The Private Life of Vulcans

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Title: The Private Life of Vulcans
Creator: T'Lara & Rhaegal
Date: 2017
Format: digital video
Length: 05:00 min
Music: narration by Sir David Attenborough, from numerous of his documentaries; background music from Star Trek TOS
Genre: humor, parody, romance, slash
Fandom: Star Trek TOS, Kirk/Spock
Footage: Star Trek TOS (especially Amok Time), Star Trek TMP

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Description: The Private Life of Vulcans is a Star Trek TOS vid by T'Lara and Rhaegal, featuring the pairing Kirk/Spock. It was created in 2017 and premiered (unsigned) at KiScon in Los Angeles, during the Amok Time Reloaded vid competition. The vid was voted winner by the convention members in attendance.

In 2018 it was shown at REVELcon and was voted Best in Show.

Summary: The seminal documentary on Vulcan courtship. Everything you always wanted to know about Vulcan biology but were afraid to ask.

For this work, the vidders took numerous lines and phrases from Sir David Attenborough's documentaries and edited them together to let him narrate the fascinating story of pon farr, set to footage from Amok Time and other TOS episodes.


  • From a REVELcon report: "A Star Trek: TOS vid by T'Lara & Rhaegal focusing on Spock and entitled "The Private Life of Vulcans" followed, in which it appeared that David Attenborough was narrating Spock's courtship rituals. It was side-splittingly funny! The vid was unusual in setting its clips to a spoken-word recording rather than a musical piece; also, I was impressed at how the vidders were able to blend in the original background music from the Star Trek clips along with the spoken-word soundtrack."[1]


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