Calendar Boys

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K/S Fanfiction
Title: Calendar Boys
Author(s): Anne Elliot
Date(s): 2004
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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Calendar Boys is a Kirk/Spock story by Anne Elliot.

It was published in the print zine Astray in the Wilderness.


"Ensign Oliseo, whizz photographer has this wonderful idea."

At KiSmet 2011, Elise M displayed a number of "story pictures" -- Kirk and Spock dolls shown in a scene from a story accompanied by some lines from a story. Fans were challenged to identify with story the tableaus illustrated. These CGAs were later printed in The K/S Press. This one was for "Calendar Boys."

Reactions and Reviews

This is an absolutely delightful story, the obvious inspiration being the movie "Calendar Girls", A brave ensign on the Enterprise decides that the perfect way to raise money for a relief effort would be to have the officers of the Enterprise pose for a calendar that would be sold to raise money. The officers are agreeable until the ensign wants them to pose naked! Or as the ensign puts it "well, that is, naked apart from a carefully positioned piece of equipment - or several in the case of the ladies".

I love how Anne sets her stories on the Enterprise, showing Kirk, Spock and the others going about their daily duties. This is a first time story, with a rather different catalyst for Kirk and Spock realizing how they feel about each other than I've read before. Kirk finally agrees to the idea, but is adamant that Spock not pose, even though the Vulcan is willing, (There's a very amusing scene where Kirk proceeds to lecture Spock on what behavior is appropriate for Vulcans, and how Sarek would object,} Kirk finally has to order Spock not to pose since none of his arguments against it convince Spock. Hmmm, but why is Kirk so opposed to the idea of Spock participating? That's something McCoy wonders about too, (I love when he tells Kirk he's in love with Spock, and comments about their chess games: "My God, Jim, you two should be Federation Grand Masters by now, the amount of time you supposedly spend playing. Of course, it's just an excuse to spend time alone together, if you'd only admit it,"), Spock has his own ideas on the subject as well, and chooses a rather unique way to "discuss" them with Kirk, (The saying "actions speak louder than words1' definitely comes to mind here)}

This is a great idea for a first time story, but Anne makes it so enjoyable and memorable with her wonderful and witty style of writing. And her description of Kirk's picture in the calendar makes me desperately wish I could order one for myself! [1]


  1. from K/S Press #141