Federation Standard

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Title: Federation Standard
Publisher: Nova Press
Millenium Publications
Bill Hupe
Editor(s): Michelle Benoit
Date(s): 1991-1993
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Star Trek: TNG
Language: English
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Federation Standard is a gen and het Star Trek: TNG anthology that focuses on the female characters from the show.

Issue 1

cover of issue #1, Barbara Caldwell

Federation Standard 1 was published in November 1991, contains 141 pages and was edited by Michelle Benoit. It contains eight stories and poems. It was published by Nova Press.

  • Personal Log (2)
  • Silly Trek (3)
  • The Low Ground by Sally Dayton—A rollicking comedy in which Beverly Crusher and Deanna Troi bring new meaning to "damsels in distress" when they're abducted by a pair of amorous kidnappers. (4)
  • Leap of Faith by Robin Vogt—Wesley Crusher faces the first of many challenges at Starfleet Academy, with the judicious help of our favorite barkeeper. (64)
  • Legacy by Chris Dickenson—The strength of kindness and its effect on Ishara Yar. (85)
  • For Thy Sweet Love Rememb'red by Michelle Benoit—Memories of family and Maman give Jean-Luc Picard new insight into the importance of home. (90)
  • EpiLog by BEKi—A touching vignette about Will Riker's gratitude toward a very special woman after his ordeal in "First Contact". (105)
  • Dagger of the Mind by Chris Dickenson—A chilling tale of Worf's battle against the ghosts of his own mind during the episode "Night Terrors". (109)
  • The Passage of Dariaen by Deborah Baudoin—A humorous look at the early days of Ian and Lwaxana Troi. Their idyllic vacation turns into the honeymoon from hell when the Millers make an unexpected appearance. (119)
  • Son of Silly Trek (140)
  • Personal Log: Supplemental (141)
  • art by Michelle Benoit, Barbara Caldwell (front cover), David Lawrence (back cover), Laura Miles and Peggy Ranson

Issue 2

cover of issue #2, Laura Miles

Federation Standard 2 was published in 1992, contains 168 pages and eight stories and poems. It was published by Nova Press and edited by Michelle Benoit. It won a 1993 FanQ.

  • Personal Log, editorial (2)
  • Silly Trek (3)
  • Letters from Home, LoCs (4)
  • Love and Order, story by Jennifer Adams Kelley ("Circumstances force Data to become the one man he can never be: Lore.") (7)
  • Rendez-Q by J. Karen Huff ("Q tries to pay Riker and Crusher back for helping him in Deja Q by giving them a romantic vacation... together." Another summary: "Q has envisioned the perfect romantic shore leave -- the jungles of Africa, a man, a woman, a lion named Numa... And Riker and Crusher aren't at all happy with it.") (56)
  • For the Right Price, story by Deborah Baudoin ("There's a gorgeous man from Deanna Troi's past on board. She's thrilled, right? Think again.") (72)
  • Family Trio, poem by Karel Weis-Mendel (87)
  • The Last Straw, story by BEKi ("Riker must come to grips with the consequences of his actions in 'Best of Both Worlds'.") (88)
  • Out, Out, Damned Spot, story by Cyndi Bayless Overstreet ("Cats can be such wonderful pets. But Spot leads Data into a situation even he may not be ready for!") (144)
  • Never Trust a Smiling Bartender, story by Chris Dickenson ("Cousin Gloria from Cleveland was a swell dame -- tough, classy, with brains to boot. But the jig is up for Dix when she and Madolyr team up to teach him a lesson in manners he'll never forget." (158)
  • Evil Twin of Silly Trek (166)
  • Personal Log: Supplemental (167)
  • art by Michelle Benoit, Lana Brown, Barbara Caldwell, Sylva Hebert, Kevin Hopkins, David Lawrence, Laura Miles (cover)

Issue 3

cover of issue #3

Federation Standard 3 was published in 1993, contains 161 pages and eight stories and poems. It was published by Millenium Publications.

It contains a little Star Trek: DS9.

  • "The Void" by Barbara Caldwell (aboard an abandoned vessel floating in space, Crusher, Riker, LaForge and Data must battle an unseen menace that strikes without warning)
  • "Lessons Relearned" by Melissa Davis (proves to Wesley that some lessons are hard-learned; an Academy exercise and a wise professor show him the true test of a cadet's mettle)
  • "Her Man Friday," by Julia Fraser (when Keiko Ishikawa and Data crash on a planet of "long grains", Keiko discovers a good friend)
  • "Decisions, Decisions," by Jennifer Adams Kelley (explores a missing segment of Beverly Crusher's life. As the head of Starfleet Medical, Crusher has some help making up her mind as she encounters a handsome young Julian Bashir)
  • In "the Hero of the Hyperion" by Toni Lichtenstein Bogolub, Will Riker is drawn to the beautiful Amanda Chapelle, but her life will affect him more than he can know)
  • "How You Play the Game" by Zack Wilson ("Dabo!" is the name of the game; Quark must repay an unsolicited debt to Odo aboard DS9)
  • "A Matter of Perspective" by Michelle Benoit (gives a possible reason why Ensign Ro departed the Enterprise; she must make some important decisions in her life as she is given a second chance at childhood)
  • "The Experiment" by Jennifer Adams Kelley (Data knows all about chocolate, but when Troi gets finished with him, he'll know more than he ever suspected)