Astray in the Wilderness

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Title: Astray in the Wilderness
Publisher: Village Press
Date(s): 2004
Medium: print
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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cover of Astray in the Wilderness (appears to be the same as the cover for Prophets in the Wilderness)

Astray in the Wilderness is a slash Star Trek: TOS K/S 124-page anthology.

From the Publisher

Way back in 1982, two fen looked up from the zines they were reading, looked at each other and said, 'Hey, we can do this too!' And they did. They had the stories - two each! They had the technology - an elderly electric stencil printer (100 copies per minute) that went berserk when you took your eye off it. Most of all they had the enthusiasm. And so they wrote a zine. They called it THE VOICE 1 and they sold it. So they wrote some more. Kate came and they kept writing. Frances came and ... Finally after 5 issues, they said, "This is fun let's ask more people." The VOICE wasn't big enough so along came IN THE WILDERNESS (ITW for short) - all 7 of them.[1]

Age Statement

From the publisher's website: "We do not need to know your age to buy Village Press zines. However, we reserve the right not to sell Village Press zines to anyone whom we consider would not appreciate the zines as they should be appreciated."

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  • Each According to His Gifts by Patricia Roe (On the eve of Genesis, Admiral and Captain remember ...)
  • Yes, I Remember it Well by Anon (Where do they go for shore leave? Not Argo, they're banned! Not Calypso, no one over 50! Definitely not Wrigleys! That only leaves Tigron IV ...)
  • A Bad Day at the Office by Jasper Murgatroyd (Jim has a headache. McCoy has the cure but will it work? Only Spock can tell! Jasper's mathematical take on K/S, a related story is For a Few Quatloos More.)

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