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You may be looking for OASIS, a fan club for Armin Shimerman.

Title: Oasis
Publisher: Pon Farr Press
Author(s): Alexis Fegan Black
Cover Artist(s): Deeb
Date(s): 1990
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Oasis is a K/S slash Star Trek: TOS novel by Alexis Fegan Black. It was published by Pon Farr Press in 1990 and has 104 pages. The front cover is by Deeb and the title page is by Marilyn Cole

Interior art is by Deeb and Marilyn Cole and has been reprinted from other Pon Farr Press zines.

The story "Oasis" is reprinted in 5 of Hearts: The Collected Short Novels of Alexis Fegan Black.


Publisher's summary: "Four short stories woven together to form a novel. OASIS is strictly for fun! In this novel you will not find a shy, inexperienced, emotionally crippled Spock. Nor will you find a Kirk who is afraid of his feelings, or who wrings his hands at the mere thought of admitting those feelings to Spock. What you will find is a situation wherin two emotionally and sexually competent men come together to share their love."

From Gilda F: "While stranded when the shuttle develops problems, Kirk and Spock use a mind-link to entertain themselves."

An Anecdote About the Cover

front cover by Deeb
title page: Note: This image has been marked as sexually explicit and has been minimised.

The artists shares a memory in The K/S Press #7 (1997) about finishing the art, and her husband's help with printing it:

Once when I had worked 'til the last minute on a drawing and had to pack to leave for California in the morning, he [husband] offered to take said drawing to the printer to be copied. Now, this just happened to be a rather large drawing of K/S, very naked, and K is washing S's hair. As it turns out, my regular printer couldn't handle anything of that size, and my husband toted that thing all over town (a small, very conservative area) until he found someone who could.

The Editorial

"Good clean smut."

That's what one of the proofreaders called OASIS, and as the writer, I'm not inclined to disagree. For those of you who remember A QUESTION OF BALANCE, my first K/S novella - you will probably find OASIS similar in... er... content. OASIS is not meant to be deep or even
though-provoking. It's meant to be fun
 and - hopefully - a love story. After writ
ing some of my other K/S novels - YEAR
 SLEEPERS, DAYBREAK and VAGABONDS, just to name a few - it seemed that the time had come to play. It seemed to me anyway that it was time to break away from the traditional angst we so often see in K/S and just let the characters enjoy one another. You will not find a shy, virginal, embarrassed, cowering Spock anywhere within these pages (unless, of course, you count the fantasy Spock in The Birthday Present. Nor will you find a hand-wringing, uptight, homophobic Kirk. (Well, Kirk does wring his hands once or twice within the first few pages, though not because of his feelings for Spock). What you will find in OASIS are two grown men who happen to love one another and who set out on a series of mental journeys to prove it. OASIS is very adult in nature, and if you're offended by graphic sex scenes with just a little kinkiness thrown in, stop right here.

I would especially like to thank Deeb for the inspiration for OASIS. As I'm sure you'll agree, the cover art is fantastic, and without it, OASIS itself wouldn't exist. Deeb's cover for Naked Times #22 also served as writing inspiration for the chapter entitled Night Life On Nineva Nine: her young-Kirk cover of Naked Times #23 was the backbone of Chapter Two - Just An Iowa Farm Boy. Also, thanks to Marilyn Cole for her inspiration on The Birthday Present. The illustration used for that chapter was originally the cover of Otherwhere/Otherwhen. So... what I'm saying is that I probably wouldn't have written any of the stories in OASIS if it hadn't been for these two magnificent artists. Thanks to both of you for the inspiration.

Again, as to why the pages are green rather than white, it's because - quite simply - I'm tired of supporting zine pirates. I work too hard on my zines - especially my own novels - to have them unscrupulously copied by thieves. So until some other solution can be found, I'm afraid we're all stuck with the green paper. Anyone who's already read VAGABONDS has undoubtedly heard my complaints on the pirating of zines, so I won't go into it again here. If you haven't heard the whole story, I'll gladly send you a copy of my editorial in VAGABONDS for a SASE. The only thing that does bear mention is that tbe green paper is approximately three times more expensive than white, so if the price of OASIS seems high, that's why. Thanks to zine pirates, many editors are already starting to look for other solutions, and if someone can come up with an inexpensive manner to produce zines which can't be photocopied, please get in touch with me.

Finally, I hope you will enjoy OASIS. As I said, it's definitely different than the majority of my K/S novels, though admittedly it was enjoyable to write. Hopefully, it will be enjoyable to read as well.


  • Just an Iowa Farmboy -- "For nearly half an hour, they frolicked together in the creek, playing tag and splashing one another with merciless precision. It occurred to Jim that it was the most real fun he had ever had - certainly in recent memory. And at the very least, it distracted his mind from thoughts of leaving. He was content to chase Spock in their underwater games and to be chased in return. He was also content to wrestle with the Vulcan when he occasionally found himself cornered by a natural bend in the creek."
  • Night Life on Nineva Nine -- "Spock wanted to play. Kirk suspected he could give the Vulcan a run for his money - and when he really stopped to think about it, it dawned on him that he had often considered suggesting some type of more binding alliance himself. Now, if he understood the Vulcan correctly, that decision had been taken out of his hands while he slept. It wasn't such an awful prospect. Not really. And after so many recent assassination attempts, he had to admit that having Spock on his side - and in his bed - would serve to deter most would-be back-stabbers. Not even that nit-wit Chekov would be dumb enough to threaten a Vulcan's mate…"
  • The Birthday Present -- ""In answer to your question," the human said with an almost wistful smile, "I'm not the same guy who bought you from that market. He's a friend of mine who seemed to think I needed a… birthday present." Spock said nothing. No question had been asked and he was therefore not required to speak. He held his silence, not looking away despite every wish to do so. Yet Kirk was beautiful…"
  • Just for the Asking -- "Kirk smiled warmly, then proceeded into the adjoining room. Decorated in stark black, red and gold, it was almost as striking as its Vulcan occupant. On one side of the room, a massive window opened onto the lushly-planted balcony, where a large waterfall complete with boulders was located. Since the suite was located on the top floor of the hotel - an island unto itself - there would be little chance of prying eyes..."