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Are you looking for the gen anthology Longbow Special by the same publisher?

Title: Longbow
Publisher: Celtic Hart Press
Editor(s): Sue Rutherford and Sandy Williams
Date(s): 1987-1991
Medium: print
Fandom: Robin of Sherwood
Language: English
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Longbow is a gen Robin of Sherwood anthology with five issues.

Issue 1

cover of issue #1 by Sue Rutherford
a peek inside issue #1

Longbow 1 was published in 1987 and contains 128 pages. It was a 1988 FanQ winner for Best Robin of Sherwood zine.

  • Dedication (1)
  • Acknowledgements (4)
  • Quiver's Contents (5)
  • Herne's Song by M. Battery (7)
  • Herne's Children by Jeanine Hennig--Robin of Loxley saves the life of the young son of a nobleman and shares with him the legend of the Lord of the Trees. (9)
  • Faery Tale by Jeanine Hennig (20)
  • The Wheel Turns by Cindy Fairbanks--Ever wonder what went through Robin's thoughts as he prepared to leave his fellow outlaws--not to mention Marion? And what went on at Huntingdon Castle prior to Robert answering Herne's call; how does this young nobleman deal with injustice before aiding the followers of Herne's Son? How do the outlaws and Marion face the loss of their leader? (23)
  • An Historical Perspective by Cindy Fairbanks (51)
  • Rememberance by Sarach Macht-DeWitt--In a first person account, Robert of Huntingdon, discontent with the rules of chivalry and the nobility's code of injustice, recalls memories of a year past and a particular journey through Sherwood Forest. (63)
  • The Properties of Othila by Sue Rutherford--Sir Richard is relieved and happy to have his daughter safely returned from the clutches of Lord Owen. However, his heart is heavy with the news that he must relay to his old friend, the Earl of Huntingdon. (75)
  • Bowsong by Katherine Robertson (81)
  • Third Season Opener by Jenni (82)
  • Legacy by Arlene Wicks--Back in Sherwood, Marion is torn between the promise she made to her husband before his death, and the danger which she and the outlaws live each day. Is keeping alive all that Robin believed, worth the risk to both body and heart? (85)
  • The Hooded May by M. Battey (89)
  • Marion by M. Battey (94)
  • Tuck by M. Battey (95)
  • Little John by Violet Nordstrom (96)
  • Much by M. Battey (97)
  • Will Scarlet by M. Battey and S. Williams (98)
  • Nasir by M. Battey, T. Casillias and S. Williams (99)
  • De Rainault by M. Battery (100)
  • Manipulator by Tammy Wojtko--Another season of taxes must be delivered to London. This time even Gisburne's "incompetence" cannot foil the Sheriff's plan. What better way to assure the money's safe journey through Sherwood than an escort by the Hooded Man and his followers? (103)
  • Creiddlyed by Jeanine Hennig (113)
  • Apryle 14, 1204 by Lynne T. (116)
  • Flaming Arrows by Sammy Taylor (119
  • Limericks by Lynne T. (120)
  • art by Sue Rutherford (front cover), Jeanine Hennig (back cover), Laura Virgil and Jim Markle
  • poetry by M. Battey, T. Casillias, Jeanine Hennig, Violet Nordtsrom, Karen Roberston, Lynne Taylor, Sammy Taylor and S. Williams

Issue 2

cover of issue #2, Laura Virgil

Longbow 2 was published in 1988 and contains 225 pages. It was the winner of a 1989 FanQ.

  • Choice of Duty... Choice of Heart by Sue Rutherford--A tragic loss affects the hearts of David of Huntingdon and his young son, setting both on paths leading to separate choices. (3)
  • Wolfshead by Jeanine Hennig (9)
  • Absolutino by Violet Nordstrom (11)
  • Alien Man by Jeanine Hennig (13)
  • Fetters and Jesses by Janice Lamel and Sue Rutherford (15)
  • Eulogy by Cindy Fairbanks--The outlaws suddenly find themselves leaderless. What direction will each of their lives now take? And where is the mysterious hooded man? (21)
  • The Earls of Huntington (an historical perspective) written by Cindy Fairbanks (40)
  • Metamorphosis by Carol J.E. Shorn (49)
  • Heart of Darkness by Sandy Williams--Months spent in a drunken haze cannot purge Will's soul of the feelings of defeat and of the memories he'd rather forget. (51)
  • Fathers, Part the Second by L.A. Carr (55)
  • The Crossing by Cindy Fairbanks--With the outlaws beginning to call their new leader "Robin," Much is painfully reminded of a loss buried over a year ago. (57)
  • Requiescat by Sue Rutherford (65)
  • Sojourner by Tammy Wojtko--"I think it's the best plan I've ever had." However, the others have serious doubts about Robin attending a tournament--particularly since he's borrrowed his horse and armor from the Sheriff's Steward! (69)
  • Jasmine Dreams by Betty Press (101)
  • ... Of Huntingdon by Cindy Fairbanks--Interesting revelations come to pass when Guy flees Nottingham bearing evidence of a plot against David, Earl of Huntingdon's life. (103)
  • Limericks from a Tiny Acorn by Lynne T. (176)
  • Promises Broken by Janice Lamel--It's ten years after "Time of the Wolf" and an unexpected, startling discovery leads Robert to Halstead Priory... (179)
  • art by Laura Virgil (front cover), Jim Markle (back cover), Annita Smith, Gerrie Ordaz, Sue Rutherford, Sandy Williams, Deb Hense, and Barb Johnson

