Judy Chien

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Name: Judy Chien
Alias(es): JAC, Bunnies From Hell, Thumper
Type: vidder
Fandoms: see list below
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Judith Chien[1] is a vidder who has been making fanvids since the late 1980s.

While Bunnies From Hell has been responsible for a large number of vids, Judy herself has done only a handful, many of them highly praised. She was very likely the first vidder to make a Wiseguy vid. Many of her vids were shown at MediaWest*Con. She has also been a recipient of the Vividcon fan scholarship.

Judy was notorious for finishing some of her vids at MediaWest*Con just in time for the deadline. Though she was part of a group and often showed her vids on a tape with other group members, most of her vids were not done collaboratively.

Her vids are distinctive for frequently featuring dark subject matter, using less common musical choices, and displaying an exacting attention to timing. Judy made good use of internal movement and the cuts in the source material.

As of 2012, she has yet to make the transition to digital editing and has not made a vid in some time.

Some of her vids have been remastered by Tzikeh.

See Media Fandom Oral History Project Interview with Judy Chien.

Solo Efforts










With MVD

Year unknown

  • The Corries - "Maids When You're Young" - a Blake's 7 vid about Servalan. Made by Mary Van Deusen, Stephanie Hall and Judy Chien. Online here.


  1. ^ Known as "Judy" in person and from the credits produced by other group members, this fan usually uses her full name in writing.