A Change of Mind

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K/S Fanfiction
Title: A Change of Mind
Author(s): Toni Cardinal-Price
Date(s): 1978, 1982, 1991
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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A Change of Mind is a Kirk/Spock story by Toni Cardinal-Price.

It was published in Nome #12, Companion #1, and Cheap Thrills #4.


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Reactions and Reviews

In "A Change of Mind", we feel with heart-wrenching realism every nuance of Spock's reaction when Kirk changes his plans to accompany his friend on shore leave. This is not a simpering Vulcan, it is a man of strength and fortitude who does his very best to overcome just one more instance of pain and disappointment in his lonely life. It makes me cringe to think that the Captain would be so thoughtless, yet we mortals often do such things while calmly reassuring ourselves that our friends will understand. This story is just a glorious exploration of that man, Spock. Kirk, as well, is realistically portrayed. He's worried about Spock while at the same time annoyed with himself for letting his attention wander from his attractive female companion. The reader is not rushed to an over-simplified conclusion here. There is no great revelation: only the quiet truth of how important one being can be to another.[1]
'A Change of Mind' is reprinted from Companion #1, which is long out of print. It is a story which is totally engrossing, and the only reason that is was not my favorite story in the entire zine is simply because I had read it before. The editors explain that this story is reprinted here for the benefit of all the newer readers who keep asking about the significance of the ceramic horse. 'Out of the Closet' is by far the most humorous piece in the entire zine. It starts out with Kirk and Spock in blue jeans and T-shirts going back in time to do some research. The fun really starts when they stop off at a gay bar (complete with whips, chains, and lots of leather, of course) for a few beers... which leads to other problems.[2]
Oh, such a sweet and sometimes bitter-sweet story this is. Spock is as I love him, sure of his own mind but oh so very vulnerable, especially where James T. Kirk is concerned. So when Kirk accepts an invitation to join him at an archeological dig during shore leave, Spock is, in his own quiet and reserved way, ecstatic. This writer can grab my heart and twist it with a very special skill, and this is a stellar example. Gathering their hiking gear, Kirk and Spock encounter yet another of Kirk‘s inevitable former girlfriends, who of course wants to take up where they left off several years before. I hate, hate, hate when Kirk gives in to her and tells himself that Spock won‘t miss him on the dig. Kirk reads the disappointment in Spock‘s eyes, but still turns away with the girl. As the author says, ―'If they had turned around again they might have caught a glimpse of the bewildered look, the naked hurt that flickered momentarily across his face....' Yes, Kirk is seduced by his old flame, but not without guilt, which is deftly described. We can feel the pain he‘s feeling, and the remorse, and the indecision. Finally he convinces himself it isn‘t safe for Spock to be alone because a gang has been operating in the area and he heads for the ruins. But things do not progress as smoothly as you might think. More hand-wringing is in store, along with the special touch provided by a very distinctive gift: a pottery horse. This is a classic early K/S love story that I believe even the most sophisticated reader would find has survived the test of time. If I wasn‘t mellow when I started, I most certainly resembled warm jello by the time I finished and moved on to the next story.[3]


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