Teddy Bear Times

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Title: Teddy Bear Times
Publisher: PDC Press
Editor(s): Angela Reese and Terri Halasz
Date(s): July 1989
Medium: print, zine
Fandom: Doctor Who & Blake's 7
Language: English
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Teddy Bear Times is a gen Doctor Who and Blake's 7 135-page anthology that was published in between the two issues of Aquitar, the adult het and slash all-B7 zine by the same editors.

  • Farewell, poem by Angela Reese (2)
  • Maddog, "Avonberry Crunch" (Blake's 7/Smurfs) (6)
  • Doctor's Theme (filk) by Angela Reese (10)
  • Doctor's Fever by Terri Halasz (Doctor Who) (11)
  • "Choplogic" (contest) (Blake's 7) (15)
  • Post-Gauda Prime Resumes by Carol Grasgreen (16)
  • Final Report by H.L. Avry (22)
  • The Doctor's Enemies (filk) by Angela Reese (29)
  • Character's Puzzle by Brendan O'Cullane (30)
  • The Zombie by Maddog (31) (Blake's 7)
  • In the Valley of the Jolly Green Giant by Adrian Morgan (41)
  • Rassilon was a Time Lord (filk) by Angela Reese (42)
  • Dayna (Blake's 7) poem, Jennifer H.
  • Meditation by Angela Reese ("The Master is trying to conquer the Earth again. But is it really the Master, or is the Doctor just daydreaming?") (43)
  • B7/DW Riddles by Jingle (52)
  • Nine Lives by Carol McCoy/Cami ("Did Avon really like having Tarrant around? Maybe the pilot had more going for him than just teeth and curls?") (Blake's 7) (53)
  • We Three Companions (filk) by Maddog (63)
  • Who, Jenna? by Angela Reese ("Jenna was sick of always being left behind on the Liberator, when one day a tall, blue box appeared.") (Blake's 7/Doctor Who)
  • Revelations by Terri Halasz and Angela Reese ("Blake's alive, and Vila is mad! The first episode of a great new 5th season!")(69)
  • Some Creatures Great and Small by Laura Blunk (88)
  • Flight of Fancy by Maddog (101)
  • Come and Meet the Doctor (filk) by Angela Reese (114)
  • Totally Weird Zone part 2, The Wrath of Cons by Pete and Repete (115) (Blake's 7)
  • You are Receiving this Zine Because (131)
  • Graffiti by ? (132)
  • puzzle and riddle answers (134)
  • personals (135)
  • limericks by Orac (63, 68)
  • art by Adrian Morgan, Colleen Helm, Judith Boguslawski

Reactions and Reviews

This B7-DW gen zine was published in between the two issues of the adult-and-slash all-B7 zine by the same editors, Aquatar.

Carol's story is a humorous one about Avon's repeated unsuccessful attempts to dispose of Tarrant. It was odd to read this shortly after reading Jean Sheward's Dead End, which is a serious treatment of a somewhat similar theme.

And I think the Smurf crossover has got to be the all-time nuttiest crossover ever. [1]


  1. ^ from Sarah Thompson at Judith Proctor's Blake's 7 site