Hotel California (The Prisoner vid)

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Title: Hotel California
Creator: Judy Chien
Date: 1993
Format: VCR
Music: "Hotel California" by The Eagles
Fandom: The Prisoner

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Hotel California is The Prisoner vid by Judy Chien.

Fan Reactions

This vid is gorgeous, and makes great use of the creeptastic nature of the show. The whole thing is a glorious exploration of paranoia. [1]

I knew this one well, since I'd included it in the Narrative vidshow last year. It's a lovely, beautifully put together Prisoner vid. The only thing I can criticize about it is that the music at the end goes on forever without lyrics, and without much purpose, but I don't think it was possible to edit the way we do today back then, and the vidder was stuck with what she had. [2]


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