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Issue 61

front cover of issue #61 -- "This is a ripping zine! The covers alone will take your breath away. Arresting, the front is; a great concept of oneness portrayed in a special and thought-provoking way. Merging faces of our two heroes, the lusciousness of a curly-haired Adm. Kirk and the sleek, serious, still- sensuous Vulcan. Both handsome faces merged against a background of dark space and dazzling stars. I love the expressions that radiate with inner conflicts and meaningful thoughts. Of olden times, perhaps? Below the unified faces the images seem to recall a time when Spock had borne his Human to safety on some dangerous mission. And I came to the conclusion both men were wrapped in such poignant memories at this moment. This breathtaking concept is all in black and white, a particular favorite of mine. Thanks for the gift, I. M. Muller! and for naming it, "One Mind." [1]
covers of issue #61, I.M Mueller -- "Back cover is, naturally, another favorite of mine, and no, I won't stop saying that, it's true; they're all my favorites. Dark times on the front but on the back a subtly- colored vision of masculine beauty, resting near a babbling brook before or after making love. Magic, how this artist brings to life her subjects thoughts, their love and caring on a grand scale and injects them into our minds. Here, Jim and Spock are immersed in each other, just about to kiss, I'm sure. Exciting, tender all at the same time. Because it's so romantic, I adore it and love the name, "One Soul". Gorgeous and so well-drawn I can feel the heat of the two twined handsomest guys in the universe. Love it too because they're naked and I can see Jim's butt!! My fingers instantly went into the pinching mode! Two dreamboats of togetherness. A purely intoxicating vision of requited love! Another gift to savor along with the stories involved. [2]

First Time 61 was published in August 2007 and contains 182 pages.

  • Delilah by Mary Kay (Kirk, Spock and McCoy spend shore leave at a southern plantation, McCoyʼs aunt had just left him in her will. When they get there, they become embroiled with a mystery from hundreds of years ago.)
  • The Not So Ordinary Day by Starshadow (While at Starfleet Academy it was logical for Spock to engage in sexual experimentation in order to understand humans. And then he met his second captain... an exotic, captivating alien named James Kirk.)
  • Contemplation on Olive by Orinne Martin (Itʼs the last landing party at the end of the five year mission, and Kirk, in a burst of affection, kisses his first officer and best friend. Neither man knows how to deal with it. When they reunite after Vʼger, they must reevaluate their relationship.)
  • After the Credits by Kelly Reiger (Sarek has fallen asleep in his private room in sickbay, and Amanda is free to find her son to apologize for striking him. She sees Spock trying to get his wounded captain to eat. Will these two ever be able to share their feelings with each other?)
  • Shattered Heart by Kelly Reiger (Spock is at Gol, and Jim Kirk has just told Lori that he wonʼt be renewing their marriage contract. His feelings of loneliness and desire for Spock are overwhelming him.)
  • Joined-Up Thinking by Anne Elliot (Jim Kirk knows there are words which will make the Tevarans agree to join the Federation, and there are words which will make Spock his. Now if he could only figure out what they are.)
  • The Evil Among Us by Khiori (Kirk and Spock are visiting a starbase where a madman is torturing and killing Starfleet officers. And then he captures Spock.)
  • The Angry Heart by Brianna Falken (A first time story set after Vʼger. Kirk is angry at Spock for leaving him three years before and vows to never let anyone get that close to him again. But when murders start happening on the Enterprise, they must work together to solve the mystery.)

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[art by I.M. Mueller]: Boy, would I like to get my hands on this lady‘s portfolio of K/S art! I‘ll bet it would take a forklift to carry it around! There‘s half a portfolio in this one zine, beginning with the very uncommon cover. The face depicted there is half Kirk, half Spock. It‘s interesting how it ―works‖ when their features are so different. Holding one‘s hand over first one side of the face and then the other clearly shows these are two individuals, but together, they appear as one. How typical of the relationship. There‘s an inset of Kirk wrapping his arms around Spock from the back. I like that concept.

