Bookends (Quantum Leap vid)

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Title: Bookends
Creator: Judy Chien
Date: 1990
Format: VCR
Music: "Bookends" by Simon and Garfunkel
Fandom: Quantum Leap

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Bookends is an early Quantum Leap vid by Judy Chien.

From Media Fandom Oral History Project Interview with Judy Chien conducted by Franzeska Dickson:
I did a little short one. That was actually the first vid I did that was not Wiseguy, now that I think of it; the little song "Bookends", from Simon and Garfunkel? It's like four lines? I did that for Al and Beth before, you know, they changed the ending, and made them live happily ever after. You know, when it was tragedy. I really like horrible, tragic things. [laughter] Cause, you know, Wiseguy, and then the thing that impelled me to make a video for Quantum Leap was, "Beth is the love of his life and for her own good he can never be with her." Whereas other people made all these nice happy Quantum Leap vids that I loved, but you know, for some reason, that just didn't occur to me to do. [laughter]