The Evil Among Us

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K/S Fanfiction
Title: The Evil Among Us
Author(s): Khiori
Date(s): 2007
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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The Evil Among Us is a Kirk/Spock story by Khiori.

It was published in the print zine First Time #61.


"Kirk and Spock are visiting a starbase where a madman is torturing and killing Starfleet officers. And then he captures Spock."

Reactions and Reviews

It‘s downright creepy when we can see inside the mind of a bloodthirsty sadist, but that is the author‘s intent. This character is someone whose soul is irreparably lost, whose mind is depraved and focused only on avenging some imagined wrong. The glimpses into his unbalanced thoughts are skillfully done, keeping the reader solidly in suspense. For all too brief a time, the lives of the captain and first officer of the Enterprise are separate and blessedly ignorant of the horror that is taking place on the starbase. They are enjoying a bit of time away from their responsibilities with the ship making a milk-run while they attend conferences. Their relationship is new, but already stable, the love and trust between them very evident. We are treated to a very special session of lovemaking before the base commander summons them with some urgency. They quickly learn of vicious attacks that have one thing in common: the victims are always members of Starfleet. Suddenly the blissful hours they‘d imagined spending together are sacrificed for the opportunity to assist in stopping this merciless criminal. A very nice moment occurs when Kirk apologizes to Spock for the interruption, telling him he wanted the time to be special. Spock‘s response is priceless: ―I assure you it is.‖ A finger rose and brushed Kirk‘s lips as the deep voice dropped to a soft rumble. ―It is immaterial to me what activities we engage in during our stay here. So long as we are together.‖ Moments like this just make me melt. Not unexpectedly, rough times are ahead for both men. Spock disappears in the middle of the investigation and Kirk fears the worst. His intuition is good, as Spock has fallen victim to the brutal ministrations of the unknown assailant. Khiori describes vividly the moment Kirk realizes what has happened as he enters their darkened lodging, trying to convince himself with every step that there is a logical explanation for the lights being off, for Spock not being there when he should be. It is something we would all experience in such a situation, I think. As anticipated from this author, there is a wonderful h/c sequence when Spock is rescued and during his recovery from a brutal beating. Kirk is understanding and considerate, Spock is impatient to be back in the action. That action comes more quickly than expected, when a lead materializes.

Suspenseful and satisfying are two words that summarize this well-written story. [1]
I like a good mystery story and apparently so does Khiori. Kirk and Spock are attending a conference on a starbase where a psychopath is kidnaping and torturing Starfleet personnel. Great job peeking into the mind of a sadist. As this author tends to like beating up on Spock, I wasn‘t surprised when our favorite Vulcan became the latest victim. Chilling description. Kirk‘s dread when he discovers Spock is missing and guesses what has happened is heart wrenching. I do so love an emotionally suffering Kirk. But if there‘s hurt, there‘s also plenty of comfort..I don‘t like it when H/C is really more hurt than comfort, but not here. Kirk is loving and caring and I like that Spock is portrayed as just as stubborn as Kirk. In the end the monster is captured as all monsters should be... and all‘s well on the Enterprise. Fine story, Khiori. Keep up the good work. [2]


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