Caribbean Blue

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Title: Caribbean Blue
Creator: Judy Chien
Date: 1997
Format: VCR
Music: "Caribbean Blue" by Enya
Fandom: One Life to Live

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Caribbean Blue is an early One Life to Live vid. It is by Judy Chien, and it premiered at MediaWest*Con in 1997.

From a 2012 Interview

Judy Chien talks about this vid extensively in Media Fandom Oral History Project Interview with Judy Chien conducted by Franzeska Dickson:

Patricia and Ann at that point were really in to Voyager, and had made an hour of Voyager bid vids [for MediaWest.] And their main thing that they were interested in was Paris and B'Elanna, so there was an hour of vids about Paris and B'Elanna. And, you know, that's fine; I just felt that, for a vid show, that there should be a little bit of variety. This is something actually that California Crew told me, that I apparently still remembered, from their first vid panel that I went to. That there should be a variety of tone, of fast/slow, ballad/funny, you know, just to keep the audience interested. And I was like, ok, well, all right. If I manage to finish the Mystery Science Theater 3000 vid at the con, there will be, we can have half an hour of Paris and B'Elanna, then my vid, then another half hour of Paris and B'Elanna. It would be better if we could like divide it into thirds. So I had made a One Life to Live video, which I didn't show to anybody because I didn't think anybody would be interested in it. And it was also an experiment because I was like, "Let's see what would happen if I took a song that I didn't understand the words to and sort of randomly made a vid with a story that was unrelated to what they were singing." It was "Caribbean Blue," by Enya. Yeah, Enya, where, I don't know what she was singing. I was just like, "It's pretty music, and I'm just not going to pay attention to the words, because the only words I understand are 'Caribbean Blue' ". And so, when the – I'm not going to go into the plot of One Life to Live at that time, because it would be too complex and would take who knows how long, but when the Person Back from the Dead Character had, was wearing a dress with deep blue sleeves, and she would flow the sleeves over somebody to make them dream about something, that would be with Caribbean Blue. The other thing would be constructing a plot for each of the characters that she did this to, except that I cut out most of them due to the fact that, you know, it was too long. And it was just all very, you know, they’d used special cinematography for those episodes, with different focuses and everything, just to say, this is a dream scene. This is an angel scene.... Yes, a lot of color filters, and you know, smudgy visuals, and things like that, that you know sort of flowed. So I thought that was interesting, and I wanted to do something with it. And it was also just really an experiment to see if I could do something completely unstructured from words, because I'm extremely literal, and my vids have mostly been really tied to the words. I mean, not like, they mention a bridge, there's a bridge, but, you know, basically, they mention a bridge, and whatever it means a bridge to me is there in the video. I'm not just doing apart from the words. You know, it has to have some kind of meaning. So I thought, can I even do this? And I really liked it, but, of course, nobody watched One Life to Live in fandom that I knew, so I was like, "I'm really happy with this!" and then I got there and I'm like – But for here, I thought, if we did twenty minutes of Paris and B'Elanna, then Mystery Science Theater MST3K, then twenty minutes, and then One Life to Live, at least there would be different. And of course then when they put them all together they did an hour of Paris and B'Elanna and put my two at the end. So it was like, oh well, that's the only reason that one's out in the public.