/S Press.

Examples of Use


"Rest assured that the Bay Area K/Sers will welcome you and any other K/Sers with open arms when you come travelling in California. Isn't that true of K/Sers all over?" [2]


"Speaking of K/S and its meaning, a fellow K/Ser sent a wonderful articulate article to me by a Joanna Russ called "Another Addict Raves About K/S." Not only did I enjoy it despite my extreme reservations about too much analysis and over explaining, but whan I gave it to my totalty-non-understanding-about-K/S husband and he read it, a big lightbulb want on over his head and he said and I nearly quote "Now I see and I wish I could have someone like a Spock or a Kirk in my life."[3]


"The whole collection was filled with images of death and rebirth, of mourning losses, yet understanding love. Truly a beautiful, romantic K/S zine, one that would be perfect for the budding K/Ser." [4]


"Ah, well, at any rate, each and every IDICon was a K/Ser’s wet dream." [5]


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