Issue 3

cover of issue #3, Jim Markle

Longbow 3 was published in 1989 and contains 270 pages. Front cover by Jim Markel (1989 Major Oak Award winner) illos by Jim Markle: (1989 Major Oak Award winner) and Christine Haire (1989 Major Oak Award winner)

  • Never Meant to Be by Laura Chevening Blunk--A young nobleman seeks to retrieve his love, only to find that Fate has played a bitter hand. (1989 Major Oak Award winner)
  • The Fire in Winter by Cindy Fairbanks--Caught in a blizzard, the outlaws seek shelter at Croxden Abbey. Murder and mayhem abound and Herne's son enlists the aid of a very unlikely ally. (For Nasir fans--there's some hurt and comfort you won't want to miss!
  • Sanctuary by Tammy Wojtko and Lynne Taylor--The brothers de Rainault use Marion's presence at Halstead as a means to capture the men of Sherwood. In so doing, they stand to acquire the vast estates of a dear, old relative.
  • Within a Tattered Web by Sue Rutherford, Janice Lamel, Sandy Williams--A dying Margaret of Gisburne reveals the truth surrounding her relationship with David of Huntingdon, and brings to mind an incident--also remembered by Robert--when the Earl saved the life of his first-born son.
  • Three Dreams by Arlene Wicks--The shadows of the greenwood bring an awakening to a young novice. Faced with a life of emotional conflict, her only companions are her dreams of a hooded man and the friendship of a fellow sister--of whom it is said "...still keeps her longbow!"
  • Look O'er the Cliff by Jaenot Fuqua--Confronted by a mysterious stranger, Robert witnesses events as they might have occurred had he chosen to ignore Herne's warning.
  • Christmas 1183 by Rowena Sayer--Leaford Grange is abuzz with holiday preparations. Among the guests invited to celebrate are David of Huntingdon and his nine-year-old son--not to mention an ill-tempered Lord Gisburne and his arrogant brat!
  • Turning of the Seasons by Janice Lamel--Sequel to "Promises Broken" in issue #2. Having returned to Sherwood after a ten-year absence, Marion's reunion with the other outlaws is fraught with doubts, tensions, and resentments warranted by falsehoods contrived to protect the daughter of the Hooded Man.
  • Whose Son by L.A. Carr--Snared into a deadly trap, Robin is grievously wounded and the Sheriff's steward is stricken down. Eluding a massive manhunt, the outlaws flee Sherwood for Huntingdon Castle, desperately seeking aid for their fallen leader.
  • Denial by Jenna Bruce (1989 Major Oak Award winner)
  • Artwork by Mariann Howarth (1989 Major Oak Award winner)
  • other unknown content

Issue 4

front cover of issue #4, Sandy Williams
back cover of issue #4, Sue Rutherford
flyer for issue #4

Longbow 4 was published in 1989 and contains 300 pages. Front cover by Sandy Williams: (1989 Major Oak Award winner) , illos by Roseanne Rice: (1989 Major Oak Award winner) .

