The Legacy of K/S in Letterzines: The K/S Press: 1996 to the Present

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Interviews by Fans
Title: The Legacy of K/S in Letterzines: The K/S Press: 1996 to the Present
Interviewer: Dorothy Laoang
Interviewee: Charlotte Frost
Date(s): 2007
Medium: print, CD
Fandom(s): Star Trek: TOS
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The Legacy of K/S in Letterzines: The K/S Press: 1996 to the Present was an interview in the zine Legacy #5. The subject of the interview is The K/S Press. The subject of the interview is that letterzine's editors Shelley Butler and Jenna Sinclair.

It was part of a series: see The Legacy of K/S in Letterzines.

The first part of this interview contains a detailed description of the letterzine's editorial policy and rules as well as some excerpts from #8 which was published in April 1997. That issue was one focused on the internet and what it would do to print K/S.

Excerpts from the Interview

Why did you decide to start publishing The K/S Press?:

The existing K/S letterzine, Come Together, seemed to be failing for a number of reasons.

One day, the two of us were discussing over the phone the true need for a letterzine in our fandom and how sad we were to see Come Together apparently coming to an end. Shelley was quite determined that K/S would not be left bereft, and she vowed to keep the letterzine going if at all possible. Jenna, in a foolhardy moment of generosity, vowed to help her. Ten years later, we’re still going strong….

Did you edit letters for length, content or any other reason?: We haven’t edited anything for a long time, except occasionally when someone whose first language is not English asks us to take a look at what she’s written and clean up her prose. In the past, during the first three or four years, we did very infrequently edit letters, always advising the writer and giving them a chance to make changes on their own. Invariably this was done to tone down the emotional tone of the contribution; flames are possible in print as well as online!

Were there any intense discussions or major controversies at the time?: We have had many intense discussions, especially in the early years, but we hope always conducted within the borders of friendship.

What else would you like LEGACY's readers to know about The K/S Press?:

Mainly that it’s a labor of love for us, because we love K/S and we love fandom. And...Jenna wants to take this opportunity, while Shelley isn’t looking, to say that the greatest gift of all from these past ten years with The K/S Press has been the friendship between the two of us. Shelley is a great gift!

It’s also really important that Robin Hood get lots of credit for the significant work she does for the letterzine every month. The K/S Press has always been a huge labor of love for us, but many times things in our lives threatened to derail it. When Robin Hood stepped up and volunteered to get it printed and mailed five years ago, that saved the day and enabled us to keep going.