Soft Kill

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K/S Fanfiction
Title: Soft Kill
Author(s): Deanna Gray
Date(s): 2004
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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Soft Kill is a Kirk/Spock story by Deanna Gray.

It was published in the print zine Kindle My Heart #1.


"Kirk and Spock both suffer from the same problem after making love during a planet survey. "His attempts at suppressing the pain in his head were failing. Dropping to his knees, he reached for the communicator. His arm hurt and stung as he grasped it. The grid was cracked. Flipping it open, Spock was relieved to find the instrument, while damaged, was functional. Blinking to keep his eyes focused, he was able to find a working frequency.""

Reactions and Reviews

"Soft Kill" by Deanna Gray is about 78 pages long in this 125 page zine. So if you don't like Deanna, you are not going to like this zine. But I love her writing and think she's a favorite of a lot of other people, too. The only other two stories in the zine are by Abraxisdragon whom I know nothing about (I'm not sure I've ever read anything by her before) and Elise Madrid who has appeared in various other zines that I have read. "Soft Kill" has lots of sex and lots of plot as well which I don't want to give away. This story is not a first time as Kirk and Spock have been lovers for four months. The story is fascinating and well written. It was definitely enjoyable. I really recommend the story.[1]
Once again this author proves her versatility and imagination by penning a story with a unique and intriguing plot as only she can. Add to that great characterizations and some really hot sex scenes and the result is a story that just shouldn't be missed.

This is an established relationship story—Kirk and Spock have been lovers for four months and are happily enjoying all the joyous moments that new relationship has brought them - from making love at every opportunity they have to waking up in the morning wrapped in each other's arms to showering together where the focus is on something else other than getting clean. Then after what should be a routine beamdown to a planet to get some supplies, Spock encounters several beings attacking a human male. When he tries to help, he himself is soon rendered unconscious. Fortunately his injuries aren't serious and after a quick recovery in Sickbay, he and Kirk find themselves in the middle of a mystery surrounding the human Spock has rescued, now in a deep coma and not expected to survive. Although it is soon discovered he is an undercover agent, they can get no further information as to what he was doing on the planet or why he was attacked, other than he was trying to obtain information on a prototype for a new weapon. It is only after Spock mindmelds with the agent that they learn he obtained this prototype and was attempting to leave the planet with it when he was attacked. But that soon becomes the least of their worries as Kirk learns Spock's rescue of said agent has yielded far more dangerous consequences to the Vulcan than a mere bump on the head. The mysterious prototype has suddenly turned up—a lethal device that is now deeply imbedded in his lover's body. What follows is a harrowing series of events as Kirk races against time and surprisingly Starfleet itself in a desperate attempt to save his beloved Vulcan. Yet even when it appears he has been successful, he finds the consequences of actions he was forced to take to ensure Spock's survival could prove to be just as lethal to their future together as the device itself.

Another wonderfully creative, suspenseful, imaginative story from one of fandom's best. I can't wait to see what she comes up with next. [2]
“Soft Kill” is an Established Relationship story, and personally, I prefer First Time stories, but this one is really good. The plot is engaging and interesting. I thought the whole idea of the Soft Kill device (won't say more) was very intriguing and well developed, and the love story between Kirk and Spock is also very satisfying.

There are at least two really hot sex scenes in this story. One at the very beginning and one at the end. To me this story actually reminded me of Jenna's writing. (That's supposed to be a huge compliment in case anyone's unsure). The angst of not knowing whether a loved one will survive or not, the intensity and uncertainty of a rather new relationship was very satisfying. As I said, it's not a First Time, but they are not yet bonded either and it creates certain insecurities.

Reading about Spock doing some dirty-talking and being Jealous! Spock was an added bonus to an already lovely story. As always, Deanna delivers the goods. I don't think I've read a story by her (yet) that I haven't liked. A lot. [3]
There seems to be no end to the inventive plots this talented K/S author comes up with for her stories. The Soft Kill device is creative and used very effectively in an interesting and absorbing plot involving smuggling, intrigue and espionage. This is a hurt/comfort story too, with Spock being the one injured and in danger. Kirk and Spock have only been lovers a few months at the beginning of the story, and I loved how Deanna describes the newness and intensity of their relationship. We hear how each feels about the other and their relationship, from both POV’s. Their new relationship is severely tested by the events that transpire, and what Kirk must do in order to keep Spock alive. Some great love scenes by a true master add to our reading enjoyment in this exciting, well written story. [4]
From the mastermind of the unexpected plot comes another tangled tale of intrigue and romance. There is little to rival the opening scene for grabbing my attention. Kirk awakens with his lover sleeping at his side, savoring the last few moments of that special security known only while snuggled in ones own bed in the arms of ones beloved. Ahhh, I can handle anything now. Was I thinking that or was Kirk?

It's good to have that kind of optimism because it will be needed before too many more pages are turned. On landing party duty, Spock becomes an unwary pawn in an attempt to smuggle out a sinister and secret deadly weapon. In the process he becomes its primary target. This is a most ingenious weapon and an even more creative storyline. I love this Kirk and Spock. Kirk is protective without being solicitous. Spock is intelligent and warm. Together they have always been unstoppable. Will this time be different? Time, it seems, is but one of the enemies. Just as one might imagine the enemy has been bested, with happy times just ahead, Ms. Grey twists the plot once more. Their apparent success has been won at the price of betrayal, which Spock finds most difficult to accept. He is torn to pieces, his love for his captain so new and radiant just days ago feels tarnished. Loathe to turn his back on the only happiness he has ever known, the only time he has ever felt acceptance and love, Spock grapples with the knowledge that Kirk has turned once more to a woman. There is, as you might expect, much more here than meets the eye. The unraveling of this mystery of the heart takes awhile, and we feel every hurt and every shred of hope until it is resolved.

Here is a story true to the ideals that has held Star Trek aloft for almost 40 years. Plot, drama, suspense, believable human interaction and a most satisfactory end. [5]


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