Titled ―One Mind‖, the cover is challenged for top honors by the back cover called ―One Soul‖. Yes, a very, very nice almost-kiss. This is very difficult to capture and Ms. Mueller has the faces exactly right. Exactly! But there are also bodies, in full color, if one can tear her eyes from the kiss. A nice pose of Kirk languishing between Spock‘s legs and ready for another touch of those luscious lips. On page 21, Kirk is worshipping Spock‘s brow with his mouth. Not a hard thing to imagine and a nice one to behold. Nude again, with just a wisp of sheet to cover them. I don‘t mind seeing them that way! There‘s an interesting Kirk collage opposite page 83, with side and frontal views of our captain‘s face. We‘re also treated to a nice nude of him sitting on perhaps a rock outcrop, one knee casually bent, probably soaking up some sunshine. That isn‘t all – he‘s also shown in dark pants, with that terrific bare torso we‘re all so fond of. Now this is interesting. Opposite page 93 is a nude Spock, in exactly the same pose as the smaller insert of Kirk mentioned above. Spock‘s body is especially well-done, lean and masculine, waiting no doubt for a certain human. Kirk and Spock in their youth – perhaps Academy age – are shown accompanying the poem on page 107. The poem speaks of youth and their first meeting. Both are slender and seem somewhat shy and hesitant. Matches the poem well, with them standing in front of a window. Well, if you have to pick a favorite, you have your work cut out for you with this issue! But the embrace opposite page 112 would have to be it for me. This is done from a most difficult perspective and the artist got it right! Spock has Kirk spooned in his arms. Kirk has lifted his head for a kiss and Spock eagerly acquiesces, tangling his fingers in his captain‘s hair. This is beautifully done, and since what we see of Spock is his magnificent body and the top of his head, nearly impossible to depict without looking awkward. Instead he looks very graceful and natural. I could look at this for quite awhile.

That wasn‘t enough? No, we also have the inside back cover. And what an encore! The men are entangled in a very intimate and erotic position that is breathtaking. Spock is clearly in control here and Kirk is enjoying every minute of it! Hmmm....maybe this is my favorite. Otherwise, how come I can‘t lay the zine down long enough to finish this LOC?? [3]
[art by Shelley Butler, opposite page 160]: Ah, Shelley. I don‘t know what you had in mind for Spock in this picture (maybe I need to read the story it accompanies). But for now I‘ll just sigh over the masculine beauty of that lean body wrapped only in oversized ropes – something that reminds me (a landlubber) of something you‘d see on a ship. They‘re casually draped, so he‘s free to remove them, but instead his hand lingers over the twisted fibers that cross over his groin. What a nice hand – the veins are showing just enough to be realistic. Of course, that‘s what I like so much about Shelley‘s work – it is almost more realistic than reality if that‘s possible. That‘s because in reality the eye fails to see all the details that somehow stand out more clearly in her drawings. Spock looks a bit troubled here – his brow is wrinkled and one side of his face is in shadow. Or perhaps it‘s sunburned from standing on the deck of Kirk‘s sailboat. Lots of things are possible, but only Shelley knows the truth. [4]

Issue 62

covers of issue #62, I.M. Mueller are called "Living Waterfall" -- "I haven‘t ever seen covers quite like these before. Kirk and Spock poised like living statues on the two sides of a waterfall forming one continuous wraparound picture. Both men are semi-erect. The figures are well proportioned, not overly muscled. Faces, also, are accurately portrayed. Nicely done! There must be a story behind these illos, and I‘d love to read it. Just what were you thinking, Marianne, when this vision popped into your head?" [5]
front cover of issue #62

First Time 62 was published in July 2008 and contains 208 pages. Contains interior art by I.M. Mueller and Suzan Lovett.

  • Unchained by Mary Kay Urbanski, p. 4-32 (Spock appears restive and combative for weeks, until at last the reason for his obvious discomfort is revealed.)
  • The Little Things by Khiori, p. 34-36 (Kirk comes to a rare appreciation of all that the bond means to himself and his first officer.)
  • Dark Days, Dark Nights by Helen Cakebread, p. 38-41 (Admiral James T. Kirk and his longtime friend seek to clarify the meaning of their lives following changes in both of their status.)
  • Lord of the Dance by Anne Elliot , p. 42-71 (Emotions are revealed following a cultural exchange on the planet Koullend and a dance which liberates both Kirk and Spock to uncover a secret between the two.)
  • Core of Desire by Jeanne Marie Sosa, p. 72-141 (As their final mission draws to a close, Kirk and Spock reminisce about the one occurrence which brought them together at last.)
  • The Dream Egg by Starshadow, p. 142-175 (A simple birthday gift is discovered to be more than hat it appears, as an ancient Vulcan legend is wrought to the surface by a cherished artifact.)
  • Harvest of Love by Deanna Gray, p. 176-208 (Courage is the one factor which unites Kirk and Spock following a devastating accident aboard the Enterprise.)

