1993 Virgule-L Fan Fiction Survey

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Fan Survey
Title: 1993 Virgule-L Fan Fiction Survey
Surveyor: Terri V.
Date(s): 1993
Medium: online
Fandom(s): The Professionals, others
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In March 1993, Terri V. conducted an informal survey on Virgule-L, the slash mailing list, to see what fans were reading and who were their favorite authors and artists. The mailing list numbered less than one hundred subscribers and the fans at the time were heavily into the Professionals with a smattering of Blake's 7 and Star Trek fans.


Favorite Professionals Novel

  1. A tie between: Jigsaw Puzzle, Masquerade and Injured Innocents
  2. Lest These Dark Days
  3. Strange Days Indeed
  4. Rediscovered in a Graveyard
  5. Of Tethered Goats and Tigers

Favorite Novel Other Fandoms: Blake's 7:

  1. The Last Best Hope
  2. Memory Play
  3. Careless Whispers
  4. The Mind of a Man is a Double-Edged Sword

Favorite Novel Other Fandoms: Star Trek

  1. Taking Command
  2. The Price of Freedom
  3. Night Visions
  4. Broken Images
  5. Nor No Man Ever Loved

Favorite Novella -Pros (many of these were circuit stories)

  1. "Kind Hearts" by O. Yardley (reprinted in Printed Circuits)
  2. "Veils of Morning" by Rhiannon (reprinted in Rhiannon (Professionals zine))
  3. "A Pardon After Execution" by Pam Rose (circuit story)
  4. "Poison Apples (or the Wickerman)" by Pam Rose (circuit story)
  5. "One Night in Bangkok" by Karen Miller (circuit story)

Novella - Other fandoms

  1. Lunatic Heroes - Blake's 7
  2. Mirrors of Mind & Flesh - K/S
  3. Mojave Crossing - Starsky & Hutch

Short Story - Pros

  1. "Emerging from the Smoke" by HG (later reprinted in HG Collected)
  2. "Adagio" by Sebastian (later reprinted in Sebastian Collected #2)
  3. "His Reply" by Rosemary
  4. "Scoring a Try" by ET (circuit story)
  5. "A Game for Two Players" by Jane (published in Nudge, Nudge, Wink, Wink #1)

Short Story- Other Fandoms

  1. "Foot in Paradise" by Alexis Fegan Black (published in Styx and Stones) -K/S
  2. "Descending Horizon" by Sylvia Knight (published in Resistance) -Blake's 7
  3. "Fanatics" by Bryn Lantry (published in Before & After) - Blake's 7
  4. "Bound by Trust" by Christopher Montclair (published in Avon Calling) -Blake's 7
  5. "Doing Time" (published in The Other Side (Blake's 7 zine)) - Blake's 7

A/Us - Pros:

  1. Arabian Nights
  2. Master of the Revels
  3. Griffin by Courtney Grey (circuit story) (discussed by Jane of Australia in Jane Responds to an Allegation)
  4. Night Moves by Courtney Grey (circuit story)
  5. Wine Dark Nexus
  6. Brothers Keeper by Frankie (circuit story that later inspired Helen Raven's Heat-Trace)

Writers - Pros:

  1. Sebastian
  2. Courtney Grey
  3. Pam Rose
  4. H.G.
  5. O. Yardley
  6. Ellis Ward
  7. Rhiannon
  8. Chris Power
  9. Alexfandra
  10. Lezlie Shell
  11. M. Fae Glasgow

Writers - Others Fandoms

  1. Bryn Lantry
  2. Ellen O'Neil
  3. Dovya Blacque
  4. Alexis Fegan Black


  1. Suzan Lovett
  2. TACS
  3. Jean C.
  4. Karen River
  5. Alexfandra

Artists Honorable Mentions:

  1. Adrian Morgan
  2. Gayle F.
  3. Marilyn Cole
  4. Southern Cross

Single Fandom Zine - Pros:

  1. What If
  2. Unprofessional Conduct - all issues
  3. Nudge, Nudge, Wink, Wink
  4. As Two 3 Pound Notes

Single Fandom Zine - Other Fandoms:

  1. Resistance - Blake's 7
  2. McPikus Interruptus-Wiseguy
  3. Styx & Stones - K/S
  4. Splinters of Light - Kung Fu: The Legend Continues

Mixed Media Zines (Multiple Fandoms)

  1. It's Greek to Me
  2. Liaisons II
  3. Paean to Priapus - all

Secondary Characters - Pros:

  1. Murphy

Secondary Characters -Star Trek

  1. McCoy
  2. Uhura

Secondary Characters -Blake's 7

  1. Carnell
  2. Jenna

Secondary Characters -Highlander

  • Richie
  • Tessa

Favorite Episode - Pros:

  1. Mixed Doubles and Hunter/Hunted
  2. Man without a Past
  3. Ojuka Situation
  4. Stakeout
  5. Discovered in a Graveyard

Favorite Episode - Other Fandoms

  1. Pressure Point-Blake's 7
  2. Star One-Blake's 7
  3. Orbit-Blake's 7
  4. The Fix-Starsky & Hutch
  5. The Lacquered Box-Kung Fu: The Legend Continues
  6. Amok Time-Star Trek
  7. Journey to Babel-Star Trek
  8. Mirror, Mirror-Star Trek

Favorite Episode - Also mentioned:

  1. Naked Time-Star Trek
  2. Trouble with Tribbles-Star Trek
  3. All our Yesterdays-Star Trek

Best Straight Story:

  1. "Game of Humanity" by Sheila Paulson (published in Probability Square) - -Blake's 7
  2. "Huh?" (survey comment)
  3. Mojave Crossing - Starsky & Hutch
  4. "Straight-what's that?" (survey comment)
  5. "From the Darkness" by L.A. Carr (published in Splinters of Light #1) -Kung Fu: The Legend Continues
  6. "A Story without sex?" (survey comment)