Nova Trek

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Title: Nova Trek
Editor(s): Helena Seabright
Date(s): 1990
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Nova Trek is a gen Star Trek: TOS anthology. It was titled volume one, but was the only one issued.

Nova Trek contains 300 pages and was published in 1990. It is perfect bound.

From the editor:
There was no one specified theme for this volume of Nova Trek, and the material was accepted solely on the basis of (1) quality, (2) appropriateness to the Star Trek theme, and (3) the feasibility of working with the contributor to obtain a superior result, without strife and acrimony. As sometimes happens, however, a theme did develop: interspecies relationships. Besides the usual Human-Vulcan and Human-Klingon, we also have Human-Andorian-Comechai, Vulcan-Romulan, Orion-Human-Klingon, Aletian-Vulcan-S'Vreeth, and Dytak-Human among others. There are McCoy-stories, Kirk-stories, Spock-stories, a Chekov story, and stories with interesting "bits" for Sulu and Uhura, as well as some fascinating new crewmembers which we have not met before now. There is adventure, atmosp, characterization, and thoughtfulness, written and drawn with style and originality.
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Reactions and Reviews

Nova Trek is expensive, but it is a thick volume and it is set up double column style, so you get a lot of reading on those three hundred pages (another plus, it's classic Trek only, for those of you who prefer it, as I do). It is a while since I read this zine, but I recall I wasn't fond of either of the long stories in the volume (nothing wrong with the writing, they just didn't catch my fancy) but I did particularly enjoy two of the short stories, "Quirk of Nature" and "Kirk's Just Desserts." If the proposed Nova Trek II ever makes it to the "available" list I fully intend to order it. [1]
I've just finished reading Nova Trek (Helena Seabright, editor) and although Mimi English mentioned it in the March issue, I felt such a high-quality zine deserved a bit more. Yes, Nova Trek is expensive. But for $25.00 you get 300-plus pages of excellent writing and illustrations, all printed up and bound book-style so you can put it on your bookcase rather than adding to the increasing pile my zine collection is turning into. I consider the price money well-spent—for a fanzine, or a professionally published book. The Classic Trek zine covered a wide spectrum—short stories, novel-length stories such as Bonita Kale's "Search Under Safeport," and humorous stories like Sharon Pillsbury's "A Quirk Of Nature." There is a wealth of illustrations by such very talented people as Deeb Cairns, Jai Dixit, E. Reck, and Sherry Veltkamp, and a good number of poems; two by Ann K. Schwader made me chuckle. Many people contributed to Nova Trek, and I commend every one of them on their fine work. I liked everything about this zine and can't recommend it highly enough. [2]


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