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[art by Suzan Lovett]: Page 207 – Living Ecstasy This is an absolutely stunning and incredibly erotic picture of a naked Kirk and Spock making love. Kirk is arched back in ecstasy with his eyes closed, one leg over Spock‘s shoulder, as Spock kneels in front of Kirk and pleasures his captain. Wonderful faces and bodies, and the expression on Kirk‘s face – words fail me! Really an amazing picture. [6]
[art -- "Living Ecstasy" by Suzan Lovett]: The word erotic best describes this soft, sculptural drawing. Here are male bodies at their best – and in positions that must be nearly impossible to capture with such precision, but Ms. Lovett has done so with a splendid touch of realism. Kirk is sitting on perhaps a high stool of some sort, leaning back in complete rapture. But no wonder! Spock is kneeling on the floor, gently ministering to his manhood, one hand tightly gripping that of his captain and soul mate. I love the tempting glimpse of Spock’s privates and the way Kirk has wrapped one leg around his back to draw him ever closer. This is a gorgeous, mouth-watering image and superbly depicts the most intimate of moments between them.[7]
[art by Marianne Mueller]: This amazing woman’s art fills First Time 62 literally from cover to cover. The front and back covers are of Kirk and Spock respectively, somewhat stylized versions of them…or from unusual angles. The two covers, when open, form a cohesive picture of them, nude, leaning on either side of a rock formation with water flowing over it. The piece, called “Living Waterfall” is different and well done. There’s a great kiss – which I mentioned last month and not one but two grand snuggle pictures – something I always enjoy. There are several different styles present, which add to the illusion there may be a number of artists, but when you look closely, it’s Ms. Mueller exhibiting her talents in many ways. My thanks to this gifted artist who chooses to share with all of us by giving life to Kirk and Spock with such an inexhaustible array of images.[8]
[art]: Wow, wow and more wow! I.M. Mueller has outdone herself, with some fabulous drawings for this zine, including two gorgeous color pictures. The two color pictures alone are worth the price of the zine! Front and back covers Titled ―Living Waterfall – Kirk (front cover) and Spock (back cover) nude, each in a waterfall. Beautiful and very different.

Page 32 – Together Forever Having seen some unsuccessful attempts at drawing Kirk and Spock kissing, it‘s a pleasure to gaze upon this excellent drawing. The artist always draws hair so well, and the actual kissing scene and lips are excellently done. This is a very tender and passionate piece. Page 71 – Snuggle Buddies Just as the name implies, Kirk and Spock cuddling. Spock is wrapped around Kirk and (took a second look to see this) has his hand between Kirk‘s thighs. No wonder Kirk looks so smug and content! Page 111 What a nice portrait of an older Kirk and Spock, that perfectly illustrates Jeanne‘s story. Page 139 Kirk is nude (except for a cloth discreetly draping his groin) in bed, leaning back and reading a book. Very nice face, perfect body. Yummy! Page 150 – Watched Absolutely beautiful color picture of Kirk and Spock as warriors with long hair and each wearing a loin cloth. They are seated opposite each other at a campsite with an open fire, with a desert background behind them. This picture accompanied Starshadow‘s story about the dream egg, and illustrates one of the dreams Kirk had. The colors in this picture are just gorgeous, and I love the shading of the musculature. Page 166 – Warrior Love We see the ancient warriors from page 150, but this time they are naked in a passionate embrace. This is another stunning color picture from this talented artist.

Inside Back Cover Kirk and Spock are asleep in bed in this drawing. Kirk is holding Spock, and both look very peaceful and content. [9]
[inside back cover by Marianne Muller]: This is lovely! Not a very unusual pose—two men lying replete in each other‘s arms after sex. There is such peace and contentment in their nestled bodies. Spock has one hand resting on Kirk‘s hip. Spock is held safely within Kirk‘s embrace. Both men are asleep.

As always, though, written details can‘t always capture the marvelous feelings evoked by a piece of art. Even so, I‘m going to give it a try: lovely lines of slim youthful bodies, hands placed to love and comfort, light against dark, rest and repose and brief respite from the pressures of command It also doesn‘t hurt that this must be near the beginning of the first five-year mission since they are both so young and gorgeous.

I just loved it! [10]

Issue 63

First Time 63 was published in July 2009 and contains 194 pages.

front cover of issue #63, by I.M. Mueller
back cover of issue #63, I.M. Mueller
  • the front cover, back cover )=("Tryst") and interior art ("My Alien Lover," "Tramp Camper," and "Meant to Be") are by by I.M. Mueller
  • First Kiss Forever by Joey Barney (An established relationship story where Kirk and Spock take shore leave on a planet they had both visited many years before. Spock reminisces about a masked stranger who had kissed him at a masquerade ball.) (4)
  • Something by Mary Kay (Kirk and Spock go camping to help Kirk come to terms with their last mission which went horribly wrong. Kirk starts seeing and hearing things and keeps having weirdaccidents.) (18)
  • In This World, poem by Kelly Eiger (59)
  • Settling for Less by Nadja Lee (An established relationship story set after the five year mission. Kirk and Spock live on Vulcan during the Enterpriseʼs refit where Spock takes Kolinar training. Spock turns super Vulcan, only speaking Vulcan and rejecting Kirkʼs sexual advances.) (60)
  • That Which Lies Within by Asa Meada (82)
  • Elementary Statistics, poem by Scott Hunter (87)
  • Delayed Reaction by Khiori (After Kirkʼs old friend Tom Leighton calls with news that Kodos is still alive, Kirk finally tells Spock the truth of what happened to him on Tarsus.) (92)

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[art]: front cover: Kirk, Spock and the Enterprise are on this cover picture, along with something different. We‘ve seen Kirk and Spock together umpteen times as shown in this cover picture, but I‘ve never seen drawings that are close ups of each of their eyes. The four drawings are shown top to bottom as Kirk‘s right eye, Spock‘s left eye, Kirk‘s left eye and then finally Spock‘s right eye. Excellent drawings of the eyes, and a really unique idea!

