Heroes in the Wilderness

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Title: Heroes in the Wilderness
Publisher: Village Press
Date(s): 1997
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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front cover

Heroes In the Wilderness is a K/S slash Star Trek: TOS 186-page anthology. The art is by A. H.

From the Publisher

Way back in 1982, two fen looked up from the zines they were reading, looked at each other and said, 'Hey, we can do this too!' And they did. They had the stories - two each! They had the technology - an elderly electric stencil printer (100 copies per minute) that went berserk when you took your eye off it. Most of all they had the enthusiasm. And so they wrote a zine. They called it THE VOICE 1 and they sold it. So they wrote some more. Kate came and they kept writing. Frances came and ... Finally after 5 issues, they said, "This is fun let's ask more people." The VOICE wasn't big enough so along came IN THE WILDERNESS (ITW for short) - all 7 of them. [1]

Age Statement

From the publisher's website: "We do not need to know your age to buy Village Press zines. However, we reserve the right not to sell Village Press zines to anyone whom we consider would not appreciate the zines as they should be appreciated."

Sister Zines

From the Zine's Editorial

Welcome to HEROES IN THE WILDERNESS. From vignette to novella, from the lightheaded to the serious and dramatic, we have tried for variety and we hope that everyone can find something special to enjoy. This, of course, includes the artwork of A.H. to whom go my thanks for her patience and her deeply intellectual response to the title of this publication. I owe also a great debt of gratitude to Amanda for her wonderful typing and proof reading skills. Any typos remaining are my responsibility, having crept in at the last moment.

The origin of the title of this series IN THE WILDERNESS can be found in the story of John the Baptist (St. Matthew's Gospel) and was meant to express something of the difference that the editor felt lay between her interpretation of K/S and the popular vision at the time (the 1980s.) The genesis of the present title comes in that splendidly funny fantasy novel by Terry Pratchett "Guards! Guards!" (page 287 in the Corgi paperback edition.) ITW is an occasional series of zines. (Very occasional, some would say; another suggested title was "Totally Lost in the Wilderness".) Writers range from the very long standing, (or should that be sitting?) to the brand new and I would particularly like to introduce Katherine Cooke, who makes her first appearance here. We wish her a long, satisfying writing career. Most contributors contact the editor with ideas rather than completed MSS. and I am quite happy to wait while stories are being written or illustrations completed. ITW is always technically open, accepting material of all kinds (excepting death of major character - almost always a gratuitous device.) HEROES has the biggest page count of any Village Press zine so to keep the overseas price, in particular, down I have had to condense the layout somewhat. I hope you will bear with me over this. The aim has been for maximum words on the page, consistent with legibility.

Finally, this issue has been a long time in the making. All the writers are waiting, breath held, for your comments. Please don't let them suffocate. (Not exactly an original figure of speech but an apt one. Without feedback writers cannot flourish.) All your comments are welcome from a single line to multiple pages. These should be sent directly to me. (For U.S. readers - Jeanette will provide the address) and I will forward them to the appropriate contributors (most of whom use pen names.)


  • The Cook, the Captain, His Lover and the Gourmet - Eva Stuart (Murder, mayhem and haute cuisine on the Enterprise. Who killed the Armelian Ambassador? Who laid McCoy out in Sickbay? Can Kirk find the killer in time to prevent diplomatic disaster? How much chocolate cake can a Vulcan eat?) (1)
  • Manna - Jenna Sinclair (Part of Jenna's "Sharing the Sunlight" series. Nearing the end of the five-year mission, the Enterprise celebrates, and even without the link, Jim and Spock celebrate too.) (Author's note: "As I wrote Manna, I thought about all the wonderful people I met at Closet Con in 1993 This story is dedicated to you, in thanks for the welcome you provided me, the stimulating

between the novel Promises to Keep and the third novel which should see print in 1997. This is a tough time in the lives of our captain and his first officer, but even in the darkest hours there's a way to find a ray of sunlight. Enjoy! Love, Jenna.") (19)

  • Setting Sun, Rising Star - Patricia Roe (After the Klingon Peace, Spock's career is at its zenith; Admiral Kirk is redundant. Their relationship is in ruins until Jim encounters Kelly ...) (27)
  • Adrift - Katherine Cooke (Under the triple moons of a watery planet Spock discovers the ways of the inhabitants, and between Captain and First Officer 'something new and wonderful is born.') (77)
  • A Political Marriage by Katherine Cooke (The Enterprise brings new life to a dying world and Kirk begins a voyage of self-discovery.) (109)
  • Last Movement by Eva Stuart (Scandal in the highest places threatens the integrity of Starfleet and the honor of two captains.) (153)

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[art by A H]: The art in this zine is lovely ... and different to the zine art we are used: lots of cartoons, showing Kirk and Spock in the wilderness - but not as heroes... I would love to see more of this in all of our zines!! (Hint: What about a Calendar? Funny situations for each month?). [2]


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