  • Beginnings by Janet P. Reedman (1989 Major Oak Award winner)
  • Simon de Belleme by Janet P. Reedman
  • Captivity by D. Linn
  • For Love... Or Dowry by Tammy Wojtko ("Nothing's forgotten... or is it? A routine raid brings Marion face to face with a part of her past she thought she'd left behind. The ensuing chain of events proves more than Loxley and the boys can handle.")
  • New Year's Dawning by Janet P. Reedman ("A traditional New Year's ceremony becomes a reunion for old acquaintances. Lots of exposure for Gisburne!!")
  • Loxley's Dream by Janet P. Reedman (1989 Major Oak Award winner)
  • Back in Sherwood Forest by Julinda Watson & Michele Amason
  • Denial by Jenna Bruce (1989 Major Oak Award winner)
  • An Outlaw's Wife by Janet P. Reedman
  • Justice by Kylie Kay Jackson
  • Circle Unending by Janet P. Reedman
  • Lest Ye Be Judged by Laurie Shanahan ("The new servant at Nottingham Castle causes trouble for Guy of Gisburne when the Sheriff finds out that she has ties to the outlaws of Sherwood.")
  • Endurance by Carol Schorn
  • Favor of a Merchant by Mitchel Whitington ("Time is of the essence as the outlaws struggle to save one of their own from the hangman's noose. Only now, Robin must put all of his trust into the hands of another.")
  • Soliloquy: Little John by Arlene Wicks
  • The Visitor by D. Linn
  • The Earl's Son by Dena Crystal ("Political intrigue and witchcraft combine forces to dupe Robert into returning home. Will Herne's past betray his son? And if so, at what cost?")
  • From a Certain Point of View by C. York
  • A King's Ransom by L.A. Carr ("'One king's ransom can be paid by another...' What will the outlaws do when their leader is captured and held for public execution? Is there wealth enough in England to ensure the life of Huntingdon's son?")
  • The Bond by Kylie Kay Jackson
  • Resurrection by Cindy Fairbanks, winner of a 1990 Fan Q ("Old enemies must face a final power-play as the Powers of Light and Darkness rise to do battle in Sherwood. Friends -- past and present -- are thrown together in a whirlwind of events where sacrifices must ultimately be made by those involved. A story from the Canties of the Mystic hearth.")
  • Vengeance by Kylie Kay Jackson
  • In Final Tribute by Janice Lamel (1989 Major Oak Award winner)
  • Bloodlines and Runeson Chronologies (Two Celtic Hart Trilogies)

Issue 5

cover of issue #5
table of contents issue #5, click to read

Longbow 5 was published in 1991 and contains 204 pages.

It includes this:
While encouraging a wide range of ideas and story lines, we strive, above all, to create a quality publication in keeping with the characters and situations already so ably developed and realized by Richard Carpenter, Anthony Horowitz, Paul Knight, and the cast. Altering characters beyond established format, and material exceeding the bounds of decency, will NOT be accepted. This is not meant to discourage the development of intimate situations as long as they are heterosexual in content and tastefully executed.
  • back cover by Adrian Morgan (1991 Major Oak Award winner)
  • Second Chance by Cindy Fairbanks (Guess who's coming to dinner?? Robert has his hands full of entertaining the notorious Lady Marion of Leaford while his father, the Earl of Huntingdon, reluctantly conducts the king's business with Owne of Clun.)
  • Template by Tara Lynn O'Shea (In the third season episode, 'Adam Bell', Little John said of the outlaw, 'He was never caught, you know, not once.' Such are the trappings of a legend. But in the days before the Hooded Man came to Sherwood Forest, Robin of Loxley aids in the escape of a caged outlaw whose true identity is suspect.)
  • Sins of the Fathers by Sandy Williams (This story was originally planned for issue #4.) (Months following Loxley's death, Sir Richard of Leaford and Herne the Hunter are faced with crucial decisions -- irrevocable choices which will haunt them both to the end of their days.[Postponed from Longbow #4, this story, along with 'Changeling' and 'Confession', comprise the three parts of Covenant, Book 1 of the Runesong Trilogy. Book 2, Ceremony of Innocence and Book 3, Crucible, are slated for future Longbow issues.)
  • Heroes by Laura Chevening (An idealistic young Robert accompanies his father to Nottingham in response to a royal summons. The great Lionheart is a hero to the young heir of Huntingdon, but little does the boy know the part fate will play in bringing him face to face with his own destiny.)
  • The Saracen's Tale (Longbow 5) by Jennifer Woodson (1991 Major Oak Award winner) (A story of the steadfast, silent Nasir, from youth to manhood, and the sequence of events that, step by step, lead him to his encounter with Simon de Belleme and ultimately, his fateful meeting with the Hooded Man.)
  • Lady of Nottingham by Nancy Hutchins (An unexpected gift from the Holy Land finds the Sheriff of Nottingham unprepared for the effect it has upon him, and he is soon oblivious to events that will bring the Hooded Man to the threshold of his private chambers. Has true love found Robert de Rainault?)
  • Heroes by Laura Chevening Blunk (1991 Major Oak Award winner)
  • Chill Morn in Halstead by Janet P. Reedman
  • other stories, poems and vignettes by Sue Rutherford, Lynne T., Janice Lamel, Rowena Sayer, C. York, Julie Phipps, Janet P. Reedman, Julianne Toomey, Vi Janaway, Ruth Dempsey, and Sara Eldridge
  • art by Roseanne Rice (1991 Major Oak Award winner), Jim Markle, Chris Haire, Sandy Williams, Presbyopia, Dena Crystal, Margie Banks and Adrian Morgan