My Alien Lover: I really liked this drawing. Spock is squatting, kissing Kirk who is sitting cross legged. Kirk‘s back is to us, and I love how the muscles of his back are drawn with just a few strokes. Loved Spock‘s hand on Kirk‘s neck, and the way Kirk‘s arms go around Spock – the pose managed to be both sexy and tender at the same time. Really nice work!

Tryst - Inside Back Cover: I liked this a lot, too. What looks to be a sleeping Kirk (or maybe just resting after lovemaking?) has his head on Spock‘s chest. This is a tender embrace – Spock is holding one of Kirk‘s hands and Kirk has his other hand resting on Spock‘s shoulder. We catch a tantalizing glimpse of Spock‘s naked upper body behind Kirk. The artist did a great job capturing a really wonderful, open, loving expression on Spock‘s face.

Back Cover: Oooh, nice arms! I love well muscled arms and the picture portrays a naked Kirk and Spock (from the waist up) hugging each other. Really nice job on the muscle definition in this drawing, which seems to show (at least to me) Kirk and Spock comforting each other. And something I didn‘t notice until I looked at the back cover- the artist has the Enterprise triangular insignia on the spine of the zine so it overlaps both the front and back covers. Very clever – this artist is often so creative in her compositions. [11]

Issue 64

front cover issue #64

First Time 64 was published in 2011.

  • Love Ever Lasting by Nadja Lee (Death is a natural part of life. Accepting it as unavoidable is therefore logical. “We… we had some good times, didn’t we Spock?”)
  • A Computer and a Plan by Mary Kay (Spock sat at his computer, a frown on his face as he scrolled down the list of restaurants looking for just the right one. No ordinary one would do, he had very specific criteria. Somewhere in the deep recesses of his mind it occurred that he was putting more effort into this research project than he had for his last paper that was published in the Interstellar Astrophysics Quarterly. A small smile crossed his lips.)
  • Asking for the Moon by Elise Madrid (Having walked the corridors of the ship for over thirty minutes, he was no closer to a resolution than when he’d started. The communiqué he’d received that morning, and Star Fleet’s response to his request, had gotten his stomach churning. He’d been able to ignore it most of the morning, going through the motions, glad they weren’t in the middle of a crisis, but finally he’d left Spock in charge and departed the bridge.)
  • Perchance to Dream by Khiori (Spock made his way down the corridor, his attention focused on the Padd in his hand. They were currently holding orbit over Starbase 6 and there were a myriad of tasks to be completed before they could depart. "Mr. Spock!" He turned to see Mr. Scott approaching rapidly. He paused as the engineer hurried up to him.)
  • The Telling of the Story by Kelly Reiger (With the deepening shadows of his sparely decorated room, James Kirk could tell that several hours had gone by while he just sat there. Yet knowing this, he still did not move. Really, he did not think he even had the energy to move.)
  • Singular Passion by Deanna Gray (Spock sat back in his chair, folding his arms across his chest, regarding the man opposite him and the extraordinary proposition just given him. “Well?” Spoken with a hint of Captain Kirk’s reputed impatience. “I am unsure how to reply.” Surprise flitted across the human’s face. “Unsure?” “There are many variables to consider, components to be weighed - ” “This isn’t one of your experiments, Spock,” Kirk’s exasperation was evident. The human leaned forward, his body augmenting the intensity of his words. “This isn’t something you can answer logically. What are you feeling? Repulsed? Eager? Intrigued? At least a little curious?”)

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[art -- "Galileo Interlude" by Marianne Muller]: It seems there’s very little hand-drawn K/S art in our zines these days. Don’t get me wrong, I admire and cherish our extremely creative cga artists, but every so often I really miss those wonderful illos that used to fill the zines from years ago. It’s rare that an artist can draw a scene to order, but Ms. Müeller can.

I especially like this one; it perfectly fits Deanna Gray’s story. Spock is on his back on the floor of the shuttle bay being penetrated by Jim Kirk. I love the enlarged size of the figures; the look on Spock’s face is transcendent.

I spent quite a while gazing at this one. Lovely work, Marianne. Thank you. [12]


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