Singing in the Wilderness

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Title: Singing in the Wilderness
Publisher: Village Press
Date(s): 1999
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Singing In the Wilderness is a 108-page K/S slash Star Trek: TOS anthology. The art is by A. Humphries.

From the Publisher

Way back in 1982, two fen looked up from the zines they were reading, looked at each other and said, 'Hey, we can do this too!' And they did. They had the stories - two each! They had the technology - an elderly electric stencil printer (100 copies per minute) that went berserk when you took your eye off it. Most of all they had the enthusiasm. And so they wrote a zine. They called it THE VOICE 1 and they sold it. So they wrote some more. Kate came and they kept writing. Frances came and ... Finally after 5 issues, they said, "This is fun let's ask more people." The VOICE wasn't big enough so along came IN THE WILDERNESS (ITW for short) - all 7 of them. [1]

Age Statement

From the publisher's website: "We do not need to know your age to buy Village Press zines. However, we reserve the right not to sell Village Press zines to anyone whom we consider would not appreciate the zines as they should be appreciated."

Sister Zines


  • Moving On - Anne Elliot ("Spock you are incorrigible. The campus is bursting with attractive, healthy young people and here you are climbing all over me with wicked thoughts in your head." Spock raised his head momentarily. "So?" Kirk tutted and pushed him gently, "So, I find it hard to believe that you find me attractive in the face of all that youthful beauty." He winced inwardly. Did you really have to say that J.T?) (nominated for a 1999 STIFfie Award)
  • A Voice in Rama - Eva Stuart ("Silence is not an option here." Kirk had an uncanny habit of catching up stray thoughts. "You just shoved me away as though I were a - rapist. Why?" Jim was angry now, not so much because of the sex but the silence and more angry than he should be. Something was happening.)
  • Man's Best Friend - Kate Daniels ("So how do you apply this sand?" The healer, or in most instances the afflicted individual - or his Bondmate," (here Spock allowed a tiny hint of expression to cross his countenance,) "constructs a box or tray of appropriate size to contain himself and the sand, which is packed round the damaged area." "I see - you want to build me a litter box? And that you think will be more dignified and less conspicuous than one very small lapdog?")
  • The Child Within - Katherine Cooke ("I'm ill, aren't I? I feel strange... scared all the time... Is that why we're here?" Spock nodded, not daring to speak lest it chase away this moment of insight. ..."Do not fear. I will stay with you." Spock watched Jim's expression soften to a near smile, "I've always loved you," Jim whispered.)
  • Shadows by Rosemarie Heaton (Past and present cast long shadows.)
  • The Name of the Game by Anne Elliot (Kirk plays a terribly high price for breaking The Prime Directive.)
  • Lepidoptera by Patricia Roe
  • The Risk Business by Patricia Roe (What can break the stalemate between the Captain and the First Officer?) (nominated for a 1999 STIFfie Award)
  • Legend of Myth and Metamorphosis by Elizabeth Woledge (Can this Spock of Vulcan long ago break the curse laid to him at birth?)

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[art by A.H.]: I just loved the three adorable drawings of our heroes, doing exactly what this zine's title says - Singing in the Wilderness. I couldn't possibly pick a favorite among the three: an obviously miserable Vulcan, shivering in the chilly downpour while his captain, umbrella askew, shows him his version of 'Singing in the Rain’... three lusty kimono clad senior officers entertaining the crew with their version of 'HMS Pinafore' in Rec Room C...or an adoring Captain who's about to get soundly bonked on the head by his a First Officer who, costumed as Maria from 'The Sound of Music,' is greeting his lover with a zestful serenade. Absolutely charming renditions by someone with a rare talent for seeing the humor in many situations. I do hope we'll be honored with more of her drawings. [2]
[art by A.H.]: I really like the sort of cartoon art done by A.H. in the last two Wilderness zines, but especially the three pieces in Singing in the Wilderness. K/S with a lot of humor thrown in!

The frontispiece has Kirk literally singing in the rain, mouth enthusiastically open in song, his umbrella held off to the side because he doesn’t care he’s being pelted with rain. Actually, the cloud and raindrops seem to be hovering mainly over Spock, whose arms are wrapped around his torso while he shivers as his captain goes about his tuneful captainly business. The second piece portrays the three little maids from school in Gilbert and Sullivan’s The Mikado. Only the maids are Kirk, Spock and McCoy. Spock appears to be perfectly composed, even having the aplomb to have one leg back as if to prepare for a curtsey, but Kirk’s black wig is falling off, and McCoy’s is askew. The third is best of all. Kirk is being bopped on the head by a handbag that is being flung enthusiastically out by the outstretched arm of his first officer. Said first officer is attired in the dress and apron of the young postulant Maria from The Sound of Music, and it’s apparent that Spock/Maria is singing to the hills. The Enterprise sails serenely off into the sunset in the background.

Totally improbable, showing a shocking lack of respect for the fandom I adore, but.... I love it all! [3]


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