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Title: Audacity
Author(s): Shoi
Date(s): August 31 2013-April 15 2015
Length: 195k
Genre: slash
Fandom: Attack on Titan
External Links: Audacity on AO3
Audacity Print Cover by Kazeki

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Audacity is a Levi/Erwin Smith pre-canon story by Shoi.

The story explores the backstory of Erwin Smith and Levi, their first meeting, and Levi's recruitment to the military. It includes BDSM dynamics. In the fic, Levi has Jewish heritage - Jewish Levi is a somewhat common trope in the fandom. Nanaba/Mike Zacharias and Hange Zoë/Petra Ral are side pairings.


Summary: Erwin believed beyond a shadow of a doubt that Levi had climbed that wall.

Reactions and Reviews

I’m probably the last monkey on the branch recommending this, but if you haven’t read it already, you totally should (if you’re into Eruri, that is). I havenn’t slept this past night ‘cause it got me severerly hooked :_D I still have some chapters left but I’m loving every piece of it, both technically and plot-wise ♥ And this is coming from someone who doesn’t read fanfics on general basis :_3[1]

One of my FAVES! OMG I love this fic![2]

And, of course, this wouldn’t be a real Eruri fic rec list without talking about Audacity by Shoi, even tho I’m p sure you can’t be an Eruri fan if you haven’t read it.[3]

THE origin fic that probably every Eruri fan has read so far[4]

Inspired Fanworks

Audacity was made available as a print book in April 2015. [5] The cover was drawn by mstrmagnolia (Kazeki).

A podfic was created by ZoeBug. [1]