The Risk Business

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K/S Fanfiction
Title: The Risk Business
Author(s): Patricia Roe
Date(s): 1999
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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The Risk Business is a Kirk/Spock story by Patricia Roe.

It was published in the print zine Singing in the Wilderness.

This story was nominated for a 1999 STIFfie Award.

At KiSmet 2011, Elise M displayed a number of "story pictures" -- Kirk and Spock dolls shown in a scene from a story accompanied by some lines from a story. Fans were challenged to identify with story the tableaus illustrated. These CGAs were later printed in The K/S Press. This one was for "The Risk Business."


"What can break the stalemate between the Captain and the First Officer?"

Reactions and Reviews

It’s a pleasure to come across a story by an author whom you trust, whom you know will take you on a K/S journey where you’ll be satisfied at the end. Patricia Roe has written a well-rounded, satisfying story in The Risk Business.

The story opens to a uniquely dramatic scene of danger and rescue as Kirk is caught in an accident on a car racing circuit, and only Spock’s quick action as he darts from the crowd saves him. They are both injured, but not seriously, and in the hospital Spock gives vent to his rage, his concern for his lover. “I will not tolerate this cavalier attitude! You will cease this reckless behaviour!” Kirk is not too thrilled with this particular and public declaration, and once back on the ship there’s a marvelous scene where they try to sort things out. They are mature men struggling with their acknowledged emotions for each other as well as their pride and their possessive natures, what each proclaims to be their basic natures that they cannot change. I really like how the author doesn’t make this situation easy for them, for there truly is no easy resolution. Especially nice and life-like is this little interaction during this scene of confrontation that is yet filled with caring: “Just checking,” Jim teased, and he stood up and moved around the desk, invitation in his eyes. Fleetingly—very fleetingly—Spock weighed the inadvisability of abandoning the discussion in favour of more intimate interaction, against the overwhelming desire to feel Jim in his arms again. No contest, he decided. The relief the embrace brought was only temporary, and was almost instantaneously replaced by an incandescence that carried them into the bedroom, and they fell onto the bed with a new-found urgency. But their passion was short-lived; the heated disagreement stood in their way, and kisses and caresses began to falter almost immediately. They tried to ignore this fact for long awkward moments, then Jim moved out of Spock’s embrace and rolled over onto his back, still fully clothed, right forearm covering his eyes. “This isn’t working out, is it?” This is only the very beginning of the story, the rest takes place on Starbase 4, on a planet they visit where Spock becomes very much involved in a risky situation and it is Kirk who must stand by and endure the worry about his lover. Although the structure and conclusion of the story are pretty standard, it is expertly presented. I became genuinely involved in the predictament that Spock and his friend Professor Gardine, and really felt for Kirk during the hours of uncertainty.

This particular story has plenty of physical interaction (sex!) and the intimacy that I crave in most of my K/S, especially towards the end when they are back on the Enterprise. It would have been very easy to wrap things up in half a page, but the author gives us several more realistic pages instead. I liked so much that Spock learned something significant from the experience as well as Kirk, and the ending scene I rate two satisfied sighs. I recommend this story. [1]
Kirk increasingly takes risks with life and limb and Spock becomes increasingly worried about his behavior.

The race car sequence at the beginning of the story is written so well—it’s tense and exciting and written in a sharp, clipped style that enhances the action of the scene. Spock saves Kirk from a fiery death and it’s very exciting.

In sickbay, Spock confronts Kirk about his behavior, but Kirk doesn’t want to be changed. There’s a very real moment when they start to make love, but have to stop because they are still at odds with each other.

Spock wants to bond with Kirk and he feels extremely unsatisfied. I loved his explanation of his condition: “If you could but realise, Jim. It is tantamount to being physically aroused to extreme desire, the pressure building towards the imperative orgasm and never being granted that release. Never. Ever.”

They go on a shore leave, but Kirk has to have meetings with admiral Komack and Spock is involved in a research project with a professor.

Nice scene as Kirk thinks about himself and Spock and how he’s afraid of bonding and commitment.

The professor and Spock are suddenly taken hostage by industrial espionage mercenaries. A lot of this is rather unclear, but I think the situation is meant to show Spock taking risks as well as Kirk. However, I loved Kirk deciding to go in and save Spock himself. Very Kirk!

I also loved it when he sneaks into the building and quickly dispatches the bad guys “with his own brand of martial arts/academy brawl, with more than a little dirty street fighting thrown in for good measure.”

Spock is saved and Kirk now wants to bond. Neat scene after Spock has recovered and they talk of taking risks, accepting each other and their love.

The scene of their bonding is very beautiful. [2]


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